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"Player Select - Super Mario Bros. 2" is a high quality rip of "Player Select" from Super Mario Bros. 2.


At 0:03, the rip abruptly starts over, accompanied by the YouTuber videogamedunkey saying "PSYCHE". This leads to the melody being changed to "Meet the Flintstones". At 0:09, we begin to hear lots of audio clips from Dunkey's video "Game Dev Tycoon", including "Itsa mastapiece", a reference to Dunkey's channel meme where he constantly praises Super Mario Bros. 2 as greatest game of all time. At 0:39, we hear the "An Unwavering Heart - Pokémon Black & White" rip, and we hear Dunkey's voice from his video "I'm Done With League of Legends" announcing that he will no longer make League of Legends videos, but with certain phrases replaced by SiIva's voice.

This may be a reference to how SiIvaGunner has uploaded other rips where the joke isn't The Flintstones theme.


This rip was originally published to GiIvaSunner on March 13, 2016, with the title "Character Select - Super Mario Bros. 2".[2] New uploads were paused for nearly six hours after the rip went up as a brief channel ending fake-out. Following the GiIvaSunner Termination, it was reuploaded to SiIvaGunner on May 4, 2016, with the same title,[3] but was renamed to its current title between June and October 2017.


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