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"Pollyanna" (also known as "Home Sweet Home" and "A Certain Someone's Memories") is a frequently ripped track from the MOTHER series on the SiIvaGunner channel.


"Pollyanna"[1] (sometimes subtitled "I Believe In You") is a recurring song composed by Keiichi Suzuki and appearing in each game from the MOTHER trilogy. In the first game, EarthBound Beginnings/MOTHER, it is played when the protagonist Ninten has no partner (being replaced by "Bein' Friends" when it is not the case). In the second game, EarthBound, a slowed down version appears in the form of "Home Sweet Home", playing at Ness' house and Paula's Polestar Preschool; part of it can also be heard in the tracks "Onett" and "Good Friends, Bad Friends". Finally, the song appears in MOTHER 3 under the name "A Certain Someone's Memories" at the 100th floor of the bad guy's lair, which is filled with mementos from the previous game.

The song also appeared in other games and media. It arguably gained its status of theme song of the series as a whole after a remixed version of it was featured on the Onett stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee under the name "Mother 2" (though the sequels would retcon it as "Pollyanna (I Believe In You)") which helped popularize the series as a whole around the world. The song was also rearranged and featured in the official soundtrack of the first MOTHER which featured original lyrics performed by Catherine Warwick as well as the MOTHER 3+ CD.

The term "pollyanna" refers to someone overly optimistic and looking at everything on the bright side.


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The first "Pollyanna" rip uploaded on the GiIvaSunner channel was "A Certain Someone's Memories - MOTHER 3"[2], a classic 7 GRAND DAD joke, on March 8, 2016[3] (it was eventually reuploaded on the SiIvaGunner channel on April 30, 2016). The first rip "Pollyanna" uploaded on the new channel was "Someone's Memories (Pollyanna) - MOTHER 3+", a mashup with the theme song from Cory in the House on April 14, 2016, followed the next day by "Pollyanna - EarthBound Beginnings/MOTHER", a purposely bad cover of the lyrical version.

There are currently 17 rips of this song on the SiIvaGunner channel.

Notably, "Pollyanna" has the same first four notes as "Snow halation".


Click "Show lyrics" to see the lyrics.

I believe the morning sun
Always gonna shine again and
I believe a pot of gold
Waits at every rainbow's end
I believe in roses kissed with dew
Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

I believe in make believe
Fairy tales and lucky charms and
I believe in promises
Spoken as you cross your heart
I believe in skies forever blue
Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

You may say I'm a fool
Feelin' the way that I do
You can call me Pollyanna
Say I'm crazy as a loon
I believe in silver linings
And that's why I believe in you

I believe there'll come a day
Maybe it will be tomorrow
When the bluebird flies away
All we have to do is follow
I believe a dream can still come true
Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

You may say I'm a fool
Feelin' the way that I do
I believe in friends and laughter
And the wonders love can do
I believe in songs and magic
And that's why I believe in you

You may say I'm a fool
Feelin' this way about you
There's not much I can do
I'm gonna be this way my life through
'Cause I still believe in miracles
I swear I've seen a few
And the time will surely come
When you can see my point of view
I believe in second chances
And that's why I believe in you

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