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For the episode, see Haltmann (Episode 5) - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

President Max Profitt Haltmann is the main antagonist of the game Kirby: Planet Robobot[1] and one of the main characters of the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.


The first reference to Haltmann actually predates his formal introduction into the lore, in the description of "Gourmet Race (Beta Mix) - Kirby Super Star Ultra" which related to his love of profit. "Patched Plains" is his leitmotif, and has been used in rips since his relevance on the channel.

In Season 1 he only appears physically in one rip, "VANESSA - beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD", and is cited by name in "Freedom to Decide (Alpha Mix) - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty".

He also explains some aspects of the channel's lore through the Haltmann's Archives series of rips.

In the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis

President Haltmann was working under the orders of The Voice Inside Your Head, who materialized him into the real world through SiIvaGunner's computer in "Prologue", constructing robots for him such as the Patrol-Bots, the Spherics and the Stringbots. He is first mentioned in the episode "Seasonal Return" (although he doesn't speak or appear on-screen) in which he follows the Voice's command and executes the Cinderella Girls.

Knowing the character, it would seem strange that he would accept to work under the supervision of someone else, but it is revealed in "No Place To Hide" that he is apparently doing this to save his daughter Susie (it is yet unknown why she is in trouble) as the Voice promised him to help her in exchange for the robotic engineering provided by the Haltmann Works Company. If their relationship seems cordial at first, the Voice makes regularly clear that he is at the top of the hierarchy. In the episode "Haltmann", he begins to show his doubts before the Voice's ambitions and wonders if even saving his daughter is worth such chaos.

In "Loves the Ladies", he seems to have some memory troubles while listing all the "anime weeaboo bullshit" he executed. The Voice then tries to trick him into thinking he managed to bring his daughter back while it actually is a poorly disguised Haruka Amami singing "The Noble Haltmann"; he hoped he wouldn't recognized her like back in Planet Robobot. Though touched by the beauty of her performance, he clearly didn't fall for it and left the room furious at the Voice's treachery, despite his claims that he will soon really be able to do it. The Voice later noticed that he spent all his time working on a secret mecha project in his workshop, but assumed he was just "planning ahead".[2] It appeared in "An announcement from your new leader" that this project actually was Inspector Gadget, overthrowing the Voice and taking over the channel. Gadget was eventually killed by a DCMA claim. Afterwards, Haltmann became the new host of the channel. Rather than following along with the Voice's plan of anime genocide, he intends to create high quality rips so that he can sell the channel off and profit immensely.



Haltmann is the first takeover host to release multiple albums, which he does through the Haltmann Works Company.

This is explained by him having the legal rights to SiIvaGunner (in-universe)[4] and presumably attempting to use the albums as a way to profit from it. However, in a similar manner to the running gag where SiIvaGunner would mention how the album titles were "corrupted", each album released by Haltmann will have a reason why he doesn't profit off of Bandcamp purchases (this is necessary as, out-of-universe, SiIvaGunner is non-profit).

In "FILE 12 of Haltmann's Archives", it is explained that Haltmann's albums are in fact fabrications of the albums put out by SiIvaGunner during his time.

He released the following albums during his takeover:

These albums released during his takeover seem to have no relation:

He also released the following albums after his takeover ended:


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