"I only upload high quality mysteries."

The Reboot ARGs refers to the two ARGs produced by the SiIvaGunner crew during SilvaGunner: Rebooted.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

First ARG (June 20 - June 22[1][2])[edit | edit source]

Part 1 - The Empty Album[edit | edit source]

On June 20, 2016, a new album title "-" was uploaded to the GilvaSunner Bandcamp, it only contained 17 empty audio files of varying lengths, the description of the album is "The album artwork came out way too bright. I had to fiddle with the brightness and the contrast but I wasn't able to get it just right."

The cover art of said album is a reference to Blank Banshee's album "Blank Banshee 0"

The description of the album is actually a hint, changing the contrast of the album cover reveals the binary string "01001001 01110000 01000101 01101101 01001111 00110011 01011000 01011010 01010101 01111010 01000001"[3]

Changing the contrast reveals a binary string at the bottom of the image.

Converting the binary to ASCII results in "IpEmO3XZUzA", which leads to a video titled "", in it we can hear samples from the Drake song "Forever" ("LAST NAME" and "FIRST NAME") followed by two rapidly flashing rows of text ("7 1 4 9 5 7 7 6 3 1 6 6 6 8 2 e 6 a 7 0 6 7" and "6 8 7 4 7 4 7 0 7 3 3 a 2 f 2 f 6 9 2 e 6 9 6 d 6 7 7 5 7 2 2 e 6 3 6 f 6 d 2 f"), translating these characters using a hexadecimal code translator gives us "qIWv1fh.jpg" and "https://i.imgur.com/" respectively, combining the two gives us this imgur link which contains this image :

The image you get by deciphering the hexadecimal code.

Part 2 - I Saw a Deer[edit | edit source]

  • The image has the writings "I SAW A DEER" (vertically mirrored), "REVERSED NAME" (reversed), "What's that sound..." (rotated 180º) and "0:24", all in a blue background. Where "I SAW A DEER refers to a previously uploaded rip called "I Saw a Deer Today - Portal 2"; "0:24" refers to this exact time on the video; "What's that sound..." means to pay attention to the yelling from "Loud Nigra" that happens in this exact time and finally, the "REVERSED NAME" refers to get the reversed name of LoudNigra: "argiN duoL".
  • In the video, is possible to see a faded image of the social network Twitter, so the inverted name is used to go to the account with this name. Since Twitter doesn't allow spaced names on the link, its written: https://twitter.com/argiNduoL
  • This Twitter page contains three videos of Loud Nigra screaming in morse code. The codes are as follows.
    1. .- -.. -.. - .... . ... . ...- . -. - .... .-.. . - - . .-. (ADD THE SEVENTH LETTER)
    2. --- ..-. . .- -.-. .... .- .-.. -... ..- -- - .-. .- -.-. -.- (OF EACH ALBUM TRACK)
    3. - ..- -- -... .-.. .-. (TUMBLR)
  • Downloading the album - and adding the seventh letter of each album track yields "flusteredfernando".
  • This leads to a tumblr page http://flusteredfernando.tumblr.com. Most of the posts are pictures of Angry Joe, but two of them contain download links.
    • The first is a Picosong link called "nathaNiel welchErt ft. albert Softie - rapping for jesans", which sounds corrupted.
    • The second is a .rar file called "7 peso pedro". It too has a lot of Angry Joe pictures, but also contains a flac file called "use emulation". This tells us to put the "rapping for jesans" mp3 file in an emulator, revealing it to be a ROM hack of 7 Grand Dad.
  • The only change made to the hack is the title screen, where "Push Start Button" is replaced with "bane sPit whYFur7z". "bane sPit" is an anagram of Pastebin, which leads us to a Pastebin link. (Additionally, "1992 1" is replaced with "930 1960", a nod to the date where The Flintstones premiered on television.)
  • The Pastebin link contains Russian text that roughly translates to "Look Koriball channel", or "search the channel for Koriball".
  • Searching Koriball yields three videos that are relevant to the ARG. They are "Tanks (All Variations) - Wii Play", "Invincible - Super Mario Land" and "Rusty Bucket Bay (Engine Room) - Banjo-Kazooie". They each contain one image link in the description. These images are of the Myspace logo and the words "todouh" and "kemep".
  • This leads us to https://myspace.com/todouhkemep
  • One of the posts on the page may not look like much, but it actually hints at a link:
    • Hiajobo! Sorry, just felt like saying that. I'm very random, tee hee! I'm, gurr, very angry that people mistreat me for that!
  • The bolded text leads to an imgur link that reads, "The course has just been cleared, I repeat, the course has just been cleared." Bringing us to "Course Clear - Super Mario Maker".
    Super Mario Maker.jpg
  • The video description contains an octal string of numbers (067 040 151 163 040 164 150 145 040 143 141 162 144 151 156 141 154 040 156 165 155 142 145 162 056 040 117 156 154 171 040 141 143 143 145 160 164 040 145 166 145 162 171 040 067 164 150 040 167 157 162 144 040 141 163 040 146 141 143 164 056) in the description along with a midi file and a "/u/".
  • The octal, when translated to ASCII, reads "7 is the cardinal number. Only accept every 7th word as fact." The midi, when opened in a midi viewer, spells out the word "dickdrawer7". The /u/ signifies a Reddit account.
  • This leads us to a Reddit user named dickdrawer7. They have only made one post, which is on the SiIvaGunner Reddit. It's a rambling post that actually contains some useful information if we take the octal's advice and highlight every 7th word:
    • I think that we need to search deep inside ourselves for our feelings post reboot. Grand Dad may have passed on for now, but we shouldn't clog 4chan or Reddit and accept it's no use. We need to look in the mirror squarely, and we'll have to let by gones be by gones. We'll be triumphant, I swear it as a prideful shitposter. Embrace the Simpsons, or you won't last very long. Embrace that we have 7 Grand Dads - Nigra, Snow, joined by characters like Haruka Amami, or Peter Griffin of Family Guy, and Homer Simpson. The string tying us together is frail, and is invocative of a scary but true image.
  • The bolded text reads: "search post on 4chan / use mirror by triumphant shitposter / last 7 characters of string is image"
  • Searching "Triumphant Shitposter" on 4chan gives us one post, which reads:
    • Also, Nozomi is the best girl, and she makes me go fWPF290hasf09h4aspoSP81Vx0tp all over my keyboard.
  • This leads us to imgur.com/81Vx0tp, which is a corrupted picture of Chad Warden.
  • If you download it, change the extension to .zip, and unzip it, you get this picture. Those who emailed the address (enlightenedrombus@gmail.com) got access to the next steps.
  • On June 22, enlightenedrombus@gmail.com replied to some people with a full transcript of "Now Rebooting - SilvaGunner: Rebooted".[2] The rip was later uploaded on June 26.

Second ARG (July 4[1] - July 8)[edit | edit source]

  • Those who emailed the address were later sent a cryptic email that reads "WW NL CF AC". These are abbreviations for Animal Crossing games.[4] Going by their corresponding rip of "6AM" from the Five Nights At Freddy's games, the descriptions contain
    • WW -> Wild World (AC2) -> FNAF 2 -> "https://www.youtube"
    • NL -> New Leaf (AC4) -> FNAF 4 -> ".com/watch?"
    • CF -> City Folk (AC3) -> FNAF 3 -> "v=7V9V90"
    • AC -> Animal Crossing -> FNAF -> "XMZJU"
  • Putting the fragments of the YouTube link together gives you a link to an unlisted video called "kyquits". It includes the message "IT'S A-OK. SEARCH FOR A MAN CALLED 'ENRAGED EDDY' LAST SEEN RIPPING GAMES IN HEAVEN".
  • "AOK Heaven" is Age of Kings Heaven, a modding site for the game Age of Empires. Searching there for Enraged Eddy gives us "A Quest For QQuality", a fully playable Age of Empires 2 mod which includes a .wav file called "key 1 of 3". This key will come in handy later.
  • The mod itself is really long, so Chad Warden started giving out hints via Twitter to skip the step. The tweets constantly mentioned a game called Giants: Citizen Kabuto, whose main character is "Timmy"; talked a lot about "knowing your memes", and told us to replace the last A with a D. This step requires background knowledge: the original SilvaGunner channel (as in SiLva with an L) replaced a channel with similar purpose called "TimmyTurnersDad".
  • Changing that name to "TimmyTurnersDDD" and searching for them on Know Your Meme will give us a user page with only one image, of a Discord post from a user named "Princess Sylvyspirit".
  • Searching the SiIva channel for Sylvyspirit gives us a good deal of rips, which contain a line each in their descriptions reading "a-r-g-i-n-d-u-o-l has a request", leading back to the original Twitter.
  • Sending a PM to arginduol with "I have a request" or "what is it" will return one of two videos, which, like the original videos, are also Loud Nigra yelling in morse.
    1. o: ----- ..-. ..--- .- -....- ----- ----- ----- -----: 0F2A-0000
    2. p: ----- ..--- -.... --... -....- -.... -.. .---- ----.: 0267-6D19
  • These are two halves of a code for a Super Mario Maker level. It includes the words "Steins Gate" spelled out in invisible blocks.
  • At the time of the ARG, there was only one Stein's Gate rip uploaded, which was "Ringing -Reunion- - Steins;Gate". In the description, "Read the channel description, please" is replaced with "Read the first comment, please".
  • That first comment comes from Stella Heart, a channel similar to SiIva, only it uploads edited anime music. It has a Stein's Gate rip called "Believe Me" that has an image link in the description of the famous "Bond burger" image.
  • Bumping up the contrast between the photos of Bond and the burger, you can see the Rocket League logo. This leads to the rip "Darkness - Rocket League".
    Rocket League.jpg
  • The rip includes some octal in the description:
    • 313 242 341 265 200 341 264 277 341 265 207 341 265 222 341 266 234 341 265 203 341 264 266 040 341 265 227 341 265 203 040 054 341 266 260 341 266 246 341 265 227 312 263 341 265 203 341 265 220 040 313 242 341 265 203 341 265 215
  • Translated to English, the octal reads "ˢᵀᴿᵇᵒᶜᵃᴶ ᵗᵃ ,ᶰᶦᵗʳᵃᵐ ˢᵃᵍ", which when reversed, reads "gas martIn, at JacobRTS".
  • "gas martIn" is an anagram for Instagram, leading to an account for JacobRTS.
  • It includes 3 videos involving Pokémon, all of which link to YouTube videos, but one of the YouTube videos is deleted, so there is no info to gain from there. The two working videos linked to the ARG are:
    • Darkness - Five Nights At Freddy's: The description contains "BQS?83\N-qBlktDGqUp56nqhC70" which is ASCII85 for a bitly link (http://bit.ly/29D1YSE), leading to a zippyshare (currently non-existent) page containing a photo of Donkey Kong with his coconut gun. Opening the linked image as a .rar gives us the second of the three keys.
    • Dense Woods A - Yume Nikki: An unlisted rip that does not include a message about reading the channel description; rather, it says "uboa. honk. i am the bringer of high quality" and below it, "pain steb 1imVfgah", leading to the next step(s).
  • "pain steb" is another anagram for Pastebin, leading us here. The Pastebin link will be very useful in the steps to follow.
  • "Dense Woods A" includes a series of 0's and 1's that turn out to be binary. Translating the binary gives you a link to a Dailymotion account called mrharuka. They have only uploaded one video: Five Nights in Russia, a FNAF parody starring the Electric Bodybuilder from Russia.
  • This leads to the only SiIva rip at the time to feature the bodybuilder: Death By Glamour (Alpha Mix) - Undertale. Its description includes a download link to a .wav file which is a SSTV signal called "Beam+Me+Up,+Scotty1!"
  • Using the encoding format "scotty1" reveals this image.
    It contains two reversed bit.ly links. Flipping the image and following the links will reveal:
    • The Serebii (Pokémon database) page for leftovers, indicating we should use leftover clues to complete the next step
    • A password-protected .rar file called "is this thing on.rar". Its title is a line from the Xenoblade Chronicles X song "Black Tar". The password is the next line in the song, "am i all alone". Unlocking the .rar gives us the third and final key.
  • Now that we have all of the keys, they can now be combined. This is where the rest of the Pastebin comes in - it gives us tips on how to combine the keys.
    • It says that the keys reside in "Audio City", telling us to use Audacity.
    • The garbled text gives us the directions: "File - Export audio - Other uncompressed files - Header: _____ - Encoding _____"
    • The strings call back to a much earlier step in the ARG - we need to take every seventh letter. Doing so for the two strings gives us "RAW" and "ULAW".
  • Combining the keys in Audacity and exporting them as a RAW, using ULAW encoding, gives us a QR code. The code links to an imgur page containing a gif of Nanako (from Monogatari) clapping rapidly.
  • Opening the gif as a text file reveals a link to another imgur page, this one of the kid from the YouTube video “Kid has major freak out at school” (a.k.a. "It's a meme you dip") with the caption "It's a Vigenère you dip". The gif also has the word "meppu" hidden inside it.
  • Everyone was stuck on this step until Enlightened Rhombus began emailing hints:
  • This brings us to the rip "Three Minutes Clapping - The World Ends With You". Its description includes the text "bmrd rSki".
  • Putting this text through a Vigenère cipher with the password "meppu" gives us "pico xGgt", leading to another Picosong link, this one called "Nathaniel wElchert Strikes again".
  • It's another NES ROM disguised as an audio file. The ROM turns out to be a hack of a Simpsons game called "12 GRAND MA".
  • At the start of the game, a hex string appears: 65696F6E483448646B5738. Converting it to ASCII gives you "eionH4HdkW8", which is a YouTube link to A Grand New Era ~Ending~ - SilvaGunner: Rebooted. At the time of the ARG, this video was unlisted.
  • This seems to be where the ARG ends, but in fact, there's more to come. The end of the video contains an annotation leading to a MEGA file for a Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen hack, in which the classic SiIva memes take on the Reboot memes.
  • Beating the game brings you to the champion's area, which contains a single sign that says "It's. The. T9kTdvJDUow"
  • Putting these letters into a YouTube link gives you the video "ALMOST. THERE." which is a full episode of The Nutshack uploaded to the SiIvaGunner channel. Then it was blocked.
  • Throughout the video, a TinyURL link appears a few letters at a time: tinyurl.com/7grandtruth. This links to another Pastebin which tells you to email the quadrilateral vessel (Enlightened Rhombus), telling them that you want to "ascend".
  • Those that did so were emailed back a ZIP file called "kokoronomelody" and filled with puzzle pieces. Piecing them together leads to another unlisted-at-the-time video: Melody of the Heart ~True Ending~ - SilvaGunner: Rebooted. This is the true ending of the Reboot, and doubles as an album announcement.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The folder "is this thing on.rar" contains many more audio files, several of which reference SiIvaGunner memes while others are just random sound effects thrown in for no real reason. A full list of the items in the folder, as well as descriptions for each, can be found here.

References[edit | edit source]

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