Reggie Fils-Aimé is an American businessman, mostly known for his former role of CEO of Nintendo of America. A character representing him appears as a contestant in both King for a Day Tournament and King for Another Day Tournament. He was selected by the SiIvaGunner Backroom.

Reggie Fils-Aimé render King for a Day Tournament Edit

Reggie was first revealed as a contestant in July 19, 2018. According to his bio, he supplied rips based on Fortnite, Wii Fit and Animal Crossing.

During Round 1, he was pitted against the Dancing Alien Team. Reggie won by 73.3%. He also won during Round 2 by 75.4%, this time against Thanos. Reggie eventually lost against Off the Hook ft. Glenna Nalira during the Semi-Finals by 49.1%.

Quotes Edit

Lines without a link come from the "All Victory Fanfares and VS Lines!" video.

VS Edit

Against Reggie Fils-Aimé render Reggie Fils-Aimé's quote
King Dedede render "I spend 16 hours a day running a company, you spend 16 hours a day sitting on your ass and eating."
Weird Al Yankovic render "Your accordion-tinged tomfoolery may have irritated my predecessors, but it has no effect on me."

DJ Professor K render

"I've sent all our composers in order to make you jump around!"
Etika render "You'll be right next to HungryBox... mounted up on my fireplace"
Will Smith render "I'm here to send you directly back to Bel Air."
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "Another robot? I will beat you 'til you're scrap metal."
Pitbull render "Nintendo has entertained more people worldwide than you ever will."
ZUN render "Don't think we will allow any Touhou game on Switch after the success of Burst Battle."
Dancing Alien Team render "I'm here to announce that I'm sending you guys back to space."
Ajit Pai render "Sorry Mr. Pai, but Nintendo's off limits."
Thanos render "I can't wait to drop off the battle bus and meet you on the battlefield in Fortnite."
Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "Sorry, we don't have any new content plans for you guys."
Snake render "I'm going to cut you off like I did in Smash 4."
Geno render "You're a relic of the past, old friend."
Wario Bros. render "Time to go Reggie on these fools."

Victory Edit

Against Reggie Fils-Aimé render Reggie Fils-Aimé's quote
King Dedede render "I kicked your ass after all."
Weird Al Yankovic render "Now, you definitely don't have Nintendo. Enjoy pouring salt on snails!"

DJ Professor K render

"I wouldn't expect a Jet Set Radio Switch title anytime soon."
Etika render "Sorry, no news on Smash Bros. at this time."
Will Smith render "Okay, that's all the time I've got."
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "You've just been UnReggiestered."
Pitbull render "You're not even good enough to be in the latest Just Dance game."
ZUN render "Don't let the conference doors hit you on the way out!"
Dancing Alien Team render "How about XCOM for the Switch, then?"
Ajit Pai render "We all need internet. If it's not free, why bother?"
Thanos render "A victory royale for Nintendo!"
Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "I'll make sure to inform Mr. Nogami of your weak performance."
Snake render "Perhaps Mr. Sakurai should consider buffing you in Ultimate."
Geno render "Don't expect to be freed from Square anytime soon, either."
Wario Bros. render "If you can't beat me, Waluigi, what hope do you have in Smash?"

06 Reggie King for Another Day Tournament Edit

Reggie, now sporting a Nintendo Switch necktie, was confirmed to return to the tournament alongside the majority of contestants that participated in King for a Day Tournament in March 3, 2019 with the announcement video, "Reveal Trailer - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament". Originally, he was paired up with Etika, thus forming the Joy-Con Men. However, as mentioned in the E3 2019 SiIva Direct, they were split due to the real-life Etika facing mental issues. Reggie now collaborates with Bill Trinen to form the Nintendo Power.

In addition to supplying rips based on Wii Fit and Animal Crossing, he is now accompanied with rips based on Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo system and presentation music whereas Fortnite rips will remain absent.

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  • His VS line against "Weird Al" could be a reference to his time working as Senior vice-president for MTV's VH1 network.

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