"Right Behind You (PS3 Version) - Team Fortress 2" is a high quality rip of the PS3 version of "Right Behind You" from Team Fortress 2.


This rip is one of several rips (also including A Feeling Of Power (Blue Lagoon) - Heavy Rain and Dream Land - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) that center around the video "im here to see doom" by 3pac shakir. The rip is an edit of the Team Fortress 2 video "Meet the Spy", which uses the advertised track, with several jokes added in:

  • The Spy's introductory shot is edited to match the beginning of "im here to see doom", complete with the same audio. In addition, the Spy is edited to say "GentGentleMentleMen" and pitch-shifted to the music, referencing the YTPMV "GentleMentleMen" by Maplemaniac.
  • Various words and phrases are dubbed over with the "MF Doom" voice sample.
  • The "Your mother!" shot is looped back and forth a bit.
  • The clip of the Team Fortress 2 theme at the end has its melody partially changed to "Rapp Snitch Knishes" by MF Doom, the song from "im here to see doom". Stab sounds and Soldier and Heavy voice clips are also added to make it sound like the original ending of "Meet the Spy".

Trivia Edit

  • This rip was part of an event day of Team Fortress 2-related rips, in reference to Philip OnBread's "OCTOBER FIRST" videos.

References Edit

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