Ripping, in the context of video games, is the process of extracting songs from a game, therefore "ripping" the songs from the files of the game, completely unmodified.

On the SiIvaGunner channel, however, instead of being straight video game music, the songs featured on the channel are generally remixed, or involved in a mashup with other songs or memes. These "rips" are submitted to the channel and vetted by the SiIvaGunner backroom.

Making rips Edit

In July 2017, Matsu Muhō released the official guide to making rips in a Reddit thread called "At long last, I proudly present: The SiIvaGunner Official Ripping Guide!"[1]. The guide can be viewed at, and mostly deals with melody changes and ripping.

Submissions Edit

In order to get rips uploaded onto the channel, contributors submit their rips to the channel via email. Potential contributors are warned that there is a backlog of rips that may delay the vetting process by as long as a few months.

History Edit

With the release of Main Theme - Superman 64 YouTube Icon[2]in August 2016, the SiIvaGunner channel explained their submission rules. These rules were later expanded, first in December 2016 with "YOU can join the fight! - A Recruitment Video from The Voice" YouTube Icon[3], then in March 2019 with "The Haltmann Works Co. Training Video (Emailing Rips, Art, and King for Another Day Contestants!)"YouTube Icon[4].

In July 2017, Matsu Muhō posted a Reddit thread called "At long last, I proudly present: The SiIvaGunner Official Ripping Guide!", which linked to the Voice's recruitment video and included several more tips on submitting to the channel.

Basic rules Edit

  • Contributions to the SiIvaGunner channel are anonymous and uncredited, and contributors are only credited on albums if the rips are released there. It is advised to put the sentence "I understand all submissions are anonymous and I will not be credited"[1] to save the team the trouble of asking.
    • Contributors are allowed to upload their rips onto their personal YouTube or SoundCloud, but not to SiIvaGunner fan channels. This is a part of a policy not to steal from fan channels.
  • Emails must follow the following format[4]:
    • To: highqualityrips(at)gmail(dot).com
    • Subject: Song Name - Game Name
    • Body:
Song Name - Game Name

*link to rip*
Joke: (explain the joke)
  • The link must be an external link (not an email attachment)[1]. It is strongly recommended to upload it to Google Drive, since it's the easiest way to make a backup of email submissions. After uploading a file to Google Drive, please right-click the file and choose "Get shareable link".[4]
  • If for whatever reason you absolutely cannot use Google Drive, please use the following:
    • (with downloads enabled)[4]
    • Note: ZippyShare is no longer recommended due to the frequent purging of hosted files[1].

Not recommended[4] Edit

  • Rips that contain out of key notes/vocals (unless that’s the joke)
  • Rips that go out of sync/beat (unless that's the joke)
  • Rips that contain low quality audio (unless that’s the joke)
  • Ripping a song which has already been ripped multiple times (more than 2) on our channel. In general, the more times a song has been ripped, the higher the standards are for it.
  • straight MIDI swaps/slaps (aka downloading a midi and putting a soundfont on it with no changes)
  • slapping a melody over a song verbatim without adjusting the backing music or melody itself to compensate
  • Any song/audio/footage that will get your video blocked in a lot of countries. (eg. Kanye West/Drake)
  • Rips of licensed songs (unless the song is heavily associated with the game)

Banned[4] Edit

  • Rips titled under:
    • "Title Theme" - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
    • "Snow halation" - Love Live! School idol festival
    • "DK Rap" - Donkey Kong 64
  • Rips of songs by Morimori Atsushi (copyright)
  • Rips using any direct audio from the Re:CREATORS soundtrack unless modified heavily (copyright)
  • Rips featuring sentai show footage (copyright)
  • Rips that have already been published publicly elsewhere, in particular other channels or SoundCloud (may be waived if the upload has few views)
  • Anything related to The Jetsons
  • Rips using Protegent Rap

See also Edit

  • Rip - for a list of jokes and analysis of high quality rips.

Notes Edit

References Edit

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