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Rips From Around The Way 7 is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. The album compiles various rips featuring "Yankin", as well as other songs released by American rapper Lady. It was announced through the video "A WELL-RECEIVED, GRATITUDE-INDUCING, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ANNOUNCEMENT" on Yanksgiving.


The art features a variety of characters, with poses parodying Yankin's music video (L-R): The Twerkey, a twerking Among Us crewmate, SiIvaGunner, Loud Nigra, The Voice Inside Your Head, Rosalina and Luma, Pickle Rick in a jar, Wood Man, Mipi, Lady, Inspector Gadget, Nozomi Tojo, a box of Totino's, D.Va, DJ Professor K, Rainbow Dash in a jar (referencing the "Pony Cum Jar Project"), Bubby, and Chita.

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Yankin Garden Galaxy" Toonlink 2:16
2. "I'm a Twerkey" ChickenSuitGuy 3:06
3. "Yanktorial" brubsby 1:07
4. "I Saw Her Yankin' There" LarryInc64 2:29
5. "This Purple Drank Be Poison" beefradar 3:12
6. "What if You Wanted your favorite Pokémon™️ but wheel said YANK" M&M 0:52
7. "Wii are Number One" Shengda is Baba 3:12
8. "I Hope You Strapped for This Incredible Ride" beefradar 2:59
9. "The Pusshack" Grambam36 1:05
10. "I know this Gemini be Stormin'" QoDaX 2:09
11. "I Turf Better When I'm Drankin'" beefradar 2:39
12. "Yank At Me!" eg_9371 2:12
13. "The Real Source Of Splatoon's Empty Boss Room Sounds" Nernant 2:17
14. "Wacky Twerkbench" mBluett 3:32
15. "Yankin City" Pan 2:59
16. "This ToeJam Be Yankin" brubsby 2:24
17. "Battle Pussies (I hope this name isnt taken it probably is)" Grambam36, ChickenSuitGuy 1:48
18. "Yankin In Real Life" Nernant 2:31
19. "This Sigma be Yankin #millionaire #sigmabeyankin #hellofagrind" Myeauxyoozi 0:53
20. "GO GO GADGET PUSSY" Pizza Totino's Boy 1:15
21. "Rotty be ravin'" ChickenSuitGuy 2:49
22. "lol" Memmy 1:47
23. "Graveyard Yank" COCONABE 3:16
24. "Neko Yankin Song Funny 7" Grambam36 1:15
25. "Pussy be Springin but I fixed the shitty acapella sync fuck you lady for making this song exactly one decimal off from a perfect 140 BPM" eg_9371 1:47
26. "What an obvious choice of sources" DonnieTheGuy 1:56
27. "Pussythermal - Yank Story 3D" eg_9371 2:23
28. "Super Yankagon" Grambam36 1:11
29. "i cant even lie i fuck better when im jeff (pussy be yankin)" Memmy 2:00
30. "This Pussy Be Cavern" Snowva (ft. Superb) 3:13
31. "poussy" DonnieTheGuy 1:24
32. "I Suggest You Pop A Chill Pill Or Two" Nernant 4:13
33. "thirsty (for lady's squussy)" duuzu 2:16
34. "this pussy be yankin like a motherfucker (fucker)" Memmy 1:09
35. "These Tweezers Be Wet As" Emm Bee Sea 1:14
36. "I'll Take This Pussy and Yank It" Kyalbi 3:26
37. "Theatre of Yankin" Maggie 1:46
38. "Dead By Yankin" CactusTeam 3:39
39. "I'm Not Drankin'" Heboyi 1:49
40. "Yanking Me" mBluett 3:27
41. "The Savage Yankin" Maggie 0:59
42. "Lady Was An Impostor" Nernant 0:02
43. "I Know This Pussy Be Dead And Left In Dense Woods" Meek Cat 1:16
44. "Journey Of The Yankin' Queen" ChristopherLry 1:43
45. "better late than never (ive wanted to do this since 2019 also this is a kirby song that makes me happy)" cookiefonster 1:49
46. "Yankin Man'" Heboyi 4:33
47. "Definitely No Yankin' Here" beardfear 0:07
48. "Wish You Were Gone" ChickenSuitGuy 0:53
49. "Magical Yank'n" ChristopherLry 2:17
50. "This bonus level be yankin" eg_9371 1:31
51. "a daft punk jet set radio mashup" duuzu 4:15
52. "Yankindorf" brubsby 3:23
53. "Yankindorf" Emm Bee Sea 1:21
54. "Jack Frost's Pussy" Nikki+ 2:02
55. "tfw you want to take over the channel for eternity only to end up trapped in an oversized emerald" eg_9371 0:39
56. "This Pussy (Garfield) Be Yankin'" Atominizer 3:12
57. "Kirby The Pussy Shards" Heboyi 2:21
58. "Nyankin" DonnieTheGuy 1:16
59. "Old Pussy" NutellaFrenchToast 1:37
60. "Vachina" Maggie 0:25
61. "YankyBus" brubsby 3:26
62. "siivagunner fans think we wasted a week of rips on yankin but i disagree" The Pussy Who Yanks 0:07
63. "these plants be yankin or smth idk i dont even play gw" DDA 2:33
64. "Heavier Trolling" eg_9371 2:00
65. "my child you are breaking my p[Joke not allowed to complete]" DDA & minindo 1:49
66. "STOP POSTING ABOUT YANKIN" YankinHater64 0:21
67. "This salmon smells awful" ChickenSuitGuy 2:42
68. "Yankin' on a Star!" beefradar 3:12
69. "Apologies to all Hiveswap fans" Myeauxyoozi 1:18
70. "Neko Yankin song 5" Grambam36 0:54
71. "Ladies' House" eg_9371 1:26
72. "Rap Flute Undefeated" brubsby 2:36
73. "This Pony Be Yankin" The Green Spy 0:42
74. "This Station Be Shifty" Nernant 5:57
75. "Pussy Madness" Mitchell 2:15
76. "Still Yankin'" Memesauce 2:56
77. "Mumbo's barbeque be yankin" RHMan 2:05
78. "That Cave Be Yankin (cave refers to pussy)" Heboyi 2:11
79. "Yanky pusslation" ChickenSuitGuy 2:24
80. "Groose gets all the Pussy" Grambam36 0:47
81. "TRUE:hearts:YANKIN" Maggie 1:42
82. "The Yank Sea" New Guy 3:26
83. "weard Unused crane theme in Kirby's adventure!" Nikki+ 0:47
84. "Hotline Yankin" Joshua Rocha 4:12
85. "The Yankin of Lady: Yankbirth" Retro Gaming 3:19
86. "The Yankin Cats" atohacya 1:16
87. "#19 yanked" Nernant 1:56
88. "I Know This Pussy Be Fever" Meek Cat 0:54
89. "Astronaut in the Pussy" Meowscles 2:16
90. "marx yanks your pussy" the communist party (reference to karl marx (same name as the kirby villain)) 3:12
91. "Have you ever yanked a pig" Grambam36 1:34
92. "Comments of Despair (Yankpour)" Retro Gaming 4:09
93. "This Sound Ideas, WIND - LOW EERIE WIND MOAN, WEATHER 01 Be Yankin" brubsby 3:20
94. "Strong One (Yanked Woman)" R.L.99 2:40
95. "Yankasaki Forest" eg_9371 2:26
96. "yankin_vocals.wav" bladumb 3:17
97. "MOB YANK" New Guy 2:38
98. "The Ultimate Yankover" Sponge Lord 2:52
99. "This Orchestra Be Yankin" Elsix64 2:48
100. "tfw the tree task sfx in among us shares frequencies with yankin" Nernant 0:13
101. "Lady Bubbling Yankin Remix" Grambam36 1:07
102. "babe! it's 7pm! time for your daily pussy yankening" RHMan 1:42
103. "Puss The Button (haha get it im so original with names)" DDA 2:37
104. "Yankin Tense!" Memesauce 0:26
105. "Blumenyank" MtH 4:18
106. "Yanked To The CORE" Mitchell 2:46
107. "The Cake's From Pinkie Pie" overcast07 1:46
108. "Red Green Blue Cum" Grambam36 1:05
109. "This beach be yankin" R.L.99 5:07
110. "pussy" Heboyi 2:26
111. "Unite Synchroniyankin" basedampora 2:53
112. "Yank Defender" Half Pixel 2:12
113. "The secret of Yankin" TheLeis 2:22
114. "Lady's Plan" Nernant 1:35
115. "Yankin like it was $15.99" Nozobot 2:00
116. "this border be yankin" M&M 2:02
117. "This Farmer Be Stompin'" Expensive Dispenser 1:02
118. "#16 lady" RHMan 1:35
119. "Yankin Falls" Vincent Mashups 2:14
120. "LAdY - PusStars" Grambam36 1:31
121. "Hot-Lip Pussy" eg_9371 3:37
122. "Bangapussy" Grambam36 0:40
123. "YO DJ YANK THIS PUSSY" Retro Gaming 1:04
124. "Sand Yankin 1" RHMan 1:20
125. "Pussy Show" Grambam36 0:48
126. "Mario Depot (Yanked)" Maggie 0:55
127. "A Yanky Lady in Lovely White" eg_9371 1:56
128. "death egg's music is just okay so i decided to improve it" IzzyKart57 2:58
129. "Yanktop Cruisin" Mitchell 2:32
130. "This Pony Be Yankin" ChickenSuitGuy 3:43
131. "The [Yankin] Takes Us To The Top" The Rainbooms 1:45
132. "Lady (Hear Me Yankin)" duuzu 5:07
133. "This Samurai Be Slicin'" Expensive Dispenser 1:34
134. "Donald Duck's Got Quite the Interesting Music Taste" Nernant 0:17
135. "Kirby Be Yankin" Myeauxyoozi 3:07
136. "Want Your Pussy" Heboyi 2:16
137. "Massive Y" New Guy 2:52
138. "Beep Block Yankway (super remastered not gay mix)" Memesauce 3:05
139. "My Mahjong Be Bangin" RHMan 1:24
140. "Yankin' Tin Star World" Atohacya 1:14
141. "Astronaut in the Pussy" Netyasha Roozi 1:19
142. "This Monke Still Rollin" Nernant 3:45
143. "Party Yankers" Maggie 2:26
144. "One Yank" Nikki+ 1:22
145. "Simple La-DS Series Vol. 1 - THE Pussy" Brawlcats 3:14
146. "Kaepora Pussbora" brubsby 3:02
147. "Super Mario 3D Yank idk im not good with mashup titles" New Guy 2:17
148. "YNK News" Vincent Mashups 1:08
149. "This Body Part Be Yankin" brubsby 3:52
150. "This hunie be puzzlin'" ChickenSuitGuy 2:49
151. "Sigma Kitty" Grambam36 1:37
152. "Pussy's Score" Maggie 1:18
153. "The Unikitty rip that isn't ytp Fred" Grambam36 0:54
154. "I Know This Pussy Be Wearing Hat and Scarf" Meek Cat 1:13
155. "Apple Family's Secret Slide" overcast07 2:11
156. "Caramellyanken" Retro Gaming 2:55
157. "Yankin' After A Hard Day's Night" Grambam36 0:34
158. "Yank Pulsar" SmokyThrill77 2:00
159. "YANKOVICH 2010" Nozobot 1:54
160. "The Sarsaparussy Fields" minindongolobongolos 2:11
161. "Kairi II" ShonicTH 6:43
162. "this b.i.g. pussy be yankin" Brawlcats 3:32
163. "Yanktop Chase" eg_9371 3:05
164. "buoy bitch galaxy (fuck you mix)" Cosmic199X 3:09
165. "This Pony Be Yankin" Twilight Sparkle 4:07
166. "Twerking Battle" ChickenSuitGuy 1:44
167. "This Puwa be Yankin'" Emm Bee Sea 2:20
168. "oh shit this smoothie be yankin yo" The Dookster 2:11
169. "This Sugar Be Yankin" Expensive Dispenser 1:51
170. "The Prophecy Be Yankin'" SmokyThrill77 3:12
171. "Yankopuluss Zone" mBluett 1:43
172. "this barkleh beeeeee jamminn" Memmy 1:38
173. "this piggy be steppin'" Yassir F. 2:27
174. "This Monke Be Rollin" Nernant 1:51
175. "wtf peach would never say that im literally crying and shaking rn" Mitchell 1:28
176. "spelunkin'" andrés 1:43
177. "this toilet paper be yankin Yankanronpa" bladumb 1:29
178. "do not play disc 11 ━ you will be her next victim" Nernant 1:09
179. "[S] YANK!" Memesauce, RHMan 2:06
180. "Minecraft: Ass and Tits Update" Barney Rubble 3:34
181. "Hungarian Yank No. 5" beefradar 1:05
182. "This boner be yankin" eg_9371 2:26
183. "cyan:wave:Free armour yankin" brubsby 4:29
184. "thanks to your [total jackass stunts] i have [yanked] a pussy" Memmy 3:59
185. "Definitely Not Safe Forever Actually" Shengda Baba 0:22
186. "Yankerbruh Symphony" RHMan 3:53
187. "Yankin Is Eternal..." Grambam36 0:54
188. "BIG THOT" Lady 2:22
189. "Pussy Yanklation" ChickenSuitGuy 1:52
190. "Yankrock Galaxy" The Duane 3:20
Hidden tracks
191. "Yankin' Tin Star World (Instrumental)" Atohacya 1:14
192. "Caramellyanken (Karaoke Mix)" Retro Gaming 2:55
193. "Pussy Nice" ChickenSuitGuy 1:50
194. "Blammed but like the sound the ass makes when it vibrates way too hard" ChickenSuitGuy 1:47
195. "Epic Rap Battles of History: Funny vs. Funnier" DonnieTheGuy 1:26
196. "YANKIN' FOREVER (This River Be Yankin')" SmokyThrill77 1:14

Bonus media

7 bonus images were included in the album, as well as mp4 files of the rips "Sigma - Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite", "Pretty Bad - OneShot", and "Continue? - Peppa Pig: The Game", an mp4 file of the Big Ben segment from "Main Theme - Vine", an mp4 file of this video posted by the @GiIvaSunner Twitter account, and a txt file with the following text:

To see the lyrics, click "Expand".

SiivaGunner: The Pussylypse

I am a big fan of the collaborative YouTube SiivaGunner, which, if you're unaware, is about taking video game music and remixing it with jokes and references and such. A few months back they held an event known as the "Yankover", which introduced me to my favorite artist, Lady. However the team has been known to make creepy stuff, and I've witnessed possibly the creepiest thing to come out of the channel to date.

One time when walking home from school I found myself at a yard sale. It had all sorts of stuff on sale, but what caught my attention was a copy of my favorte album, Bitch Around the Way 2 by Lady. I was a huge fan of Lady, so of course I asked the owner if I could buy it. All of a sudden he started panicking, begging me to take it and get rid of it. I was a bit confused at first, but didn't pay much mind to what he said as I got a Lady album for free! Little did I know I would come to regret that decision.

When I got home, I put the CD into my laptop and started listening. To my surprise, all the audio was blank, even my favorite song Yankin' was missing! I assumed this was just a broken disc though and figured I'll go return it later. Now I had something else on my mind, I wanted to check what the SiivaGunner team was up to. Immediately I noticed something was off, both the profile picture and banner looked extremely creepy.

The profile picture looked like a demonic Lady, with red skin, glowing eyes and horns. The banner was creepier however, the lighthouse that's usually there looked worn down, the surroundings looked like a hellish wasteland that was set on fire and there was demonic text in the background. And in front of all of that, some of the big Siiva memes were shown all crucified, meanwhile the Chaos Emerald from the April 20th, 2021 event banner returned, glowing an eerie dark green. I shrugged it off as another channel event and figured they were taking it in an interesting direction. I then looked at the featured video for returning subscribers and saw that a new one was up, one titled "The Pussyplypse Begins". I clicked on it, expecting another humorous lore video.

What I got though was not humorous at all, in fact it was extremely disturbing. The video seemed to continue where YANKIN' FOREVER left off, with Lady in the Master Emerald. She monologued about finally returning, when all of a sudden she broke out by destroying the Emerald and proceeded to brutally mutilate Knuckles right in front of my eyes! I was shocked at how gruesome and hyper-realistic it was! When she was done, the video then showed her doing the same to many other characters, all of which represented major Siiva running gags! I tried to skip onwards, but I couldn't so I had no choice but to look on in horror as all the memes we've come to love over the years met a gory demise. The video culminated in Lady murdering Haltmann and the Voice, taking control of the Tower! She then announced that the Pussylypse was upon us and let out a loud, evil laughter as the camera panned out to show a hellish version of Grandiose City not unlike the current banner. The video then ended.

Needless to say, I was now terrified. CCC 10 had nothing on this video, and that's saying a lot. I decided to go and check out some of the rips, hoping they wouldn't be as bad as what I just witnessed. I started with the first rip, "Thorns (Hard) - Friday Night Funkin'".

The rip started out like usual, with the cutscene of Spirit escaping Senpai. However, when the scene ended I was treated to a horrific sight: a ghostly and demonic Lady. What made this especially unnerving were her animations, they were unnaturally fluid and realistic compared to the actual FNF animations. She didn't have any opening monologues, instead they skipped straight to the song. The song had various elements from Yankin' edited in, but what struck me as odd is how creepy and stressful it sounded. Once it ended, the original FNF death scene didn't play out, instead the demonic Lady suddenly lunged at BF and tore him into shreds! I immediately clicked off the video and went to check out another one, which was titled "Lavender Town (JP Version) - Pokemon Red and Blue".

The video started, and it started with a mashup of Lavender Town and Yankin. While it didn't seem too bad at first, eventually Lady's demonic form slowly faded in as the thumbnail faded out and got replaced with dark static, while the music got creepier. All of a sudden, Lady got very close to the camera as if she was staring right into the viewer, as her eyes started to glow and flicker. Right as this happened, the music became way harsher and distorted as very high and very low tones started playing over it making it very painful to listen to. Now I was even more scared, but I decided to check out one last rip. I noticed that a rip just went up a minute ago: one of Battlerock Galaxy, which was my favorite video game song (from my favorite game nontheless)! I clicked on it, hoping it'd at least be tolerable.

The video started like normal, except for one super creepy change: the music was backwards and the thumbnail was tinted red! Then, after a few seconds, Lady popped up in front of the screen as the music stopped and was replaced with the song "Don't Cry, Jennifer" from Clock Tower. She then spoke, but what was odd was that this wasn't the TTS used in YANKIN' FOREVER, instead it was her real voice! What she said next chilled me to my very core. "The time has come. Now that I have successfully taken over this world, the Pussyplypse can truly begin. Come, my twerking sisterhood, we must now take over the real world. Starting with YOU, Kevin." This was probably the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. How did the Siiva team know MY REAL NAME? Next thing I know, the screen suddenly glitched out into nothing as I heard more laughter, however this time it sounded like it was coming from my house! I screamed in fear and ran straight to my bed.

I had a terrifying nightmare that night. I woke up in what looked like some sort of torture chamber, surrounded by my best friends' disemboweled corpses! After a few minutes, the door opened and out stepped none other than Lady! She then told me the following: "We are now almost ready to unleash the Pussyplypse upon the real world and the only person left standing in our way is you. You ain't gonna stop me. This pussy forever yankin'." The four dancers of the apocalypse then joined her and they proceeded to brutally torture me, suddenly I woke up in a cold sweat. I couldn't sleep well for the rest of the night.

When I checked the channel the next day, I noticed that the demonic profile and banner as well as the strange rips were all gone, replaced with normal rips with nothing creepy in them. I've never experienced anything like this ever since, and eventually I got back into listening to Siiva and Lady. I went to check on the garage sale too, but it was completely gone, and the house was up for sale. While I really want to believe this was all a weird fever dream, sometimes at night I swear I can still faintly hear a familiar laughter outside my house...

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