Rips of Christmas Future is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It compiles all of the Christmas-related rips uploaded for 2017's celebration, including the 12 Days of Ripmas.

Unlike most other albums, it was initially announced through Twitter, and later in the video "...of 2017".

The album's cover is based on the cover of the album "nakinyko's Other Mashups (2013-2017)".

Track list Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Arianalation [REMIX]" Sadkey, toonlink and Chaze the Chat 05:02
2. "Video Game Blues - Home Aloneio RPG: Legend of the Macaulay Culkin" Kirbopher 02:37
3. "Buta Mitai" Buta Big Band and yodooder 04:49
4. "All Stario is Beautiful" Spaghetti 9/11 02:26
5. "Jeremy and Elsie (formally "DOUBLE DASHING OUTTA THERE!!"): an au-DIO-book reading by Benedict Cumberbatch" Chaze the Chat 08:28
6. "Weight Will Change (Dancing Star Night Version)" trivial171, wolfman1405, dante, SungHa Hong, yodooder 03:01
7. "Snowman Fusion Collab" Niko+ and the Snowmen 05:51
8. "God of ink fusion collab" The CREATORS 04:14
9. "The SiIvaGunner Comment Section Simulator Version Oh Boy 3 AM" SSB_Seal and Omknee 15:43
10. "ClariS - irony -SiIvaGunner ver-" MtH 01:36
11. "Yule Log Medley Collab" LarryInc64 and co. 18:24
12. "Super Mario Land 2 Fusion Collab" Mario and the 6 or more Golden Musicians 02:43
13. "Snow Oasis (Seasonal Depression)" Solid STRGG 03:30
14. "Cut my Mii into pieces, this is Wii Sports Resort" SmokyThrill77 01:33
15. "Relaxing BGM Medley (Yukiho)" dante 10:12
16. "No running with the snowman in the hallways" Kirbio 01:47
17. "Cool, Cool As Ice" LarryInc64 03:08
18. "Last Christmas I Didn't Give You a Flute" Quinnjo 00:38
19. "Jerry's Iceland of the Lollies" Scribblenaut19 02:16
20. "HH's Festive Ad-venture" Dirty Spaceman 01:33
21. "Fire 'N Ice is basically a game that consists entirely of puzzle rooms, if you didn't know" Matsu Muhō 01:09
22. "Busmeisters' Shanty" KAiZ3R 02:00
23. "Boss♂of♂this♂Racetrack" SmokyThrill77 01:22
24. "Yoshi and Kirby Crossover When" Kirbio 03:20
25. "Under a Dark and Icy Cave" JerryStuff (Ro) 00:56
26. "the Fairy and the Moon" Lenox 02:10
27. "Sakura Halation" SmokyThrill77 01:58
28. "Gregg Shop Chhannel" p0tato_5alad 01:07
29. "Ah yes, the Exclamation Point!!! It makes everything sound better!!!!" Scribblenaut19 03:20
30. "ICE ISLAND, ENOUGH SAID" Kirbio 03:06
31. "Makistyle Pizzalero ​.​.​.for Totino Saloon" Chaze the Chat, Placide Robbie, Ebirithil, MtH, crashinggg 02:10
32. "Baked Blossom Halation ...for Press Gangnam" SmokyThrill77 & MtH 02:09
33. "Snowy Plains" Sarvéproductions 01:04
34. "Big Boo's Ice Skate Rink" Kirbio 01:04
35. "Flipnote 3D is a mystery I mean who even uses it anymore" Dooki51 00:25
36. "That's a Gunner" MikeOShay 01:52
37. "Cold Hard Cirno" Lenox 00:53
38. "Snow halation Go" SmokyThrill77 02:01
39. "Monika's Frozen Pizza Roll Factory Comeback Crisis" Kirbio 03:39
40. "Snow-bound idol" JerryStuff (Ro) 01:54
41. "It's just a party at Sherbet Land" _rats 04:06
42. "HHFriends" Knaygro Dumplins 01:31
43. "Go Beyond Funny Internet Memes And Do Whatever You Want >:] " Deep Hex 01:58
44. "Holoska more like Honoka" SmokyThrill77 04:39
45. "The Legend of Charlie Brown: Ocarina of Christmas Time" toonlink 02:11
46. "White Snowhill Zone" JerryStuff (Ro) 02:28
47. "Lose the Shorts!" Sean-Patrick 01:42
48. "Waltz of the Jealousy Wind... for Snowbelle City" Kirbio 02:02
49. "Believe in Halation (Inverse)" SmokyThrill77 04:16
50. "Deck the Hyrule Halls" PDunnX07 01:06
51. "Pikotaro's Perfect PPAP Class" KnightOfGames 02:07
52. "Tribute to Super Mario's Sleigh Ride" Kirbio 01:09
53. "All I Want for Christmas is Sayori" Ahmaykmewsik 02:41
54. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" Bob Dylan 03:35
55. "Cold halation" Chaze the Chat 04:19
56. "Dragonborn" Randomini 02:01
57. "Wood Man's Stage - Fire 'NIce" Matsu Muhō 01:57
58. "Arianalation" Chaze the Chat & Toonlink 04:19
59. "Last Ice Cap" LarryInc64 03:23
60. "Thank You Merry Ripmas" Kirbio 02:05
61. "Null Space of Christmas Past" SmokyThrill77 01:30
62. "Fist Bump Halation - Escape from Null Space of Christmas Past" SmokyThrill77 01:26
63. "Buta Mitai (Karaoke Instrumental)" yodooder 4:49
64. "Totino Simulator" Hinchy 0:31
65. "A Very SMB2 Holiday Special" LarryInc64 1:41

Bonus media Edit

A bundle of bonus images were included in the album. They are all assets used in the 12 Days of Christmas. Several of them are sprites from Snowman Fusion Collab.

Trivia Edit

Some rips were included in other albums:

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