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Robbie Rotten is a character from the children's television program LazyTown, and the personification of the "We Are Number One" meme.


Robbie Rotten is the main antagonist of LazyTown, played by the late Stefán Karl Stefánsson. In the show, Robbie wants to make LazyTown lazy so that the children of the town will not interrupt his nature watching sessions. Robbie also wants to get rid of Sportacus, an elflike athleticist who is teaching the children of LazyTown the importance of exercise and healthy dieting. Robbie constantly enacts complex schemes, some of which involve disguising himself, but his plans are always thwarted, usually by accident or wardrobe malfunction.

Robbie Rotten has gathered a significant following on the internet due to his goofy personality and "attractive" appearance. Songs related to the character have become popular as well, such as "You Are A Pirate" and "We Are Number One", which have reached memetic status.


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Robbie Rotten's songs have wound up as a meme on the SiIvaGunner channel, most notably the aforementioned "We Are Number One". He is also the main character of the fake game Robbie Rotten's Ice Cream Stand.

In the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis

Robbie Rotten appears as an anti-hero in the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, first appearing in the prologue, where he along with Tito Dick, Haruka Amami, Donkey Kong, Sens, and Felix the Cat are all captured by Patrol-Bots after The Voice Inside Your Head had brought them into the real world.

In "Haltmann", he escapes the captivity of The Voice by disguising himself as one of the guards. He soon runs into Wood Man, who he mistakes for a super-hero. The two decide to team up to capture a real hero: Nozomi.

The two were later seen in "Loves the Ladies" watching Haruka Amami's performance as "Susie" through a portable device. In "An Acrimonious Assault", Robbie and Wood Man plan to throw a net over the heroes once they enter the barracks, but Wood Man ends up placing the trap in the wrong spot, catching a bunch of guards instead. The two then escape through one of Wood Man’s portals as soon as Angry Joe arrives.

In "Timbre of a Kazoo", Robbie pilots Wood Man (who is now in a mecha-like form) to try and capture Nozomi, Meta Knight, and Santa Claus. Santa ends up defeating the two and forcing them to surrender. They then leave disappointed in their failure.

In "Wood Man & Robbie Rotten", Robbie and Wood Man are seen eating dinner together, as Wood Man reveals to him that Haltmann has frozen time in order to gain as much profit as he can. The two than fight over being failures, until Wood Man mentions that both of them being failures is why they're together. The two make amends, and walk back into Grandiose City again, ready to cause more mischief together.

Robbie's silhouette appears in "Credits - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day", during John Notwoodman's speech to remind Wood Man of the promise he had made to his friends, and to go back to fulfil it.



The Talk Like a Pirate Day channel banner with Robbie in his pirate disguise.

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