"Robotic Usurper [FILE-10] - Haltmann's Archives" is a lore video and the tenth "file" in Haltmann's Archives. It documents the Gadgetini Clone 2.0 that played a part in The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis and enabled President Haltmann to take over the SiIvaGunner channel.

This video was unlisted until March 16, 2018.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The video is formatted like all Haltmann's Archives videos starting with "FILE-02". It opens with this message:

[Haltmann's Archives]



The video begins with an excerpt of an email from a Haltmann Works Company engineer. The engineer expresses their confusion at President Haltmann's latest robotic invention, which must be produced in secret and seems to be built for mischief rather than combat. The next excerpt is an email from Haltmann to his employees. It announces that The Voice Inside Your Head has betrayed Haltmann (by failing to resurrect his daughter), and reveals that the secret project is Inspector Gadget.

The rest of the video shows Gadget's internal monologue, which parodies "Minecraft with Gadget" and mentions "Bad Apple!!" from the Touhou Project as well as video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, who uses the 1 2 ♭3 4 5 motif frequently. This motif is also used in Inspector Gadget's theme, "Bad Apple", and "In the Hall of the Mountain King", which play in the background of the FILE.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

[Haltmann's Archives]

[Excerpt from an internal Haltmann Works Company email]

What in the name of Galactic Nova are these plans the boss has sent out? Normally he works us to the bone building combat robots for that new business partner of his, with no time for side projects, but he made us delay work on the latest combat robot to fit in this new one.

This project has all been very hush-hush. He has each of us working on parts of it... nobody knows what the thing will look like when it's all put together. Why the secrecy?

And these blueprints… they are nonsensical. This robot seems built more for mischief than for combat. What possible use could a robot have for an umbrella coming out of the top of its head?

[End of excerpt]

[Excerpt from an internal Haltmann Works Company email]

Our business relations with The Voice Inside Your Head have officially ceased. The Voice has failed to uphold the terms of his contract and it has become clear that he never had any intention to do so.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the construction of the Gadgetini Clone 2.0, which has proven instrumental in meeting our Haltmann Works Company's objectives. You will be rewarded with a 0.01% salary increase. Please continue your hard work.

[End of excerpt]

[Excerpt from Gadgetini Clone 2.0’s cognitive logs]

Oh look, a free YouTube channel!


I love making high quality rips with my theme song! Making high quality rips with my own theme song is the best thing and the most amount of fun you could possibly have while running a channel!

Whenever video game music sounds like my theme song, I’m always on duty! I have a robotic implant in my brain that lets me make twelve quadrillion high quality rips per second!


Wowsers! This No-boo-whoa Oo-way-mott-sue really likes to write music that sounds like my theme song! My deduction skills as a detective tell me he has quite possibly never come up with an original melody! He is just copying a song written by someone else. Seems more like monkey see, monkey do than writing original music, if you ask me!


Wowsers! I can see why all the kids are listening to this “Bad Apple” song these days; it sounds just like my theme song! Some nerd informed me that this song is having an anniversary within the next few days. I hate nerds more than I hate MAD Agents. What an asshole!


[End of excerpt]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This video was uploaded on the day SiIvaGunner tweeted:[1]

Diagnostics complete. All systems nominal.

I only upload high quality video game rips.

    • The channel banner also glitched out during this time.
  • This is the first FILE with a catchphrase ("Wowsers!").
  • Nobuo Uematsu's frequent use of the 1 2 ♭3 4 5 motif was previously noted in the rip "Battle 1 - Final Fantasy III", whose album title is "It is ridiculous how often Nobuo Uematsu uses the 1 2 ♭3 4 5 motif".
  • The FILE was written and scored by Matsu Muhō.[2]

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