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"Round 1-1 - Shooting Ristar - Ristar: The Shooting Star" is a high quality rip of "Round 1-1 - Shooting Ristar" from Ristar: The Shooting Star.


This is a medley rip, comprising various jokes:

Time Joke Source
0:07 Meet the Flintstones Hoyt Curtin
0:21 Goldenrod City Pokémon Gold & Silver
0:24 U Can't Touch This MC Hammer
0:35 The Final Countdown Europe
0:55 Wii Shop Channel Nintendo Wii
Hotline Bling Drake
1:02, 1:08, 1:09, 1:16 Baneposting The Dark Knight Rises
1:16 Crank That Soulja Boy
1:17 Battleship Halberd (On Deck) Kirby Super Star Ultra
1:19 Bonfire Childish Gambino


  • This rip was originally named "Shooting Ristar - Ristar: The Shooting Star"[1].