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SGFR Presents: Musical Monkey Madness is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner Fusion Records (SGFR). It comprises 38 original remixes of songs related to the Super Monkey Ball series released on the channel during the Musical Monkey Madness event, along with instrumental versions of three of the remixes. It was announced through the video "An Amusing Announcement [Musical Monkey Madness Out Now!]".

This is the third album to be released through the SGFR website, after Halation Celebration ~ 10th Anniversary Tribute to Snow halation and SGFR Presents: Super Star Symphony. Musical Monkey Madness is listed under SGFR-0003, which includes a direct download link to MP3 and FLAC mirrors of the album. A YouTube mirror of the entire album was uploaded to SiIvaGunner on January 8, 2022 as "Musical Monkey Madness [Full Album]". SiIvaGunner also released a Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania modpack through GameBanana alongside the album. The modpack replaces every track in the game except for "Monkey Target" and "Monkey Billiards" with tracks from the album.

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Menu Theme (Finnsfolks Remix)" Finnsfolks 4:33
2. "JUNGLE ISLAND (Rom M Mix)" Rom M 2:24
3. "Potassium Party" Jp 1:51
4. "Just Beyond the Rainbow! (SoundCirclet Remix)" dante / SoundCirclet 5:25
5. "Volcanic Magma Breaks" aurorawing 4:14
6. "Monkey in the Ocean" Cubiick 3:22
7. "Whaaaale!" rinaten 2:59
8. "Roller Coaster Ride" DEVO✝ED 4:06
9. "🔥 B.O.I.L 🔥 (212° F Mix)" PileOfBoxes 3:41
10. "Permanent Press" Moola Mixtape 3:30
11. "☆ CLOCK TOWER RACEWAY ☆" ludosmo 4:04
12. "You Are Now In the Space Quadrant [Bad Future]" IzzyKart57 3:00
13. "It's Too Good To Be True (ludosmo remix)" ludosmo 4:30
14. "Big Bad Monkey Ball" Ahmaykmewsik 7:49
15. "Bonus Stage (Overamped Mix)" SHUTDOWN/Visualizer 4:44
16. "Rolling Deep in the Thick of It" SmokyThrill77 1:46
17. "Monkeys In Motion" COCONABE 4:15
18. "Tidal Adventures Forever" ludosmo 7:01
19. "NIGHT ★ ROLL" Dead Line 3:25
20. "Sky High (Ape Mix)" SHUTDOWN/Visualizer 4:25
21. "ZERO G SODA" fusoxide 3:37
23. "Snowball Effect" Dead Line 2:30
24. "Eye Wall" DEVO✝ED 3:16
25. "Master Stage (In-Line Mix)" SHUTDOWN/Visualizer 4:12
26. "Monkey Race 2 Expert (Intelligence Mix)" SHUTDOWN/Visualizer 4:54
27. "Monkot Bingo" Amarin 4:27
28. "We Do a Little Bowling" 600billionlazer 3:31
29. "Role Call Ball" Nuclear 2:14
30. "Lo-Fi Golfe Nova" Mikroscopic 4:39
31. "Beyond the River" ludosmo 5:12
32. "✰ !!! Super Monkey Break !!! ✰" CactusTeam 2:14
33. "You Have Chosen Death, Foolish Monkey" Half Pixel 3:29
34. "Gorilla Warfare" Dead Line 2:33
35. "Kick It!" DEVO✝ED 2:40
36. "bb" Memmy 3:06
37. "LOVE-LOVE" Emily June 3:06
38. "Roller Coaster Ride (Instrumental)" DEVO✝ED 4:06
39. "It's Too Good To Be True (ludosmo remix) (Instrumental)" ludosmo 4:30
40. "Tidal Adventures Forever (Instrumental)" ludosmo 7:01
41. "WOW... thx for playing!!! (^ω^)" fusoxide 3:02

Bonus media

Two bonus images were included in the album.

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