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SILVA GUNNER BEST OF SOUNDTRACK【B/W】 is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner released on September 28, 2016. It comprises rips related to Hiroyuki Sawano songs (such as those from Kill La Kill and Xenoblade Chronicles X) and Pokémon Black & White, almost all of which were uploaded with the mix name "Beta Mix". The album's title, cover art and contents parody the Hiroyuki Sawano album HIROYUKI SAWANO BEST OF SOUNDTRACK [emU].

The album was announced through the video "庵野UnC3-M€Nt".


No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Before my body is dry" Sir Spacebar 4:06
2. "Losing Me Your Way DS" Chaze the Chat 4:47
3. "Black tar" Sir Spacebar 3:02
4. "Uncontrollable" Kguy 3:47
5. "The key we've lost" Sir Spacebar 3:21
6. "Don't Worry" Sir Spacebar 3:57
7. "New Los Angeles" Kguy 2:32
8. "5P + 3P" Kguy 3:04
9. "Battle Scars" Sir Spacebar 4:08
10. "BRE@TH//LESS" Sir Spacebar 4:02
11. "The N Stands for Nui" SmokyThrill77 2:50
12. "Through My Blood" Sir Spacebar 2:56
13. "Faint" MtH 2:41
14. "Pushing Me Away" Sir Spacebar 3:10
15. "Grenzlinie" Sir Spacebar 4:53
16. "BWおうったけ" Sir Spacebar & Kguy 6:08
Hidden tracks
17. "Before my body is Psy" Sir Spacebar 4:09
18. "Before my body is dry (Instrumental)" Sir Spacebar 4:06
19. "Uncontrollable (Instrumental)" Kguy 3:47
20. "Through My Blood (Instrumental)" Sir Spacebar 2:56
21. "Grenzlinie (Instrumental)" Sir Spacebar 4:53

Bonus media

The album includes four bonus images, three of them being variants of the cover art, and the other being a drawing of a "smol" Hiroyuki Sawano playing the piano.


  • The album cover is most likely pink instead of the original's blue since once combined they create Grand Dad's color scheme.

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