STRINGS OF FATE ~ SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament Original Soundtrack is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner.

It was announced through the video "ONE FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT (for real this time)" (YouTube Icon).

Track list Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "FIGHTING KING" dante 01:43
2. "VS. SCREEN" dante 00:15
3. "King Dedede renderA Weird Race" Unknown Meta, ThePopStarDude 02:37
4. "King Dedede renderDedede Boss Battle: Star Allies & United Utopia" Chaze the Chat and Vari ft. trivial171 02:37
5. "Weird Al Yankovic renderA Gaizin's Mantra" Cryptrik 03:51
6. "King Dedede renderKirby Bosses Retro Medley" SUPAHSTAR CLOD 01:52
7. "Weird Al Yankovic renderBedrock Anthem Boogie" LarryInc64 03:51
8. "King Dedede renderDedede's Two-Dimensional Cannon" cookiefonster 01:50
9. "Weird Al Yankovic renderHardware Store and More!" LarryInc64 03:10
10. "Weird Al Yankovic renderEverybody Polkamon" thefluffyslipper 02:03
11. "Weird Al Yankovic renderVictory! "Weird Al" Yankovic" ThePopStarDude, Dirty Spaceman 00:12
12. "King Dedede renderJourney to King" gameonion 03:13
13. "King Dedede renderVictory! King Dedede" QTQTQ ft. wolfman1405 00:13
14. "Vote Responsibly!! (How to Vote)" SmokyThrill77 02:15
15. "DJ Professor K renderArtificial Amateurs" Cryptrik 03:40
16. "Etika renderWe Dem Boyz" KnightOfGames 03:16
17. "DJ Professor K renderThe Sound" Nib Roc 04:06
18. "Etika renderətˈæk 0N tάɪtn" MtH ft. reason, wolfman1405 02:21
19. "DJ Professor K renderGRACE N GLORY" MtH 03:12
20. "DJ Professor K renderVictory! DJ Professor K" Chase 00:09
21. "Etika renderGo Hard (Brooklyn)" Nib Roc 02:52
22. "Etika renderVictory! Etika" Jp 00:09
23. "SLAP THE NUTS!!" dante 01:36
24. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderParalyzer" UUN4 01:57
25. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderEverytime We Touch" MtH 01:42
26. "Will Smith render'Tis the Season to Get Jiggy" SmokyThrill77 & trivial171 00:59
27. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderFluffing a Duck" SoundSync5000 00:59
28. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderSpartan Combat" UUN4 01:45
29. "Will Smith renderBel Air Nu-Funk" Nib Roc 01:43
30. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderScheming Weasel" SoundSync5000 01:46
31. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderHow 2 Do Anything" Scribble1k ft. Vari 02:15
32. "Will Smith renderMake Up Your Mind" Nib Roc 03:57
33. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderAwesome Plan" BobTheTacocat 02:18
34. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderUnreeeal Dreamscape 3" Retro Gaming 02:07
35. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderLet the Bodies Hit the Floor" SmokyThrill77 02:35
36. "Will Smith renderEDM Lit Machine" Cryptrik 03:27
37. "Will Smith renderVictory! Will Smith" LarryInc64 00:12
38. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderDon't give up on your dreamscape" SmokyThrill77 03:53
39. "Unregistered HyperCam 2 renderVictory! Unregistered Hypercam 2" Netyasha Roozi 00:12
40. "Altered King ~ EVENT CHALLENGE" Half Pixel 01:58
41. "ZUN renderZUN's Theme" pedipanol 03:58
42. "Pitbull renderGive Me the Fantasy" Cryptrik 04:45
43. "ZUN renderSatori's Mansion" pedipanol 03:53
44. "Pitbull renderBit Bull" Nib Roc 02:40
45. "ZUN renderLunar Clock ~ Luna Dial" Lenox 03:37
46. "Pitbull renderDJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" RHMan 03:31
47. "Pitbull renderVictory! Pitbull" Jp 00:08
48. "ZUN renderU.N. Owen Was Her?" dante 02:24
49. "ZUN renderVictory! ZUN" trivial171 ft. Craz Xexe 00:09
50. "Pitbull renderFirst-Round Losers' Cypher" Cryptrik 05:24
51. "FIGHTING KING (bonus chip mix)" GashiSoft 01:40
52. "Reggie Fils-Aimé renderThis Is My Way" RHMan 02:04
53. "Reggie Fils-Aimé renderAmerican Crossing" reason 04:05
54. "Dancing Alien Team renderNunca Me Das Cositas" Cryptrik 02:25
55. "Reggie Fils-Aimé renderThe Best Thing About It Is It's Free!" RHMan 00:10
56. "Dancing Alien Team renderSleep Paralysis" RHMan, ChickenSuitGuy 02:26
57. "Dancing Alien Team renderVictory! Dancing Alien Team" Peacock Roy ft. Vari 00:10
58. "Reggie Fils-Aimé renderDeceptacon" Peacock Roy 02:26
59. "Reggie Fils-Aimé renderVictory! Reggie Fils-Aimé" Spingus 00:10
60. "Remix 9 -SOF CUT-" Kirbio 02:24
61. "Thanos renderFive Million Fireflies" Moder112 03:04
62. "Thanos renderFreak It" RHMan 03:23
63. "Thanos renderBattle Royale" reach 00:57
64. "Ajit Pai renderThe Harlem Shakeover" SmokyThrill77 01:29
65. "Ajit Pai renderVictory! Ajit Pai" Cryptrik 00:11
66. "Thanos renderFate Of The Universe" Sarvéproductions 03:50
67. "Thanos renderVictory! Thanos" Half Pixel 00:10
68. "Channel Hub" Sarvéproductions 02:12
69. "Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) renderFly Octo Fly (ft. Glenna)" MtH 03:10
70. "Snake renderThe Front Line (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)" Niko+, wolfman1405 04:53
71. "Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) renderDon't Slip! Orange Inkling Remix!!" Hinchy 03:25
72. "Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) renderSplatoon Retro Medley" Mitchell 02:05
73. "Snake renderNuclear" Nib Roc 05:10
74. "Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) renderSpiciest Calamari Inkantation" Dead Line 03:52
75. "Snake renderSnake Eater" dante feat. Charles Ritz, wolfman1405 02:49
76. "Snake renderVictory! Solid Snake" Nib Roc, Niko+ 00:12
77. "Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) renderEbb & Flow Inkanation" bomberzx (PACHI87) 04:27
78. "Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) renderVictory! Off The Hook (ft. Glenna)" MtH 00:14
79. "Resting King (All-Star Rest Area)" Jp 00:58
80. "Geno renderCome On Again!" Mitchell 02:35
81. "Wario Bros. renderDestruction Dance (Club Mix)" Zoom Guy 03:13
82. "Wario Bros. renderTomorrow Hill" WaluigiTime64 03:22
83. "Geno renderAn Adventure's Grand Finale" Metal Head 02:37
84. "Wario Bros. renderMirror Mansion 2" JerryStuff (Ro) 01:55
85. "Body Rock" Lu9 02:04
86. "Geno renderDangerous Pathline" DeVector 05:57
87. "Wario Bros. renderLaunchpad Labyrinth" WaluigiTime64 02:54
88. "Wario Bros. renderFor the Longest (Waluigi) Time" Nib Roc 05:05
89. "Wario Bros. renderWario's Cash 'n Stash" SubName 01:09
90. "Geno renderMario Story" Zoom Guy 04:33
91. "Geno renderVictory! Geno" MtH 00:12
92. "Wario Bros. renderWorking in the Zone ~ Taco Zone" WaluigiTime64 03:23
93. "Wario Bros. renderVictory! Wario Bros." Zoom Guy 00:07
94. "VS. FIGHTING REJECT TEAM" SmokyThrill77 02:03
95. "Last Fighter Standing..." Ethan64Music 01:40
96. "Staff Roll" trivial171 01:54
97. "FINAL DESTINATION" dante, wolfman1405 03:56
98. "Theme of John Notwoodman" john notwoodman 01:22
99. "Announcer Reel (All Takes Edit)" Hinchy w/ Agent (produced by MtH) 05:52
100. "Training Mode: "Guile's SLAM"[note 1]" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:44
101. "Training Mode: "Xiaoyu's SLAM"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 02:58
102. "Training Mode: "River SLAM"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:33
103. "Training Mode: "This Is True Love We're SLAMming"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:19
104. "Training Mode: "Arashi no SLAMxophone"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 02:02
105. "Training Mode: "Theme of SLAMkuma"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 02:53
106. "Training Mode: "Electric FountSLAM"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:32
107. "Training Mode: "Holy Orders (Be JAM or Be SLAM)"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 02:49
108. "Training Mode: "Orbital Ring Systems Cargo SLAM"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:05
109. "Training Mode: "SLAMS in My Head"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:16
110. "Training Mode: "Infinite SLAMzure"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 03:41
111. "Training Mode: "SLAMbellion"" Hol "Butt King" Funtimes 02:59

Bonus content Edit

This website has a link to folder of Bonus Art that contains several items:

  • The file for the album cover (including the illustration in the center as a separate image).
  • Character art used for the character profile.
  • The icons of the characters used in the voting polls and in the "WINNER" and "VS" videos
  • Some concept art and fan art of the characters, including several illustrations Unregistered HyperCam 2 as an anime girl called "Hyperchan", a full character sheet for UHC2, concepts for a Papyrus-Sans bait-and-switch for Waluigi and Wario, and visual tests for style of the event.
  • The assets for the credits mini-game (the background visuals and the end sequence)
  • Assets used by the artists to make the "VS" and "WINNER" videos
  • The thumbnails used for each character's rips.

In addition, a "Placeholder Man" can be found in the folder, which was likely used as a placeholder / size reference for the artists. It would eventually make an appearance in the King for Another Day Tournament, in the rip VS Fighting Placeholder Team. "Placeholder Man" (who happens to have a circular >:[ face) has his own character profile, which reads:

Long lost brother of a certain other Holder of Places, Placeholder Man takes his job very seriously. He even writes his own descriptions that offer insight into his work ethic! This man definitely won't back down without a fight. The only way to get him to leave is to open up his place to someone else. Maybe you'll have what it takes?
  His biggest joy in life comes from doing his job. His greatest fear in life is to be forgotten despite working so hard.

  • He's holding down the fort!
  • You can count on him!
  • Take as long as you like.
  • He'll be here, always!

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Trivia Edit

Official SiIvaGunner Seal of High Quality Rips

The new seal of high quality rips.

  • The album cover was made by SmokyThrill77, with the illustration in the center created by LarryInc64 (as the bonus art folder mentions).
  • The website contains downloads for the credits minigame mentioned in the announcement video, and a package of bonus art, including concepts, rough sketches, and more.
  • This is the first album to use the SiIvaGunner seal of high quality rips rather than the GiIvaSunner seal.

Notes Edit

  1. The Space Jam mashups appear in the rip Training Mode - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament
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Ajit Pai render Ajit PaiGeno render GenoOff The Hook (ft. Glenna) render Off the Hook ft. Glenna NaliraWeird Al Yankovic render "Weird Al" Yankovic
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render Unregistered HyperCam 2Pitbull render PitbullReggie Fils-Aimé render Reggie Fils-AiméWill Smith render Will SmithZUN render ZUN
Dancing Alien Team render Dancing Alien TeamThanos render ThanosWario Bros. render Wario Bros.King Dedede render King DededeSnake render Solid Snake
DJ Professor K render DJ Professor KEtika render Etika

Original Soundtrack Album
STRINGS OF FATE ~ SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament Original Soundtrack

Promotional rips
Ajit Pai render "The Harlem Shakeover
Geno render "Come On Again!" • "Dangerous Pathline" • "An Adventure's Grand Finale" • "Mario Story
Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "Splatoon Retro Medley" • "Fly Octo Fly (ft. Glenna)" • "Don't Slip!" • "Ebb & Flow Inkantation"
"Spiciest Calamari Inkantation
Weird Al Yankovic render "A Gaizin's Mantra" • "Hardware Store and More!" • "Everybody Polkamon" • "Bedrock Anthem Boogie
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "Paralyzer" • "Fluffing a Duck" • "Spartan Combat" • "Scheming Weasel"
"Everytime We Touch" • "Awesome Plan" • "Unreeeal Dreamscape 3" • "How 2 Do Anything"
"Don't give up on your dreamscape" • "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Pitbull render "Give Me the Fantasy" • "First-Round Losers' Cypher" • "Bit Bull" • "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
Reggie Fils-Aimé render "American Crossing" • "Deceptacon" • "The Best Thing About It Is It's Free!" • "This Is My Way
Will Smith render "'Tis the Season to Get Jiggy" • "Bel Air Nu-Funk" • "EDM Lit Machine" • "Make Up Your Mind
ZUN render "ZUN's Theme" • "U.N. Owen Was Her?" • "Satori's Mansion" • "Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
Dancing Alien Team render "Nunca Me Das Cositas" • "Sleep Paralysis
Thanos render "Five Million Fireflies" • "Battle Royale" • "Fate of the Universe" • "Freak It
Wario Bros. render "Destruction Dance (Club Mix)" • "Working in the Zone ~ Taco Zone" • "Tomorrow Hill" • "Body Rock"
"Launchpad Labyrinth" • "Mirror Mansion 2" • "Wario's Cash 'n Stash" • "For the Longest (Waluigi) Time
King Dedede render "A Weird Race" • "Dedede Boss Battle: Star Allies & United Utopia" • "Kirby Bosses Retro Medley"
"Dedede's Two-Dimensional Cannon" • "Journey to King
Snake render "The Front Line (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)" • "Nuclear" • "Snake Eater
DJ Professor K render "Artificial Amateurs" • "The Sound" • "GRACE N GLORY
Etika render "We Dem Boyz" • "Go Hard (Brooklyn)" • "ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn 

"SiIvaGunner presents... the KING FOR A DAY TOURNAMENT!" • "Vote Responsibly!! (How to Vote)"
"FIGHTING KING (Main Theme)" • "Training Mode" • "Channel Hub" • "Resting King (All-Star Rest Area)"
"Altered King ~ EVENT CHALLENGE" • "SLAP THE NUTS!! (Bonus Game)" • "Remix 9 (Bonus Track)"
"SiIvaGunner: King for a Day - All Victory Fanfares and VS Lines! (Secrets & Easter Eggs)"

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