SUPER GANGSTA BROS. MIXTAPE (PROD. HALTMANN WORK$$$) is a high quality album by SIIVAGUNNER CRANK SQUAD. It is a compilation album of rips uploaded during the MAR10 Day event, as well as other Gangsta Mario-related rips.

It was announced through the video "A CERTIFIED HOOD ANNOUNCEMENT".

Track listEdit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Grand Dad be playin' T-Dub" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 (ft. Ethan69HipHop) 4:18
2. "Mario Be Playin with My Wii" $ean-Patrick 3:27
3. "hit the youkai on em, super marisa tou hoe" Chicken$uitGuy 4:09
4. "Victory! (Super Gangsta Mario)" MLPCrunk 0:15
5. "hoe planet" Nozobot 1:13
6. "Dr. Mario Dat Hoe" Chicken$uitGuy 2:29
7. "Crank Dat Circus" Aqua¢ycle 1:02
8. "mario might be newer but I'm newer dewer" Real Hood Man 1:36
9. "Crank Dat Little Mac" MLPCrunk 1:08
10. "Fuck the Boolice" Lizzy Flizzy PizzyOats 5:20
11. "Crank The Mario Bros. (1983)" mlpFUCK 2:02
12. "Foilet Galaxy" A-Dub 1:49
13. "Party in the Boneyard" Real Hood Man 2:21
14. "Lambda Crank" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 1:44
15. "Unbreakable Determarionation" Chicken$uitGuy 1:31
16. "PyroTostarena" Expen$iveDi$pen$er 1:29
18. "Warp to Act 69" cookiegang$ta 2:24
19. "Caramariodansen" Chicken$uitGuy 2:54
20. "Gun Options - Mario the Gangsta 2" I$$y₵art69 0:32
21. "*It's the Yoshi on 'em." SwaggProduction$$ 0:32
23. "hit the birdo on em" Chicken$uitGuy 0:48
24. "Super Mario Dust Hoe" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:49
25. "A Defeated God" Gangbang36 0:50
26. "UnFunfair Fat Italian F¤cks" SwaggProduction$$ 1:42
27. "MARIO ALL-STARS RAP" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 0:39
28. "Super Mario Hood Overworld Beatbox" SwaggProduction$$ 1:21
29. "Duper Mario Bros. Twoper" Real Hood Man 3:04
30. "beware the burning forest's mushrooms" UUN420_$W@G 1:06
31. "This rap's a bomb" I$$y₵art69 1:38
32. "Crank Dat Tierlist Image (Harder to Crank)" BobDaTa¢o¢at 1:06
33. "No One Stops Gangsta Mario's Feet!" SwaggProduction$$ 4:52
34. "Pulse - Crank Story" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 2:02
35. "Luigi's Secret Slide" Ethan69HipHop 1:30
36. "The Bile Bool" Real Hood Man 1:40
37. "Mario es bailando en la galaxia jajaja​!​!" MLPCrunk 1:53
38. "Green Mario vs. A Fat Furry Raccoon" Gangbang36 1:30
40. "mario kills cops for a living while waluigi dances behind him" John Lemon Stank Ho+ 1:45
41. "METAL yEET" HOT $PICY M3M3$ 2:25
42. "Marie Be Playin'" Real Hood Man 1:16
43. "hit the meowser on em" Ethan69HipHop 2:39
44. "Piss Cupcake's Meme Massacre" Gangbang36 0:40
45. "Cranketh Thy Superb Mario" mlpFUCK 0:40
46. "Gangsta Asriel's Shop" Netcasha Ruuzi 0:40
47. "Crank Dat Hill Top Zone" I$$y₵art69 1:31
48. "Castle Dat Super Gangster Mario (didnt get uploaded on mar10 mix)" Chicken$uitGuy 0:37
49. "Honey Hoe Maker" SwaggProduction$$ 0:53
50. "Gangsta Towers Zone" Aqua¢ycle 2:14
51. "Core Luigi" MtH 1:56
52. "OG Mario type beat" Real Hood Man 1:14
54. "Mario Blows Up Metro Kingdom with a FUCKING BAZOOKA" Gangbang36 0:46
55. "Let's Not Talk 'Bout Dem Sewers" SwaggProduction$$ 0:50
56. "Homer Simpson Overdoses and Dies" Gangbang36 0:03
57. "SURPRISE DUBSTEP" Gangbang36 0:33
58. "T-dub's Last Episode" I$$y₵art69 0:07
59. "Here We Mamaf¤ckin' Go Paisanos!" SwaggProduction$$ 0:53
60. "Crank Dat Magical Drop" ChristopherLry! 1:20
61. "Crank That Mad God" RayWilliam 1:38
62. "Gangsta's Poltergeist" bluntf€ar 1:19
63. "SMG64" Gangbang36 1:24
64. "Go, Gangsta Mario, Go!" I$$y₵art69 5:09
65. "stoned biatch" Gangbang36 0:40
66. "super mario hoe stuck" Tha O.G. R€TR0 3:26
67. "Acid Hoes" cookiegang$ta, Chicken$uitGuy 3:26
68. "Mario Drops His Fire Mixtape" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 1:24
69. "Warp to World N-M (NicoMaki)" Big Smoke 77 4:50
70. "What If Instead Of Growing Palm Trees On Their Heads Piantas Grew Weed" The Precarious R.O.Y. 0:12
71. "Warp to be Stupid" Ethan69HipHop 1:25
72. "The Desolate Mama" Gangbang36 3:45
73. "Crank Dat Schala (prod. OnBP)" Chrono Squad 2:47
74. "Crank Dat [Mʀ. Mᴀxɪs] (Hit The [SɪᴍCɪᴛʏ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ] On 'Em)" Lil' Atom 3:10
76. "Blizzard 6-9" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 3:39
77. "Crank Dat New Super Mario" Real Hood Man 0:57
78. "Super Navy Mario Bros" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 2:45
79. "Warp to World 6-9 All Stars" Aqua¢ycle 1:39
80. "Phoenix Wright defends Mario on charges of Assault" A-Dub 5:02
81. "Bad Nuture (Da T​-​Dub C​-​D​.​U​.​b MixXx)" andré$P3k 1:23
82. "Duck Hunt Dog Smokes Up" The Precarious R.O.Y. 0:51
83. "Audio of Gangsta Mario getting crushed to death. {​{​G​.​I​.​P​}​}" SwaggProduction$$ 0:06
84. "Gangsta hoelation" Chicken$uitGuy, MLPCrunk 3:08
85. "$helta Gangsta Mario // OFFiCiAL RADIO T-riBut3" andré$g4MAx ft. Joe mama 3:38
Hidden tracks
86. "Super Mario Dust Hoe (Instrumental)" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:49
87. "Acid Hoes (Instrumental)" cookiegang$ta 3:57
88. "super mario hoe stuck (Klub remiXXX v3.41_revision2)" retroboy134 3:24
89. "Crank Dat Doom Guy (Instrumental)" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:34
90. "Hit the Yoshi on em" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:00

Bonus media Edit

17 bonus images (including six animated GIFs), two bonus MIDI files, one music video and one bonus animation were included in the album.

The files not in the gallery:

  • crank dat doomguy midi (eg Mothafuckin' 9371).mid
  • Gangster_Bros_-_Shop.mid
  • maruo.mp4
  • why mario is a gangsta.wmv ("Opening - Gangster Bros.")

Trivia Edit

  • This is the very first SiIvaGunner album to be published using a unique album artist credit that isn't "GilvaSunner".
  • This is the fifth album without a track from Chaze the Chat.
  • Every contributor name in this album has been Gangsta-fied, except for Nozobot and MtH.

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