SUPER GANGSTA BROS. MIXTAPE (PROD. HALTMANN WORK$$$) is a high quality album by SIIVAGUNNER CRANK SQUAD. It is a compilation album of rips uploaded during the MAR10 Day event, as well as other Gangsta Mario-related rips.

It was announced through the video "A CERTIFIED HOOD ANNOUNCEMENT".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Grand Dad be playin' T-Dub" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 (ft. Ethan69HipHop) 4:18
2. "Mario Be Playin with My Wii" $ean-Patrick 3:27
3. "hit the youkai on em, super marisa tou hoe" Chicken$uitGuy 4:09
4. "Victory! (Super Gangsta Mario)" MLPCrunk 0:15
5. "hoe planet" Nozobot 1:13
6. "Dr. Mario Dat Hoe" Chicken$uitGuy 2:29
7. "Crank Dat Circus" Aqua¢ycle 1:02
8. "mario might be newer but I'm newer dewer" Real Hood Man 1:36
9. "Crank Dat Little Mac" MLPCrunk 1:08
10. "Fuck the Boolice" Lizzy Flizzy PizzyOats 5:20
11. "Crank The Mario Bros. (1983)" mlpFUCK 2:02
12. "Foilet Galaxy" A-Dub 1:49
13. "Party in the Boneyard" Real Hood Man 2:21
14. "Lambda Crank" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 1:44
15. "Unbreakable Determarionation" Chicken$uitGuy 1:31
16. "PyroTostarena" Expen$iveDi$pen$er 1:29
18. "Warp to Act 69" cookiegang$ta 2:24
19. "Caramariodansen" Chicken$uitGuy 2:54
20. "Gun Options - Mario the Gangsta 2" I$$y₵art69 0:32
21. "*It's the Yoshi on 'em." SwaggProduction$$ 0:32
23. "hit the birdo on em" Chicken$uitGuy 0:48
24. "Super Mario Dust Hoe" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:49
25. "A Defeated God" Gangbang36 0:50
26. "UnFunfair Fat Italian F¤cks" SwaggProduction$$ 1:42
27. "MARIO ALL-STARS RAP" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 0:39
28. "Super Mario Hood Overworld Beatbox" SwaggProduction$$ 1:21
29. "Duper Mario Bros. Twoper" Real Hood Man 3:04
30. "beware the burning forest's mushrooms" UUN420_$W@G 1:06
31. "This rap's a bomb" I$$y₵art69 1:38
32. "Crank Dat Tierlist Image (Harder to Crank)" BobDaTa¢o¢at 1:06
33. "No One Stops Gangsta Mario's Feet!" SwaggProduction$$ 4:52
34. "Pulse - Crank Story" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 2:02
35. "Luigi's Secret Slide" Ethan69HipHop 1:30
36. "The Bile Bool" Real Hood Man 1:40
37. "Mario es bailando en la galaxia jajaja​!​!" MLPCrunk 1:53
38. "Green Mario vs. A Fat Furry Raccoon" Gangbang36 1:30
39. "Crankie Films" Ethan69HipHop 0:05
40. "mario kills cops for a living while waluigi dances behind him" John Lemon Stank Ho+ 1:45
41. "METAL yEET" HOT $PICY M3M3$ 2:25
42. "Marie Be Playin'" Real Hood Man 1:16
43. "hit the meowser on em" Ethan69HipHop 2:39
44. "Piss Cupcake's Meme Massacre" Gangbang36 0:40
45. "Cranketh Thy Superb Mario" mlpFUCK 0:40
46. "Gangsta Asriel's Shop" Netcasha Ruuzi 0:40
47. "Crank Dat Hill Top Zone" I$$y₵art69 1:31
48. "Castle Dat Super Gangster Mario (didnt get uploaded on mar10 mix)" Chicken$uitGuy 0:37
49. "Honey Hoe Maker" SwaggProduction$$ 0:53
50. "Gangsta Towers Zone" Aqua¢ycle 2:14
51. "Core Luigi" MtH 1:56
52. "OG Mario type beat" Real Hood Man 1:14
54. "Mario Blows Up Metro Kingdom with a FUCKING BAZOOKA" Gangbang36 0:46
55. "Let's Not Talk 'Bout Dem Sewers" SwaggProduction$$ 0:50
56. "Homer Simpson Overdoses and Dies" Gangbang36 0:03
57. "SURPRISE DUBSTEP" Gangbang36 0:33
58. "T-dub's Last Episode" I$$y₵art69 0:07
59. "Here We Mamaf¤ckin' Go Paisanos!" SwaggProduction$$ 0:53
60. "Crank Dat Magical Drop" ChristopherLry! 1:20
61. "Crank That Mad God" RayWilliam 1:38
62. "Gangsta's Poltergeist" bluntf€ar 1:19
63. "SMG64" Gangbang36 1:24
64. "Go, Gangsta Mario, Go!" I$$y₵art69 5:09
65. "stoned biatch" Gangbang36 0:40
66. "super mario hoe stuck" Tha O.G. R€TR0 3:26
67. "Acid Hoes" cookiegang$ta, Chicken$uitGuy 3:26
68. "Mario Drops His Fire Mixtape" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 1:24
69. "Warp to World N-M (NicoMaki)" Big Smoke 77 4:50
70. "What If Instead Of Growing Palm Trees On Their Heads Piantas Grew Weed" The Precarious R.O.Y. 0:12
71. "Warp to be Stupid" Ethan69HipHop 1:25
72. "The Desolate Mama" Gangbang36 3:45
73. "Crank Dat Schala (prod. OnBP)" Chrono Squad 2:47
74. "Crank Dat [Mʀ. Mᴀxɪs] (Hit The [SɪᴍCɪᴛʏ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ] On 'Em)" Lil' Atom 3:10
76. "Blizzard 6-9" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 3:39
77. "Crank Dat New Super Mario" Real Hood Man 0:57
78. "Super Navy Mario Bros" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 2:45
79. "Warp to World 6-9 All Stars" Aqua¢ycle 1:39
80. "Phoenix Wright defends Mario on charges of Assault" A-Dub 5:02
81. "Bad Nuture (Da T​-​Dub C​-​D​.​U​.​b MixXx)" andré$P3k 1:23
82. "Duck Hunt Dog Smokes Up" The Precarious R.O.Y. 0:51
83. "Audio of Gangsta Mario getting crushed to death. {​{​G​.​I​.​P​}​}" SwaggProduction$$ 0:06
84. "Gangsta hoelation" Chicken$uitGuy, MLPCrunk 3:08
85. "$helta Gangsta Mario // OFFiCiAL RADIO T-riBut3" andré$g4MAx ft. Joe mama 3:38
Hidden tracks
86. "Super Mario Dust Hoe (Instrumental)" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:49
87. "Acid Hoes (Instrumental)" cookiegang$ta 3:57
88. "super mario hoe stuck (Klub remiXXX v3.41_revision2)" retroboy134 3:24
89. "Crank Dat Doom Guy (Instrumental)" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:34
90. "Hit the Yoshi on em" eg Mothafuckin' 9371 4:00

Bonus media

17 bonus images (including six animated GIFs), MIDI files of "The Imp's Song - Doom" and "Level 3 (Shop) - Gangster Bros.", a .wmv file of "Opening - Gangster Bros." and one bonus video titled "maruo.mp4" were included in the album.


  • This is the very first SiIvaGunner album to be published using a unique album artist credit that isn't "GilvaSunner".
  • Every contributor name in this album has been Gangsta-fied, except for Nozobot and MtH.
  • The link on the cover leads to a real Myspace account for Gangsta Mario; it has no content save for a single comment reading, "sonic is better. sorry".

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