"Saliens Planet Rock - Steam Summer Saliens" is a high quality rip of "Saliens Planet Rock" from Steam Summer Saliens


At 0:06, the advertised track gets mashed up with "Dame Tu Cosita" by El Chombo. At 1:09, a theremin plays Snow halation. At 1:52, the theremin plays the Rick and Morty theme song, followed by the chorus of Snow halation. At 2:45, Hatsune Miku shows up and sings a Steam-themed spoof of "Can't Make a Song" by beat_shobon, the lyrics of which are transcribed in the rip's closed captions and Bandcamp page. The theremin plays yet another section of Snow halation at 3:21.

Lyrics Edit

No money left, can't buy a game
Another day goes by and I waste all my cash
I just want some more cool games
Take all my savings, Gaben I praise thee
My backlog's about to explode!
I bought every sequel that I know I won't play
I'm crying, my wallet is dying
Damn Steam sales, how I hate you