"Sample [FILE-08] - Haltmann's Archives" is a lore video and the eighth "file" in Haltmann's Archives. It documents the being known as SiIvaGunner, who reappeared suddenly at the start of Season 3.

Summary Edit

The video is formatted like all Haltmann's Archives videos starting with "FILE-02". It opens with this message:
[Haltmann's Archives]



The text begins by stating that a "sample analysis" has been successful. The sample analysis appears to be about SiIvaGunner, the living statue that runs a YouTube channel. As detailed in The FILE-01 and FILE-02, the statue that would become SiIvaGunner was made of a meteorite of unknown origin. The FILE then goes on to list the composition of the statue and its abilities, including its ability to create Figments. One of the notes on the character is his ability to create "Core"-like entities in the form of albums.

The final sentence in the FILE is an ominous one, perhaps hinting at some nefarious reason behind SiIvaGunner's return:

[000001_. hqr] ready for injection...

Context Edit

The SiIvaGunner character has been asleep ever since Title Theme & Ending - 7 GRAND DAD, where he uploaded his magnum opus and took a well-deserved rest. In SiIvaGunner's absence, several other channel hosts, including The Voice Inside Your Head, Wood Man, Inspector Gadget, and President Haltmann, have all taken over the channel and uploaded their own rips.

On January 1, 2018, with the upload of the video "...of 2017", the third season of the SiIvaGunner channel began. With the start of Season 3 came SiIvaGunner, who suddenly appeared to be back to his pre-SilvaGunner: Rebooted self. However, many of this "SiIvaGunner"'s rips are anomalous, and his profile picture and banner were glitched several times.

First mentioned in FILE-01, the Cores are an as of yet explained class of objects.

Transcript Edit

[Haltmann's Archives]

Sample analysis successful.
Complete data dump below [000001_. hqr].

[000001_. hqr]
[Internal Name: SilvaGunner / SiIvaGunner (capital i)]
Date created 9.1.16
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 287 kg
Active: 9.1.16 - 29.10.16
Currently in stasis.

Appearance: Tall statue modeled after Antinous. Appears to have an eyepatch and a horn of black shrapnel embedded within its head.

Source: meteorite (unknown location)
33% kamacite
22% iron
40% obsidian
5% uranium
Most likely carved using a laser.
See [FILE-01] and [FILE-02] for complete origin details.

Abilities: basic computer operation, music, social networking.
Does not require sleep for extended periods of time, often months.
Created many figments.

Known associated figments: Grand Dad, Nozomi, Sans, Ness, Wood Man, Haruka Amami, possibly more.

Notes: Energy reading is 67.7% similarity to the [Cores], often outputs Core-like artifacts in the form of [Albums].

[000001_. hqr] ready for injection...


Trivia Edit

  • This video was uploaded on the day of SiIvaGunner's anniversary, January 9.
  • The video's description is abnormal, with no "Archived by".
  • When this video was uploaded, the pre-MAGFest 2018 SiIvaGunner panel streams made by the team were put into the Haltmann's Archives playlist.
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