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"Seasonal Return [Episode 1] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a lore video and the first episode of the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis event.


A little girl sets out to find her friends.

Composer: The Voice Inside Your Head
CCC Episode Playlist:
The Story So Far:
Platform: PC

I order you to read the channel description.

Plot summary

After the events of the Prologue, Smol Nozomi awakens in an unfamiliar place: a sprawling industrial city. She remembers the events leading up to her awakening: she had just rested after a seemingly never-ending performance when a mysterious figure kidnapped her friends and conjured tall skyscrapers out of thin air. Still confused at the situation, Nozomi resolves to find her friends, but is interrupted by the sound of several screens playing a broadcast.

The broadcast was instigated by the same figure that had captured her friends, a man named The Voice Inside Your Head. The Voice pronounces himself as the new ruler of the industrial city, a metropolis which he names Grandiose City. The Voice proclaims that "weeaboo anime bullshit" has infected society, and that The Voice has taken on the "duty" of purging it from not only Christmas, but all existence. To demonstrate, The Voice executes The Cinderella girls of THE iDOLM@STER and warns that anyone who defies him will be punished.

The broadcast ends, leaving Nozomi even more determined to find her friends. However, she is ambushed by a Patrol-Bot!

Track list

Time Song / track Source Usage / Note
0:00 - 0:39
1:07 - 1:34
"NYC Streets" Deus Ex Tense theme.
0:40 - 1:06 "You Haven't Practiced Enough" Kirby Planet Robobot. During the flashback/explanation of the events in the Prologue.
1:37 - 2:44 "The Noble Haltmann" The Voice's theme.
2:53 - 3:21 ??? (a rendition of "Snow halation" and "The Noble Haltmann") ??? As The Voice warns the world.
3:34 - 4:01 "VS. The Wicked Company" Kirby Planet Robobot. As Nozomi is attacked by a hovering robot


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An imposing tower extended into the sky, overseeing the landscape. The city, glowing bright with industrial lights, was far removed from what it once was. LCD billboards covered the walls, advertising foreign products, and what wasn't covered by these was made up for in neon lights a-plenty. Flying robots with spotlights slowly hovered above, patrolling the streets. Many people in the city were confused, trying to make sense of their surroundings. Crowds ran back and forth. And in the middle of it all, stood a smol purple haired figure...


Her name... Nozomi. This was not the place she was used to. It felt like she was forcibly dragged out of her home...

It all happened not even a couple minutes ago... Nozomi felt she had been sleeping for months. The last thing she could remember was finally being able to sleep after a performance that seemingly went on forever. Then a flash of white, and suddenly, she awoke in a strange room. All of her friends were there... but they were swept up, by a mysterious tall figure, who seemed to have a pyramid for a head. The tall figure had broken through the roof of the room, and was making its way across the land... As he flew across, he seemed to conjure giant skyscrapers out of midair. Nozomi wondered how she evaded capture... perhaps she was too smol, and the figure did not notice her.

And here she was now, in the middle of the city. The lights bright, the robots on patrol, the people running around, trying the get their bearings. What was going on? Nozomi knew there was only one thing she could do: find her friends. She scuttled quickly across the streets, high and low, looking for some kind of lead that could help her find them.

But then, suddenly, a sound played out of nowhere. The people hustling and bustling stopped in place to turn to watch one of the many screens in the city. Nozomi turned to watch he screen as well, and it flickered on... to reveal a tall figure, with a pyramid for a head!

???Citizens of Earth. Welcome to your new domain. There is no need to be frightened. Please, make yourself at home. Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me...THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD.

The VoiceI hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season. I'm sure you will all enjoy the festivities in my new metropolis, GRANDIOSE CITY. And if you don't, my Patrol-Bots will make sure you do. Trust me when I say this is all for a greater good. After all, I am sure you are all familiar with a tumor upon our culture that plagues us all...Weeaboo anime bullshit.It has infected our once noble, pure culture with degeneracy and filth. Anime is, and always was a mistake. The music, the animation, the characters, the stories... all GARBAGE. And by God. I will not let it ruin Christmas either. So, it must be purged. All anime and weeaboos must be struck from the Earth. In fact, why don't we start right now? Ladies and gentlemen, I present... The Cinderella Girls.


KirariWe didn't even do anything!!

The VoiceThe Cinderlla Girls, from THE iDOLM@STER, are guilty of being idol trash. And as we all know, there is only one true idol: me. And we cannot have this idol filth plaguing our media any longer. President Haltmann, will you do the honors?

WHAM! There was a loud crunching sound as a giant piston swiftly crushed the Cinderella Girls on-screen. The piston slowly retracted to reveal the bloody remains of them.

The VoiceTake this as a warning. Defy my rule, and you WILL be punished. I will create an all-new, perfect world, free from weebs and eastern influence. You will all thank me later, trust me. Hahahaha. But for now, why don't you just lay back and enjoy Christmas with your family? President Haltmann and I will be working 'round the clock to provide you with the highest quality entertainment possible. We have plenty of musical performance in store. Get in the holiday spirit! My mecha armies are being deployed across the world as we speak, bringing cheer to each and every human on Earth. I look forward to speaking with you all again sometime... Goodbye for now.

[click...] The screens shut off. All the people witching started to murmur amongst themselves... clearly, there was even more confusion than before. And Nozomi... Nozomi knew that this was bad. She had to find her friends...


Nozomi turned around to find a hovering robot shining a spotlight on her, with sirens blaring! Suddenly, a manhole opened and ejected a large, spherical mecha. The mecha opened and closed its hands, and started to pursue Nozomi! The crowds of people scrambled away in terror as the robot pursued the smol Nozomi, who was running away as fast as she could! Nozomi had to find way to escape the robot and find her friends...!




  • The video description used to have the normal rip format but was given a more unique one along with all the other CCC and Rebooted episodes at an unknown point (most likely, between March 24 and April 16).
    • It listed the episode's name as under "Music:" and "Platform: PC".
  • The footage of the Cinderalla Girls is filmed by "CAMERA 07", likely a reference to 7 GRAND DAD.
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