"Semi-Charmed Life - Rock Band 3" is a high quality rip of "Semi-Charmed Life" from Rock Band 3.

Joke Edit

At 0:01, the lyrics from the song are mashed up with an edited version of the instrumental from All Star with chords that play to the tune of the advertised track, in a very similar vein to some of the edits of We Are Number One such as Hammer Bros. Theme (OST Version) - Super Mario Bros. 3 and Beautiful Girls (Alternative Mix) - SingStar Hottest Hits. At 3:57, the whistles are placed in the tune of the song "Under The Sea" by Samuel E. Wright.

The rip is a homage to Neil Cicierega and his Mouth trilogy mashup albums, as "All Star" and "Semi-Charmed Life" are used frequently on his mashups. The inclusion of "Under the Sea" is a reference to Neil's video "Ariel Needs Legs"

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