"Sex - Steve Harvey" is a high quality rip of "Sex" from Steve Harvey.


The rip begins with this clip from Family Feud, where Steve Harvey asks the contestant to "name something you do at work that you wouldn't want your boss to see". The contestant answers with "sex", but before Harvey can answer, the audio cuts off, and the video suddenly switches to this loud clip of Steve Harvey screaming, after stepping in horse poop, which gets stuttered, slowed down, and stretched out.

At 0:25, the rip transitions to a sped up clip of people doing the Dlow Shuffle on Ask Steve, as a very loud version of "Get Crunk" by Brokencyde  plays. At 0:35, the cover for Steve Harvey's The Adventures of Roopster Roux: That's Not Funny fades in on screen. At 0:42, the rip suddenly zooms in on the phrase "That's not funny", then transitions to a clip of Steve Harvey, talking about memes.

At 0:45, the rip shows the video, my quick thoughts on The Ultimate Youtube Poop, accompanied with a picture of a Porygon and supergamma2010 saying "God, I will start to murder".

At 0:47, it shows the aforementioned Porygon, on a white background, and beside it, on the left side, is a poorly-drawn knife, with blood, drawn on it. An object label is shown at the knife, saying "knife to kill stev havrey[sic]", with an arrow, that's directed to the knife. "Burn! Bobonga! Burn!" from Chrono Trigger plays in the background. The clip of supergamma2010 says "I swear to God" repeated over and over, with the last one being pitched down. supergamma2010 also says "I will start to murder".

At 0:55, we are shown a picture of Steve Harvey, with the poorly-drawn, bloody knife, stopped by Steve's hand, which is also poorly-drawn. The hand is labeled "imortal [sic] hand of doom". We hear Bowser laughing, originally from the intro cutscene of Hotel Mario.

At 0:57, the video with the aforementioned Porygon appears again, with supergamma2010 now saying "Poop. I'm fucking impressed. I swear to God, I will start to murder. God"

At 1:04, it shows the aforementioned clip of Steve Harvey, talking about memes. There is a black border around that clip, in the style of the motivational poster, where the caption reads "awesome he stop evil porygon !", with another caption, under that, saying "plz laugh at my joke". The captions are a reference to the "Awesome, He Finally" meme. The victory fanfare music from Final Fantasy VII then plays. At 1:09, the music immediately stops and the black border gets removed. We're left with a silent Steve Harvey clip.

At 1:11, the "I'm here to chew bubblegum..." scene from the 1988 movie, They Live, plays, where John Nada's line, "I have come" repeats over and over. This is mostly based, on the mondegreen, "I have cum". At 1:17, the scene resumes, playing, till 1:21, where John's lines are sentence-mixed "Ass. Chew ass". At 1:21, the scene resumes, playing, at various speeds. At 1:26, John's lines are sentence-mixed to say "all out of gabub". At 1:31, the "I have come" gets repeated, but its audio is edited various ways, like having it sound polyphonic and playing at various speeds.

At 1:38, the aforementioned clip of Steve Harvey, screaming, plays. At 1:40, the video, amv, by dydney marill, plays. At 1:43, the aforementioned Family Feud clip, plays. This was a result of sentence-mixing, to say "Man I've never had sex, Steve". At 1:44, the aforementioned clip of Steve Harvey, screaming, plays again, only for it to be high-pitched. At 1:46, the video of Cushbaby Mara, saying "N*gga shut the hell up and eat a cinnamon roll", is played.

At 1:53, the rip then shows a compilation of three pictures of Steve Harvey:

  • (1:53 - 2:10) a screenshot from the aforementioned clip of Steve Harvey, stepping in horse poop
  • (2:10 - 2:17) the thumbnail for the video, Steve Harvey: You Have To JUMP To Be Successful!, from WTHL
  • (2:17 - 2:25) a headshot of Steve Harvey

The music, playing in the background, for the compilation, is "Highway Blues" by New Stories.



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