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ShonicTH is a contributor and backroom member of the SiIvaGunner channel.[1]


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ShonicTH's first rip was "Silence (Beta Mix) - F-Zero".[2]

ShonicTH made most of the Kingdom Hearts II rips, particularly the Flintstones rips. He became a member of backroom sometime after the Channel Ending.[3]

Since the rip "The 13th Struggle - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories", Shonic started putting a lot of reverb on his Kingdom Hearts rips, making it a recurring joke.[4]

On December 22, 2016, SSB_Seal posted the comment "LOL with all that reverb and also it being KH, I know exactly who made this one. Good stuff my dude." on the rip "Traverse Town - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories", thinking it was made by Shonic due to the amount of reverb in it.[5][6] The comment eventually became a copypasta, and was later referenced in the rip "Epic - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories".

As a frequent ripper of Yoko Shimomura tracks, he was an active contributor to the dedicated album il settimo grande padre. He also took part in the creation of the Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Final Mix HD Reverb Edition album, filled with reverb jokes, organized for his birthday.[7][8]

He made the rip "Wolverine's Theme - Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes" released on February 4, 2017, which is a parody of a TheBestGamers review for the game Undertale.

In the rips he voiced, as well as in his Twitter account, he often uses the line "anime is fucking gay" or just "anime is gay". This is a nod to a running joke between him and his friends.[9] Examples of this includes: "Nozomi - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories", "This Is Halloween - Kingdom Hearts II" and "Meeting with Haltmann - Kirby Planet Robobot".


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