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This page is about the event. For the video that announced the event, see SiIvaGunner's Inevitable Holiday Celebration!

SiIvaGunner's Inevitable Holiday Celebration was an event on the SiIvaGunner channel celebrating Christmas which began on December 11, 2021, and ended on January 22, 2022.

Despite being officially declared to not be a "festival" event (like SiIvaFes, WinterFes, and SummerFes), this event still functioned similarly to them, being a super-event encompassing a few traditional channel events and special activities amongst regular uploads. Also like the festivals, the banner art was continuously added to over the course of the super-event with references to various events, activities, and notable uploads that occurred during it.

Rips uploaded

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As with the previous Christmas events, the channel accepted submissions for rips of Christmas/holiday-themed video games or ice and snow levels, as well as rips featuring Christmas/holiday and winter-themed songs.[1] Rips featuring songs from the "ROYALTY FREE CHRISTMAS SONGS" series by YouTuber jacksfilms were frequently uploaded, similar to 2020's SiIvaGunner All-Star Winter Festival.



(To view all the banners, click "Expand".)
Christmas 2021 banner Tally Hall.png The first banner for the event, featuring:
Christmas 2021 banner Haltmann.png The second banner for the event, featuring President Haltmann, referencing the upload of "Channel Hosts and Takeovers [FILE-15] - Haltmann's Archives".
SiIvaGunner's Inevitable Holiday Celebration December 25 Lady Only.png The third banner for the event, featuring Lady within the fireplace's flames, referencing the upload of three Friday Night Funkin' rips previously exclusive to Rips From Around The Way 7, as well as "Main Theme - Bad Piggies 2".
Christmas 2021 banner on THE DAY.png The fourth banner for the event, with multiple additions:
SiIvaGunner 26dec2021 omori channels4 banner.png The fifth banner for the event, featuring Omori and Mewo, referencing the OMORI 1st Anniversary event.
Siivagunner 2jan2022 dia channels4 banner.png The sixth banner for the event, featuring Dia Kurosawa, referencing the Dia Kurosawa's Birthday event.
Siivagunner 5jan2022 channels4 banner.jpg The seventh banner for the event, featuring:
Siivagunner 6jan2022 ame bday channels4 banner.jpg The eighth banner for the event, featuring a doll of Smol Ame, referencing the upload of "Amelia Watson BGM - Smol Ame".
Siivagunner 8jan2022 monkey channels4 banner.png The ninth banner for the event, featuring AiAi, referencing Musical Monkey Madness.
Siivagunner 15jan2022 slam channels4 banner.png The tenth banner for the event, featuring Charles Barkley, referencing JAM!uary.
Siivagunner youtube 18jan2021 slam-jam w10000 channels4 banner.jpg The eleventh banner for the event, further referencing JAM!uary, with the following changes:
  • Almost every character's head is replaced with pictures of Charles Barkley. AiAi has been replaced with Donkey Kong, and Mewo has been replaced with the Annoying Dog from Undertale. The Barkley head on Charles Barkley's body has lens flare eyes. Barkley's head also replaces Wood Man's face on the star and appears on the Christmas card, while the star on Dandy's jacket is replaced with a hybrid of Barkley's head and the "πŸ˜‚" emoji.
  • The yellow sphere on Hard Man's chest, AiAi's ball, the ornaments, and the strawberry on the mug are all replaced with basketballs.
  • Big Chungus is on the left, referencing a gag in Space Jam: A New Legacy.
  • The sky outside the window has been replaced with the background of the Space Jam official website.
  • The sale tag now reads "SLAM!"
  • A swarm of Charles Barkley heads are present in the top and bottom of the full image. However, this was cropped out on the YouTube page.


  1. ↑ Tweet thread by @GiIvaSunner. Twitter. December 12, 2021.

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