"SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day - All Vs/Victory Lines (Secrets and Easter Eggs!)" is a high quality GameXplain video about the game SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day and its many secrets and easter eggs.


Like the previous tournament's video, this is another parody of GameXplain's videos and is meant to show all of the alternate "VS" and "Victory" clips not seen in the King for Another Day Tournament proper.

It begins with the GameXplain intro, followed by a narration by Angre Segers (founder of GameXplain):

The SiIvaGunner King for Another Day Tournament had a lot of potential matchups, and I mean a lot, a lot. With 32 characters and nearly 500 unique matchups, there's a lot to personalize dialogue that went unused for this event. As such, we're going to be showcasing all of these versus lines. In addition to the nearly 1000 total victory quotes accross every character in the roster. So with that being said, let's stop wasting time and get right to it.

The video ends with this narration, also by Andre:

And there you have it. Every single personalized versus and victory quote from the SiIvaGunner King for Another Day Tournament. Which ones are your favorites! Let us know about posting in the comments below, and of course, be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on SiIvaGunner and everything else gaming as well. We'll catch you next time. Bye.

Quotes Edit

VS Edit

Time Left Right Notes
0:33 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Look at how ant-sized you are, I could crush you faster than I crushed Net Neutrality. 02 Geno Geno: No matter the size, the power of stars can defeat anything. Including you.
0:36 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: I wonder what internet laws you have over there at Inkopolis... 03 Marina Marina: Holy CARP, this thing's larger than the NILS Statue!

03 Pearl Pearl: Get the Hyperbombs ready, Marina!

0:41 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: I've already made the net a lot slower, maybe I can follow Europe's footsteps and remove fair use too! 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: How am I supposed to find anything on eBay if my internet is too slow to access it?
0:45 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Escuchen: Métanse conmigo y les mostraré el verdadero terror, con los terroristas. 05 Pitbull Pitbull: ¿Para qué te escondes en esa carcaza? Baja y pelea como un hombre.
0:49 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: I don't even feel the need to tamper your online service, you already did the work for me. 06 Reggie Reggie: Hello everyone, I have one final announcement: as of today, I am removing mechs from Daemon X Machina.
0:53 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: I made a protocol for the FCC just in case of an alien invasion. Capture them, and have them work for us. 07 AgentJ Agent J: Our connection with aliens has been a little slow as of late...would that happen to be your doing?
0:57 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Mess with me and I can truly make your life a bullet hell. 08 ZUN ZUN: Hisoutensoku?
1:02 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: H-Hey big guy! Or should I say small guy! I'm back and better than ever to restore internet freedom! Prepare to be blown into Reese's Pieces! 09 Thanos Thanos: I'd say I'm impressed you managed to cling to life after our last encounter, but beneath that metal body you're still the same weak-minded, materialistic pest.
1:06 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Might you two unsavory gentlemen be interested in a deal to help take down unofficial microgames from the internet? 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Step aside, wastebasket! We've got an online enterprise to run!
1:10 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Perhaps you'd be interested in an exclusive package from N.M.E. for only $60 a month? 11 Dedede Dedede: Let's see how long it takes to hammer your mess of metal into a pile of rubble!
1:14 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: D-D-DO THE SOLID SNAKE! Get it? Because you're... Come on, work with me here! 12 Snake Snake: Metal.....AJIT!?
1:18 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: If you surrender now, I might be generous enough to let you stream on Spotify. 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: No laws can keep Jet Set Radio off the airwaves!
1:22 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: It's incredible how you even get connection down in that cave. Mind if I change that? 14 Quote The sound of metal scraping and whirring overpowers you.
1:27 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Oh hey, still using a Payphone? 15 Adam Adam: You may be able to do the Harlem Shake, but can you Move Like Jagger?
1:31 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: You can look at all the hot babes you want online for only $20 a month! 16 Johnny Johnny: But without the internet where will I go to look up hot babes!? These quotes make sense when reading Johnny's first.
1:35 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Local restaurants in these times are doomed to die. Join me, and I can make the Krusty Krab a franchise to be feared! 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: What the scallop are you supposed to be? One of Plankton's new contraptions?
1:39 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Merely taking over YouTube's algorithms is a fool's errand. 18 Mariya Mariya: The renewed online interest towards my music has been wonderful. I'm happy to have worldwide fans on YouTube!
1:43 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: It's laughable to think that all your machines are destroyed by a hedgehog. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: I can assure you that my giant robot is better than yours, metal moron!
1:48 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Bonjour, you two! Hey, what do you say us metal heads do France a favor and restore their internet freedom? 20 Thomas Thomas: Time to crush that steam machine.
1:52 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: As a conflicted mech, I was on the fence about having a different name, but when you put it in all caps...You've persuaded me. 21 Papyrus Papyrus: OH MY GOODNESS! METTATON! WHAT DID ALPHYS DO TO YOU?! YOU'RE SO HUGE! These quotes make more sense when reading Papyrus' first.
1:56 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: I just finished making you a personalized package! Now your fans need to subscribe for just $8 a week! 22 JackBlack Jack Black: JEEZ LOUISE! You're like 10x bigger than that demon I fought! Doesn't mean I won't defeat you like I defeated him, though!
2:00 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Hey doc, interested in investing into a medical package? You can hand out your daily doses for a much bigger and better price! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Call me the can opener, because I'm about to bust open your metal ass.
2:04 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: If you're looking for a heart to steal, you won't find one here. Had to get rid of it once I got the upgrade. 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: You've got a deep voice for someone with no balls! Hee-ho!
2:08 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Looks like it's time to expand my online influence to Australia! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: M E T A L  C L A N K I N G
2:13 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Don't worry little guy! If it's a pound you want, I can drive you straight into the ground! 26 DonChan Don-chan: I see you're into more... slow jams! Literally, da-don!
2:17 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Slow speeds, low quality, and limited uploads until you get a Premium account? ...I think we could get along. 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: HI. I AM ELECTRIC BODYBUILDER FROM RUSSIA
2:21 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Monkeying around isn't gonna stop me from winning, I thought we learned that last time... 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: I've been a robot before, and had twice as much grace as you! Bring it, ya burly bucket of bolts!
2:25 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Is this thing my doing? Was the internet a little...too slow? 29 Missingno MissingNo.: No Internet connection available. Please to the Internet.
2:29 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: I may allow cute photos of animals on the internet...but I feel a little cruel today. 30 donk sphelonious donk: give fidget spinner
2:33 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: Now that I'm the FCC's president, it's time to finish what the last one couldn't and shut you down... permanently! 31 Eminem Eminem: President of the FCC, huh? This looks like a job for me.
2:37 01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai: The courts couldn't even stop my legislation, so how do you think you two can stop me? 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Why does he get to have an Exisal?! I couldn't even bring my kids!
2:42 02 Geno Geno: My arm cannon is no plaything, anemone. 03 Paruko Paruko: Don't piss me off, dolly. I'm close to leveling up and you look like just enough EXP.
2:46 02 Geno Geno: If you have the time, could you explain this "Stand-In" energy to me? 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Where did you come from? The clearance aisle at the Hardware Store?
2:50 02 Geno Geno: I always appreciate visitors from beyond the stars! 05 Marcianito Marcianito: ayy lmao, eres del mismo tamaño que yo, ¡que el mejor enano gane, amigo!
2:54 02 Geno Geno: I know how you're used to brawling with me, but there's a difference between me and that ninja... 06 Reggie Reggie: I can assure you, I got Bill to go over to Square Enix Japan and cancel any plans of a Super Mario RPG remake.
2:58 02 Geno Geno: Why are you staring at me? You know I'm more than just a doll, don't you? 07 AgentJ Agent J: Not the first time I've seen an alien possess something.
3:03 02 Geno Geno: Your bullets are no match for my Geno Beam! 08 ZUN ZUN: No matter how many times you try to shoot your beam, you will never hit me.
3:07 02 Geno Geno: I have no idea what entity you work for, but it must be as evil as the Smithy Gang! 09 Thanos Thanos: You are merely a simulcrum, a mockery of true life. Your arm cannon cannot hold a candle to my power.
3:11 02 Geno Geno: I didn't get the chance to ask the last time we faced, but do you two happen to be related to someone named Booster? 10 Wario Wario: Hey, didn't we sell you off for a handful of coins?...I guess a few more won't hurt! Wahahaha!
3:15 02 Geno Geno: That hammer......... No, it can't be. The Smithy Gang is gone! 11 Dedede Dedede: Your gun arm ain't nothin' against my new hammer, puppet boy!
3:19 02 Geno Geno: I used to want to hide in the shadows as well. Do whatever it takes to fulfill your duty, but I recommend the company of friends! 12 Snake Snake: Mei Ling, do you know anything on possessed toys?
3:23 02 Geno Geno: I've already shot for the stars. It's time to prove that you're destined to do the same. 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: A visitor from the far beyond came all the way here just to hear my far out tunes! Geno's quote to DJ Professor K is the same as to Adam Levine. This is because of an error in the video. Geno's actual quote is:

"I sense your funky beats even from the stars!"

3:27 02 Geno Geno: Ah, perhaps you are a fellow star warrior? 14 Quote You see a puppet giving off magical energy.
3:31 02 Geno Geno: I've already shot for the stars. It's time to prove that you're destined to do the same. 15 Adam Adam: You say you're a star, but you'll never be as big a star as I am! Geno's quote to Adam Levine is the same as to DJ Professor K.
3:36 02 Geno Geno: My arm cannon is the only type of gun I'll need to win this match! 16 Johnny Johnny: Your weapons are outnumbered, little fella, Johnny's got two guns of his own, and they're fully loaded!
3:40 02 Geno Geno: Your greed is unmatched, crustacean. So is my arm cannon. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Hey, what if I made ye the star of the Krusty Krab's very own puppet show? Kids will come in and bring in their parents' money!
3:44 02 Geno Geno: I'm not plastic, nor am I a toy! 18 Mariya Mariya: あぁ、可愛いプラスティックのおもちゃ! These quotes make more sense when reading Mariya's first.
3:48 02 Geno Geno: I'm not sure what outrageous schemes you have planned but I will not allow you to enact them! 19 Robotnik Robotnik: A small sentient doll? This gives me an idea involving Tails... These quotes make more sense when reading Dr. Robotnik's first.
3:53 02 Geno Geno: I don't need to stay up all night to get "lucky!" 20 Thomas Thomas: You're not the first doll we dealt with! Let's rock and roll!
3:57 02 Geno Geno: You're a member of the Royal Guard? A curious pick for someone who must protect the princess. 21 Papyrus Papyrus: WOWIE!! YOU'RE LIKE A GIANT ACTION FIGURE!
4:01 02 Geno Geno: I'm sorry, but you can't stop me from saving the road I was sworn to protect. 22 Elmo Elmo: Hi there, new friend! You look just like Elmo's other friends! Want Elmo to tell you how to get to Sesame Street? These quotes make more sense when reading Elmo's first.
4:05 02 Geno Geno: Mind if I ask you something? Do you happen to be a Yoshi? 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Yes, Geno, I'm a green fucking dinosaur...
4:09 02 Geno Geno: ...Are you the opposite of a star warrior? 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Hee-ho! Finally! I get to pick on someone my own size!
4:13 02 Geno Geno: Hm? This strange device seems to be moving... perhaps I have found a fellow ally from the stars? 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: W H H H H H H H I I I I R R R R R R R R R L
4:18 02 Geno Geno: Unfortunately for you, I'm used to playing to the rhythm! Maybe Mallow would have more fun with this... 26 DonChan Don-chan: G-Great Soul? Did you also bring this doll to life?
4:22 02 Geno Geno: Be careful! Or you might find yourself stuck in my maze! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: VIP先生wwwwwwwww
4:26 02 Geno Geno: Have we met before, or am I confusing you with someone else? 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: What the-?! How did you get out of Cranky's trash can?!
4:30 02 Geno Geno: Something's wrong... You are not of this world... or this reality. 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Go, World!
4:34 02 Geno Geno: These sounds... They are overpowering me...! I...will...resist! 30 Shades Shades: We're gonna fly you to the moon, but we're not gonna let you play among the stars...
4:38 02 Geno Geno: I didn't expect there to be someone else with a cursed name around here. 31 Eminem Eminem: Really complaining about my language, bitch? I didn't expect that from someone with the name of ♡♪!?
4:43 02 Geno Geno: I am the legendary star warrior ♡♪!?, not just some puppet! 32 Monokuma Monokuma: A talking puppet? I've never seen one of those before!

32 Phoenix Phoenix: (I've seen them talk, but sentience is new.)

These quotes make more sense when reading Monokuma's, then Geno's, then Phoenix's.
4:47 03 Marina Marina: ...Who's who, though?

03 Pearl Pearl: I'm definitely not Young, I'm older than both of you!

03 Paruko Paruko: Dibs on Dumb.

04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Look, everyone! It's Young, Dumb, and Ugly! These quotes make more sense when reading Weird Al's first.
4:51 03 Marina Marina: Wow, what a gentleman! Maybe we just might think twice about not going easy on you guys! 05 Pitbull Pitbull: It's such a pleasure to be competing with a group of strong women. Women made me the man I am today. These quotes make more sense when reading Pitbull's first.
4:55 03 Paruko Paruko: Gee, if only Nintendo had someone whose job it is to translate it... 06 Bill Bill: Your last name was pretty inaccurate to the Japanese translation. I'm honestly wondering how you screwed that up in the first place. These quotes make more sense when reading Bill's first.
4:59 03 Pearl Pearl: That Neuralyzer won't work on us. Being blinded by paparazzi cameras has its perks! 07 AgentJ Agent J: You three claim to be from a post-apocalyptic Earth. How do we know you're not aliens from another dimension?
5:03 03 Marina Marina: For the last time, we're not youkai! 08 ZUN ZUN: Tell me you three don't have a dead sister too...
5:08 03 Marina Marina: Say, those stones would look so fresh in your crown, Pearlie! 09 Thanos Thanos: The apocalypse that led to your species' uprising was inevitable. And so am I.
5:12 03 Marina Marina: Hope you two didn't invest poorly! You can't afford to lose to us TWICE! 10 Wario Wario: We bet money on you guys last time and you STILL didn't win! You're gonna pay for ruining our plans!
5:16 03 Paruko Paruko: HA! You think that hammer scares me? Just wait until you see my Ultra Stamp! 11 Dedede Dedede: If y'all were my subjects, your shrill, gibberish singing would be grounds for execution!
5:20 03 Pearl Pearl: Look who came slithering back for another loss!

03 Paruko Paruko: We've got Point Sensors, so there's no use hiding!

12 Snake Snake: Nrrghh... Otacon, they're back... and louder than ever.
5:24 03 Pearl Pearl: Professor, what is the Future? 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Yo yo yo, squiddo! Sit back and know... THE FUTURE IS... JET SET RADIOOO!!!
5:28 03 Paruko Paruko: Woah... that's one decked out Splattershot you got there! 14 Quote You feel the beat of a certain heavenly melody thumping in your chest.
5:33 03 Pearl Pearl: If you need a girl to spice things up, you've come to the right place! 15 Adam Adam: Girls like you couldn't take guys like me.
5:37 03 Pearl Pearl: ...

03 Marina Marina: ...

03 Paruko Paruko: ...

16 Johnny Johnny: Whoa-ho-hooo! Excuse me fishy mamas, but I forgot my swimsuit. Mind if I skinnydip? You're free to join in... HOO! HAH! These quotes make more sense when reading Johnny's first.
5:41 03 Paruko Paruko: Shikaku, is that you? You're looking... older... and sweatier... 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: I ain't seen you ladies around Bikini Bottom before! Are ye tourists? PAYING tourists?
5:45 03 Paruko Paruko: Chiptune can take on future funk any day of the week. 18 Mariya Mariya: Your music has very high energy... I guess future funk would make for a nice match! These quotes make more sense when reading Mariya's first.
5:49 03 Pearl Pearl: Get the egg basket ready, Mr. Grizz! 19 Robotnik Robotnik: You there, your miserable majesty! Unhand those gems from your crown or I'll blast you to smithereens!
5:53 03 Marina Marina: That headgear looks familair... What Main Abilities do those funky helmets come with? 20 Pharrell Pharrell: You'd better get up off of your wave, girls!
5:58 03 Paruko Paruko: If you're itching for a mouthful of neurotoxins, then by all means, dig right in. 21 Papyrus Papyrus: WOWIE!! A GIRL WITH SPAGHETTI HAIR?! IT'S LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! These quotes make more sense when reading Papyrus's first.
6:02 03 Marina Marina: So you're a music teacher, huh? Just how fresh are your beats? 22 JackBlack Jack Black: Hey Elmo, look! That lady over there has one, two, three... EIGHT awesome tentacles!
6:06 03 Pearl Pearl: Hope you're ready for a severe case of tinnitus! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: So we have the 6/10 pretty one, the weird one with the freaky power, and the big tough stupid one.
6:10 03 Paruko Paruko: Aw yeah! Jack Bros. is one of my all-time faves! Hee-ho!

03 Marina Marina: I'll never understand how you manage to play it on a Game Boy...

24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Hee-llo! Friends! What are you playing on that Game Boy there, ho? Looks familiar.
6:14 03 Marina Marina: Haha, very funny. We're not falling for your kitchen appliance tricks again, Tartar! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: W O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O M
6:18 03 Paruko Paruko: Aw shrimp, I left my 3DS back home... I'm only missing one more Perfect! 26 Hakuko Hakuko: A trio of singing Octo-Pops? Incredible! Show me what you've got!
6:23 03 Pearl Pearl: You know, our live concerts are huge hits on your platform! You should thank us for all the free traffic! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: Oh ho ho ho gangin' up!
6:27 03 Pearl Pearl: That Crystal Coconut's gonna make a real nice ornament for my crown! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Hey! You mind if you give me an autograph for little ol' Candy? She loves tomboy bands!
6:31 03 Pearl Pearl: What in cod's name is that?!

03 Marina Marina: Could this be another one of Tartar's experiments...?

03 Paruko Paruko: W-What was in that seaweed...?

29 Missingno MissingNo.: [THE CONNECTION IS UNSTABLE.]
6:35 03 Paruko Paruko: Judd?! I never took you for an Ink Theory enthusiast! 30 donk sphelonious donk: meow! (meow)
6:39 03 Marina Marina: Ooh, Pearlieee! You gonna show this fool how it's done?

03 Pearl Pearl: Heh, let the Rap Goddess of Inkopolis take the lead!

31 Eminem Eminem: Sorry, I don't have my head straight. I'm just tryna figure out which one o' you Spice Girls I'ma marinate.
6:43 03 Marina Marina: Mr. Wright! As an attorney, I take it you'll be willing to support Team Order's cause? 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Fufufufu! You've already lost, delusional one! TEAM CHAOS FOREVER!
6:47 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Your remixes are so bad, they may as well be parodies! 05 Pitbull Pitbull: Man, there's so much more to Latin music than just "La Bamba." Let us show you! Dale!
6:51 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Forget Nintendo, I'd rather be playing Pac-Man! 06 Bill Bill: Oh great...just what I need. More Yo-kai. We're gonna get revenge on you for possessing us! Get ready Reggie!
6:55 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Heard you guys have a great dental plan, but it can't be as good as the CIA's! 07 AgentJ Agent J: We were told that you had some... "conspiracy theories". Mind looking at this light?
6:59 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: I don't like anime. 08 ZUN ZUN: Huh, I knew you were canon in JoJo, but you're a stand user too? These quotes make more sense when reading ZUN's first.
7:04 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: We all sure could use us a hero now. Hey M.J., where's Spider-Man? 09 Thanos Thanos: How typical, yet petty of humans to rely on the work of others to gain worthless clout.
7:08 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Woooah! Tell the little yellow guy he's gonna need his own zip-code if he doesn't put the fork down! 10 Wario Wario: Even with that so-called "stand" of yours, you're in for a Wario World of pain!
7:12 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: I'd tell you to take the chance of you winning again and eat it, but then again, you're so fat, you'd oblige! 11 Dedede Dedede: Care for another round, boy? You ain't got the girth!
7:16 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: You've got a lot of swagger for someone so cloak and dagger. 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, it looks like some sort of spirit is possessing Weird Al...
7:20 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: My parodies are original and fresh! You just sample stuff straight from other media and throw it over a stale beat! 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Huh. I thought you'd be fat.
7:25 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Do you happen to have a city of cavemen down in your cave? I really want to be a Flintstone. 14 Quote You start to get hungry. You strive to gain immense weight.
7:29 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Can't help you with your call, man. We haven't paid the phone bill in 300 years. 15 Adam Adam: I think the Yogscast did a better job than you ever could.
7:33 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Have we met before? Oh right, you're that Elvis impersonator! 16 Johnny Johnny: Oh-ho-ho-nooo. Back off, pal. I ain't lettin' you get a step closer to me and my 'do!
7:37 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Hmm, let me check today's horoscope for Cancer... 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Heard yer pretty fat! Come on down to the Krusty Krab! We got tons of whole wheat patties!
7:42 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: I could have sworn we met each other at Jurashiku Park... 18 Mariya Mariya: Wow! "Weird Al" Yankovic himself... such an honor! Is it too much to ask for a parody called "Sourest Music"?
7:46 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Hey Eggman, I noticed your series is taking yet *another* page out of Mario's book - the new movie looks like a Chinese bootleg! 19 Robotnik Robotnik: I spent over a million mobiums on that trailer and all I got was that excuse of a parody of your song! This is all your fault!
7:50 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: If you're scared about control rays and psychotronic scanning, those helmets aren't nearly as effective as my aluminum foil! 20 Pharrell Pharrell: Your version of "Happy" was okay, though it could've used a few more Minions...
7:54 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: You want-a some-a lasagna magnifico? Or a-maybe spaghetti! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: SO, YOU'RE FRIENDS WITH A GHOST? ISN'T THAT KIND OF SPOOKY? WOULDN'T YOU PREFER SOMETHING MORE WARM AND CUDDLY? . . . LIKE ME!
7:59 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Hey, where is he? That Cookie Monster... his "Share It Maybe" is giving me competition! 22 JackBlack Jack Black: Hey, I remember you! No offense but you're still lookin' pretty tacky, my dude. But I guess you'd take that as a compliment.
8:02 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Doctor, tell me what I need! Maybe a little cheese in my knee? 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: You talk waaaaay too much about food to not have some kind of eating disorder...
8:07 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Is it Christmas at Ground Zero already? 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: A Persona? Heeee-ho! Finally an exciting battle! Let's see who's stronger!

24 Mothman Mothman: Er? Er? …Is that not Mr. Thriller? Me thought you not like conflict...

8:11 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Once I own you, I won't ever have to be trapped in a drive-thru again! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: B E A T I N G  I T
8:15 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: What makes you think you have the right to play those drums? You're gonna wake up Little Ricky! 26 Hakuko Hakuko: You appear to have a Sneaky Spirit behind you! Do you want to find out what we do to those?
8:19 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Well, that's something we don't have on UHF... 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: ゥルルァッタッタッ!!ゥゥルルァァッタッタタ!!
8:23 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Huh, I feel like I've seen you on a jungle cruise ride. 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: H-hey! Ghost dude! Wait.. are you just a hologram?
8:27 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Virus Alert! I better delete this guy immediately before someone gets hurt. 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Stinky Cheese
8:32 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Sounds like you three need to go on a Grapefruit Diet! 30 MilkBowl Tom: Hot take: your parodies are just shitty contrafacts.
8:36 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: Now before we fight, I want you to answer me one simple question. What is the mathematical formula used to determine the area inside a pentadodecahedron? 31 Eminem Eminem: Look man, I don't appreciate being treated like a joke, ya know what I'm sayin'?
8:40 04 WeirdAl Weird Al: So, you wanna take me to court, and you've got yourself a lawyer with a Three-Piece Suit? 32 Phoenix Phoenix: (How come HE can have a spirit by his side? I would much rather have Mia than a psychotic bear bossing me around...)
8:44 05 Popoy Popoy: ¿Que andes con tu jefe? Fuck this n-

05 Marcianito Marcianito: no lo digas.

06 Bill Bill: Reggie, I can't really speak Spanish, sorry.

06 Reggie Reggie: Oh great! Bill, you're fired.

8:48 05 Popoy Popoy: ¡Ey, ey, ey! ¿Somos amigos, verdad?

05 Marcianito Marcianito: hubo una gran oportunidad y la aprovechamos. sin resentimientos.


07 AgentJ Agent J: *sigh* "Not all aliens know each other", they said.

8:53 05 Popoy Popoy: ¿Acaso está intentando empezar una banda de cumbia con solo una trompeta?... 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Aliens? Don't you usually have a gang of crazy backup dancers?
8:57 05 Pitbull Pitbull: Yo, it's you again! Don't Chip away my style, Dale!

05 Popoy Popoy: Oye Pitbull, se pronuncia como-- ...ya entendí.

09 Thanos Thanos: I would pity the both of you for teaming up with a human buffoon, but I see you both are no better.
9:01 05 Pitbull Pitbull: If you think money is going to make you happier, you are completely confused. 10 Wario Wario: Only I'm smart enough to leech off other people's work for my career! Out of my way!
9:05 05 Pitbull Pitbull: I'll beat you in uno, dos, oatmeal! Dale! 11 Dedede Dedede: You'll be flying around worldwide once I clobbah you out of this here tournament!
9:09 05 Marcianito Marcianito: tu que has estado desde la vieja escuela: te daremos un poco de oro sólido con un toque de dj snake. 12 Snake Snake: Spanish seems to be their primary language. Good thing I'm fluent. *ahem* "Hola... compadres."
9:13 05 Pitbull Pitbull: Ay, friend! That cypher was hot, but can you keep up with my fiery onslaught? 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Let's have a battle as supersonic as the cypher, my sweet soul brother!
9:18 05 Popoy Popoy: Esa pendeja historia de cuevas no es nada al lado de los Cuentos de la Cripta. 14 Quote You are in shock, as your pelvis thirsts to thrust to the rhythm.
9:22 05 Popoy Popoy: De que- Te sacaré la chucha, mamaverga!

05 Pitbull Pitbull: Oh come now you two, no need to be so negative! We're here to have a good time!

15 Adam Adam: People who think my music is boring, repetitive pop must've never heard what you've put out! These quotes make sense when reading Adam Levine's first.
9:26 05 Marcianito Marcianito: si quieres las mujeres sexy, vas a tener que darle el 100%, no fake 16 Johnny Johnny: You got the rhythms, and I got the looks. What say we team up and get some "mamasitas" to dance with us? These quotes make sense when reading Johnny Bravo's first.
9:30 05 Popoy Popoy: ¿Que canción es la que estabas buscando?¿El Sonidito? 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: You boys related to King Neptune? Think I see the family resemblance! Arkarkarkarkarkark!
9:34 05 Popoy Popoy: ¡Ey, dame un poco de esa cosita japonesa!

05 Marcianito Marcianito: popoy por favor.

18 Mariya Mariya: 宇宙人はあの人とー緒に踊ってるのかしら? あの音楽、うるさいわね・・・。
9:38 05 Popoy Popoy: Anda, huevon. ¿Crees que puedes ganar? No te pases. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Was it you who made my precious rocket ship drift off into deep space?
9:43 05 Pitbull Pitbull: Mr. Worldwide, Pharrell, Daft Punk! Let's get lucky. 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: Le voilà reparti sur son remix...

20 Thomas Thomas: Ça va, il dure moins de 40 secondes!

9:47 05 Popoy Popoy: Vaya, ¡parece que Cuentos no son lo único que saldrá de la Cripta hoy! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: WOWIE! EVEN HUMANS CAN BE DOGS?
9:52 05 Pitbull Pitbull: You sure like those 8 sides, huh? Well, this year gon' be called Calle Ocho. 22 Elmo Elmo: Kermit! Elmo's so happy to see you! You look a bit...different today!
9:55 05 Pitbull Pitbull: Ven aquí rápido, ven aquí rápido: es un llamado de emergencia baby... 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: (Hey Piccolo, we should use Taco Tuesday on these guys!)

Fuck you Nail! Are we still deciding the damn name?

10:00 05 Pitbull Pitbull: You better get somewhere cold, little snowman, 'cause Global Warming is in full effect! 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Hee-Hola! Am-hee-hos! You green weird-hos think you can dance? This is our moment to prove you wrong! Let's get groovy!
10:03 05 Pitbull Pitbull: ¡Ríndete batidora, dale, ríndete batidora! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: H A C I E N D O  T A C O S
10:07 05 Popoy Popoy: Como lo mueve esa muchachita, pero yo tengo el ritmo que la debilita. 26 DonChan Don-chan: Ooooh, are those conga drums I'm hearing? I'd like to see if they can keep the beat better than me, da-don!
10:11 05 Popoy Popoy: ¡Nico Nico... Ni conozco quién eres! No que a ustedes les gustaba el porno gay? 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: CHARGING GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
10:16 05 Popoy Popoy: ¡Aguanta! Yo puedo comunicarme con éste... chacarrón... macarrón... *ininteligible* 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Hey! Y-you're those interplanetary visitor dudes that Funky warned me about!
10:20 05 Marcianito Marcianito: ¡nunca había visto algo como tú en todo el universo! 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Y'''EÉÉÊ'eEOOOôO'ada'áāƚ_ëę   ä s
10:24 05 Marcianito Marcianito: ¡oye, popoy! súbele el mambo para que estas gatas prendan los motores. 30 Shades Shades: Mr. 305, meet Mr. 251.
10:28 05 Pitbull Pitbull: With a fourth of the members on the scene, we'd rip your dull dozen like a pit-bulldozer. 31 Eminem Eminem: My new single is about to put you weirdos outta business... the hottest latin tune of the summer, "My Salsa"!
10:32 05 Pitbull Pitbull: Neither success nor failure is final... That's why we'll always move forward! Dale! 32 Phoenix Phoenix: Mr. Perez, can you tell me who this "Dale" is, please?
10:36 06 Bill Bill: Looks like these two are more fans of the darker variation of Joy-Cons. 07 AgentJ Agent J: Ah, other agents!...Or are you imposters? Howard! Scan them!
10:40 06 Reggie Reggie: Fangames based off your own franchise have made it on the Switch years before yours. What's wrong with you? 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: One is planned to come and is preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.
10:45 06 Reggie Reggie: Looking at you again makes me feel just like a purple pikmin. 09 Thanos Thanos: You will not be so lucky this time around, Fils-Aime.
10:49 06 Reggie Reggie: Now that I am no longer a president of Nintendo, maybe I could fire you like Bill and run your company! 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Just because you used to be our boss doesn't mean we're not gonna pulverize ya!
10:53 06 Bill Bill: Challenge accepted! You look like you're about to burst yourself, you sure you can do this, my Tomodachi? 11 Dedede Dedede: Hey, you got anymore of them donuts? Maybe me and your pal can have an eatin' contest! These quotes make sense when reading King Dedede's first.
10:57 06 Bill Bill: Hey, you can understand Japanese as well? Here's a tip: 隠れるのをやめなさい、あなたは臆病者だ. 12 Snake Snake: Two can play that game: 俺のいないスマブラは売上が下がる事はわかっていたさ。
11:01 06 Reggie Reggie: Sorry to say, but the future of Jet Set Radio on the Switch is looking pretty grim. Not my problem anymore, anyway. 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Ol' times are gone fast! What say we leave the past behind and look to the future... with Jet Set Radio on Switch, perhaps? These quotes make sense when reading DJ Professor K's first.
11:06 06 Bill Bill: This one is quiet...I suppose he only speaks with body language. 14 Quote You start to question your body's readiness, but you're up to the challenge.
11:10 06 Reggie Reggie: I have "Just A Feeling" that I'm gonna kick your ass! 15 Adam Adam: I'm never gonna leave my bed thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch! Just kidding, eat shit.
11:14 06 Reggie Reggie: Johnny, did you cry when you got that hair cut?

06 Bill Bill: At least he doesn't smell like cheese, Reggie.

16 Johnny Johnny: I don't have to worry about these punks, not with looks like mine.
11:18 06 Reggie Reggie: This is Reggie from Nintendo. I am pleased to announce that Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom is no longer coming to Switch. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: MOTHER OF PEARL! These "console" thingamajiggers are printin' money! Ye wouldn't mind if I... borrowed some, would ye?
11:22 06 Reggie Reggie: I recently got a plastic ass as a farewell gift. Would it happen to be yours? 18 Mariya Mariya: Can't say I've been enough of a butt to be receiving presents like that from my fellow musicians.
11:26 06 Reggie Reggie: At least Bowser is able to capture a princess. You can't even capture a hedgehog! 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Oh my, I'm starting to get a little hungry. Did you buffoons bring some spaghetti or toast for dinner?
11:31 06 Reggie Reggie: I remember being so tired of hearing your song on Flipnote Hatena. We discontinued the service early just because of it. 20 Pharrell Pharrell: You guys should totally let Ubi make another Just Dance for the Wii.
11:35 06 Reggie Reggie: Hey, who turned off the lights? 21 Papyrus Papyrus: SANS!!! WHERE'S THE SWITCH!?
11:39 06 Reggie Reggie: Bill once grew a beard larger than you will ever have, in just the span of a few hours.

06 Bill Bill: Hours? It was years man!

22 JackBlack Jack Black: Hey, yeah, you guys work at Nintendo, right? Can you please get my Elgato to work? I would very much appreciate it.
11:43 06 Reggie Reggie: Dr. Mario, Dr. Kawashima, Dr. Luigi, and now YOU? I'm starting to think we're making too many games about doctors... 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Red and blue isn't the right pill pattern, switch it up and try my green and purple!
11:47 06 Reggie Reggie: Aren't you that virtual boy?

06 Bill Bill: You're correct! Jack Bros. was released on the Virtual Boy in 1995 to pretty good reviews! It's actually the first Megami Tensei game to be released outside of Ja-

06 Reggie Reggie: Shut up, Bill.

24 JackFrost Jack Frost: So you're returning to VR huh? You better re-hee-lease my game for it too then, ho!
11:52 06 Reggie Reggie: Bill! Look! Looks like you can finally make your own donuts! ...And not eat the ones I bought! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: R U M B L E
11:56 06 Bill Bill: Reggie, why don't you pull out those dance moves you brought to that meeting? Now would be a good time. 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Hey Reggie! I have a lot of requests for you right now, ya know?

26 DonChan Don-chan: Like five new Taiko no Tatsujin games on switch?

12:00 06 Reggie Reggie: Konnichiwa, everyone from Japan. I am Reggie of Nintendo of America.

06 Bill Bill: I now feel a lot more secure about my job after hearing you speak Japanese.

27 NicoNico Nico Nico: 俺は宗教なんかに興味ねーんだよ!
12:04 06 Reggie Reggie: I appreciate you being there for my goodbye photo, but I think it's about time I take Tropical Freeze off the shelves. 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: I'm not YOUR Donkey Kong, old timers! I'm a changed ape!
12:08 06 Bill Bill: I don't think I can translate this...thing... its whole shape is made out of gibberish! 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Error:003

unauthorized device has been detected

12:13 06 Reggie Reggie: Today, I am proud to announce that we are planning on removing cats from Nintendogs + Cats! 30 Shades Shades: Your body is ready, but what about your soul?
12:17 06 Bill Bill: Your language alone is the reason why your My Nintendo account was banned straight from the very start. 31 Eminem Eminem: You guys made that Mario game? Put in D12 Salsa as a power-up, we can split the profits off my new single, "My Salsa".
12:21 06 Reggie Reggie: Oh hey! Congrats on getting the Phoenix Wright Trilogy on the Switch! Too bad that I'm about to remove it from the eShop. 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Greetings, gentlemen! Say, is there any room for little ol' me in that fighting game of yours?
12:24 07 AgentJ Agent J: Undefined Fantastic Object? Mind if I have a play at that game? 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Hey, an alien.
12:29 07 AgentJ Agent J: Oh man, We're gonna need backup for this one.


09 Thanos Thanos: You erase memories, while I erase lives.
12:34 07 AgentJ Agent J: So, word's been going around that you have an alien working at WarioWare? 10 Wario Wario: I ain't handin Orbulon over to you clowns! He makes me some good money!"
12:37 07 AgentJ Agent J: You still owe me that hug! 11 Dedede Dedede: Escargoon, get this pest offa me!
12:42 07 Howard Howard: [SPY SPOTTED, MUST OBLITERATE AT ONCE.] 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, I thought these guys were on my side? That man in the suit seems to be teaming up with a body-snatcher...
12:46 07 AgentJ Agent J: Man, I'd like to know what alien planet your BARBER came from! 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Looks like my beats aren't the only things outta this world!
12:50 07 AgentJ Agent J: I've dated a robot before, and not even she was as boring and silent as you. 14 Quote You've just witnessed an alien being neutralized. Those two men in suits attempt to wipe your mind.
12:54 07 Howard Howard: [WILD ANIMAL SPOTTED. INITIATE MANDATORY NEUTERING.] 15 Adam Adam: Trying to jack our looks from the "Makes Me Wonder" video? That's cute.
12:58 07 AgentJ Agent J: Saw that you have a pinheaded alien friend who wants to achieve universal peace. Mind telling us where he is? 16 Johnny Johnny: Hey, ya think you could hook a brother up with some of those interstellar space babes?
13:02 07 AgentJ Agent J: A little yellow sponge told us that you happened to be a "robot". We're gonna need you for some questioning. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Health inspectors!? Y-yer arrivin' a bit sooner than I expected, heh heh.
13:06 07 AgentJ Agent J: So, you said you are a traveler of space and time? I may need to see you for a moment... 18 Mariya Mariya: Oh no... I don't need the C. I. A!
13:11 07 AgentJ Agent J: I'm guessing you haven't seen any Wisps around here? 19 Robotnik Robotnik: How many feet does it take to kick your derrieres? We might as well find out!
13:15 07 Howard Howard: [ROBOTIC DUO ENCOUNTERED. INITIATE FUNKY DANCE SEQUENCE.] 20 Pharrell Pharrell: I knew it! Aliens exist! And there's no way you're erasing my memory about it!
13:19 07 AgentJ Agent J: Our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum, and it seems to be originating from Mt. Ebott. That's your fault, isn't it? 21 Papyrus Papyrus: HALT, HUMANS! THE GREAT PAPYRUS WILL NOT TOLERATE PUBLIC NUDITY!
13:23 07 AgentJ Agent J: I hear there have been sightings of two aliens over at Sesame Street. They go "Yip yip yip yip!" or whatever. Have you two seen them? 22 JackBlack Jack Black: I don't think Elmo would be very fond of you taking away his Martian friends, so that's why I am going to stop you right here and now!
13:27 07 AgentJ Agent J: Do you have a license to prescribe alien pharmaceuticals? 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Just looking at you makes me think Ridley Scott's gonna sue somebody.
13:32 07 AgentJ Agent J: There you are! I knew those sightings from West Virginia weren't a hoax! You're coming with us! 24 Mothman Mothman: Folks like you call me "unidentified". Me don't like that.
13:36 07 AgentJ Agent J: If no one is making me a sandwich, then I'll just have to make one myself! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: B A T T E R I N G  S A N D W I C H  B R E A D
13:40 07 AgentJ Agent J: So, I've heard you witnessed multiple different forms of extraterrestrial life. If I kindly have your attention, could you look right here... 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Up for a superb game of Spaceball? Hit the ball with your heart!
13:44 07 AgentJ Agent J: If I control Nico, I would want... Fortnite... and Marques Brownlee. 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: エイリアン ふたりはエイリアン, 高鳴る気持ちが抑えられない !
13:48 07 Howard Howard: [DANCING SIMIAN DETECTED. PREPARING BANANA SLAMMA COUNTER-MEASURES.] 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: I-I'm begging you dudes! Don't give me p-paralysis! Every Kong needs their s-s-sleep!
13:52 07 Howard Howard: [REALITY-WARPING ENTITY SIGHTED. ERADICATE AT ALL COSTS.] 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Memory erase initiated. Erasing memory...
13:56 07 AgentJ Agent J: Have you guys seen Frank? Been looking for him everywhere. 30 MilkBowl Tom: The only thing out of this world is Nai Palm's voice, so stay in your fucking lane, green freaks.
14:00 07 AgentJ Agent J: You should watch your mouth, dawg... you know, I don't have to cuss in my raps to sell records! 31 Eminem Eminem: Oh yeah? Well I do, so fuck you.
14:05 07 AgentJ Agent J: I may not have a biiiig BUTT like my adversary Phoenix Wright, but what I do have... is the TRUURTRUURT 32 Phoenix Phoenix: Mr. Smith, your opening statement? These quotes makes sense when reading Phoenix's first.
14:08 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: A purple near-omnipotent villain? Do you have a shikigami too? 09 Thanos Thanos: Do you really believe mere bullets can stop me? Pathetic.
14:13 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: These two seem like a worst, most disastrous pair. 10 Waluigi Waluigi: You can put as many of those tennis balls on screen as you want, they will never stand a chance against my mighty racket!
14:17 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: You may be a big eater, but I'd bet Yuyuko could take you on. 11 Dedede Dedede: Don't you drink in front of me or I'll clobbah that there bottle down your throat!
14:21 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Just try sneaking around this danmaku. 12 Snake Snake: U.N. Owen... was her!?
14:26 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Pirate radio... reminds me of the doujin spirit. 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: You won't be able to weave past the air waves of Jet Set Radio!
14:30 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Indie versus doujin, let's have at it! 14 Quote The sound of a thousand bullets can be heard from the distance.
14:35 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Maroon? I prefer scarlet. 15 Adam Adam: You may have created a million girls, but you sure as hell haven't had as many as I have.
14:39 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: I hate to break it to you, but regardless of what some websites might say, everyone in Gensokyo is gay. 16 Johnny Johnny: I'd say ditch the sake, half-pint. The ladies don't dig a drunk. These quotes make sense when reading Johnny Bravo's first.
14:43 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: A drunken sailor? I'm afraid I only qualify for half of that. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Wanna know what we do with a drunken sailor? Arkarkarkarkarkark! These quotes make sense when reading Mr. Krabs' first.
14:47 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: 「Plastic Love」? 「プラスチックマインド」なんてどうでしょう? 18 Mariya Mariya: これが未来のYMOの進化系なのね!
14:51 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Is today the first? I wasn't expecting a visit from any doctors today. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: If you're asking for that demented klutz, you'll have to wait a few more days!
14:55 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Performers who rely on special headwear to show expression? Interesting... 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: T'as remarqué, Thomas ? Ce mec connait une fille à Bucarest!

20 Thomas Thomas: Oh, intéressant ! Moi, je connais surtout Riga, mais Bucarest pourrait être une bonne inspiration pour un morceau...

14:59 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Dodging bones instead of bullets? What a groundbreaking new technique! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: SAAANS!!!! I THINK SOMEONE TOOK YOUR TROMBONE!
15:03 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Human-youkai relations sure have improved... 22 JackBlack Jack Black: I've dodged many bullets before. I'm pretty sure you are gonna be a breeze, my dude.
15:07 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Doctor, about that "daily dose"... have you ever heard the saying, "Good medicine tastes bad"? 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: So you've created over 100 girls who all have the powers of a super saiyan? Yeah, fuck this shit, I'm out.
15:11 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: An ice fairy and a butterfly? Have I met you two before? 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: You know demon girls? Hee-ho! It's my lucky day! Let me join your party!
15:15 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: ...Is this a tsukumogami, or some kind of joke? 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: I N C O R P O R A T I N G  A L C O H O L
15:20 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Classical Japanese instruments! That's real hip with the kids, dawg. 26 DonChan Don-chan: Woaaaah! So you're the guy who gave life to those nice witches and who banged all those songs I know, da-don! Can you sign my drumskin? I'm a huge fan, da-don!
15:24 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: I see you are all fans of my work! Although your parodies are simply pure insanity... 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: ぷはー 今日もいいペンキ☆
15:28 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Just look up and watch the skies, because that's where I'll be shooting you from! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Diddy! get the Coconut Gun ready! If this guy wants bullets, we'll give 'em to him!
15:32 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Curious... are you some kind of enenra? 29 Missingno MissingNo.: WARNING! Your system has been encrypted by Rense
15:37 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: I'd introduce you to Orin, but she'll probably swing by to get you three after this anyway. 30 Shades Shades: Booze is some weak shit. Do heroin like real musicians.
15:41 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Your salsa band could use a trumpeter. Allow me to audition for you. 31 Eminem Eminem: You daring me with your bullet hell pixies? This is lyrical combat, Gensokyo, hold your Z keys.
15:45 08 ZUN (v2) ZUN: Forgive me for what I must Yamaxanadu. 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Bullets? Hell?? Me n' you might just get along!
15:49 09 Thanos Thanos: My corporate overlords would be glad to take your company off your hands. 10 Wario Wario: PFFFT...WAAAHAHAHAAA!! Nice mouse ears, loser!
15:53 09 Thanos Thanos: If a hammer-wielding god fell before me, what makes you think you stand a chance? 11 Dedede Dedede: Nice hat. If I slam my hammer down on it, will ya squeak?
15:58 09 Thanos Thanos: Hmph, maybe you'll put up more of a fight than the last super soldier I fought. 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, Thanos took his clothes off!
16:01 09 Thanos Thanos: The concept of love? I once knew of something like that... 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: The only imbalance in this world lies in party poopers like you tryin' to ruin our fun!
16:06 09 Thanos Thanos: Stand down now, or else you may never be seen again. 14 Quote You feel the weight of the universe resting on your shoulders.
16:10 09 Thanos Thanos: Silence slowly kills you? One snap of my finger will do so in an instant. 15 Adam Adam: Watch it bud, you're not the only person here who's gotten attention from walking around naked.
16:14 09 Thanos Thanos: Such bravado in the presence of your oblivion? More foolish than courageous. 16 Johnny Johnny: Why would you ever want to snap away half of all the foxy mammas?
16:19 09 Thanos Thanos: Your insatiable greed has destroyed even the lives of those who fuel it. Your very presence in this realm makes me sick. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: The only snappin' that'll be happening is from these big meaty claws!
16:22 09 Thanos Thanos: So you do not require the Reality Stone to shape the algorithm in your image... 18 Mariya Mariya: I'm just as surprised about my fame across the world as you are.
16:26 09 Thanos Thanos: How could someone as pathetic as you be considered an "evil mastermind"? 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Your stones will be a great addition to my gem collection!
16:31 09 Thanos Thanos: Your little... Minions... are nothing compared to my whole army. 20 Pharrell Pharrell: It'll take more than a snap and a gust of wind to get rid of us!
16:35 09 Thanos Thanos: Your pompous attitude will inevitably be your downfall. Don't go losing your head now. 21 Papyrus Papyrus: THE WAY YOUR HAND IS ALWAYS COVERED IN DUSTY POWDER. . . IT FEELS LIKE YOUR LIFE IS GOING DOWN A DANGEROUS PATH. These quotes make sense when reading Papyrus' first.
16:39 09 Thanos Thanos: After Main Street becomes the biggest street in the galaxy, yours will be reduced to atoms. 22 JackBlack Jack Black: The only gauntlet I know of is the Gauntlet of Wooden Warriors, and trust me...that is not fun.
16:43 09 Thanos Thanos: The last Doctor who tried to oppose me only ended up handing over exactly what I wanted. 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Perhaps we should fuse to complete the daily dose.
16:47 09 Thanos Thanos: Why make a game in the virtual world when I can make reality whatever I want it to be? 24 Mothman Mothman: Me see shiny stone on gauntlet. Me give you Life Stone x1 for Power Stone x1. Stone for Stone. Make deal.
16:51 09 Thanos Thanos: Is the Reality Stone playing tricks on me, or is this... petty pile of metal really that which opposes me...? 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: M I X I N G  1 / 2  O F  D E S I G N A T E D  I N G R E D I E N T S
16:56 09 Thanos Thanos: You make it seem like it's a world of cheers. Don't deny the reality that it's a world of tears. 26 Hakuko Hakuko: If you happen to participate in the rat race, make sure to watch for the signs! That cat is fiesty!
17:00 09 Thanos Thanos: Only humans could find enjoyment in simple minded entertainment like this. 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: NYN姉貴? あた~まわ~るわ~るわぁ^~る~わるぅ^~
17:04 09 Thanos Thanos: It seems like I've really scraped the bottom of the barrel with you. 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: I know what you're here for and I know what you're thinkin', but the Crystal Coconut is not an "Infinity Stone", or whatever you call it! So either scram or get Banana Slammed!
17:08 09 Thanos Thanos: A corrupt being. A symbol of this universe's crippling imbalance. 29 Missingno MissingNo.: ERROR: Population corrupted, restoring backup
17:12 09 Thanos Thanos: Are these Flerkens...? No matter. None shall stand between me and the proper balance of this universe. 30 MilkBowl Tom: If you're gonna snap, do it on 2 and 4, dickhead.
17:16 09 Thanos Thanos: So you are the... "Rap God?" I've battled against are definitely not one. 31 Eminem Eminem: You defeated The Avengers? Well, they call me Superman... and I'm here to fucking kill you, bitch.
17:21 09 Thanos Thanos: I think it may be time to restore order in this universe. 32 Monokuma Monokuma: EEEEEEEK!!!!! A MOUSE!!!!!

32 Phoenix Phoenix: (Snap me now... It would be better than having to hang around with this little demon...)

17:24 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Hey, big guy! We might go easy on you if you showed us the way to the Great Cave Offensive! 11 Dedede Dedede: I sure do have a lot of debt from Nightmare Enterprises, I could really use money like yours!
17:29 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Wahaha, surely you can arrange a lucrative pinball related business deal with Konami for those suckers in the west! 12 Snake Snake: *cough* Colonel, it seems like I'm being assaulted with some kind of poisonous gas.
17:34 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Sadly for you, we won't feel guilty beating up an old man. 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Your thirst for money and power reminds me of a certain chairman... which means this won't end well for you, either! These quotes make sense when reading DJ Professor K's first.
17:37 10 Wario Wario: Looks like Dr. Crygor's broken Mike prototype decided to climb out of the dumpster, wahahahaha! 14 Quote The stench of garlic fills your nostrils. You're in for a rotten time.
17:41 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Your face is gonna be maroon when we're done with it! 15 Adam Adam: This definitely isn't the soap disco with that kind of awful smell.
17:46 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Hey, look at that big-haired hot-shot! He's gotta be loaded! 16 Johnny Johnny: Being a biker is just a cheap way to get some mamas... (maybe I should be one...)
17:50 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Hand over every last cent you got, ya big red bozo, or else we'll beat it out of you! 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Ye'd better put that money where yer mouth is! Or ye can just give it to me!
17:54 10 Wario Wario: Hey, baby. How would you like my spaghetti meatball sauce all over you? Hehehehe! 18 Mariya Mariya: 何にの人たち、こんなに失礼な人初めて見たわ!
17:58 10 Wario Wario: After this scrapping, you'll learn to obey Wario! 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Wow, what a nice, big, greedy smile you have there! How about I take your company and we can "split" the rings, deal?
18:02 10 Wario Wario: Oooh...Those helmets are really shiny! HAND THEM OVER CHUMPS! 20 Thomas Thomas: Hé, regarde Guy-Man ! Ce mec est jaune, comme toi !

20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: Oui, mais je ne suis pas aussi gros ! (Juste un peu enveloppé...)

18:07 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Well look what we got here, a dry bones reject! Wahahaha! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: WORRY NOT, LONELY HUMANS! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, THINK YOU'RE NICE, AND MAYBE WE COULD BE FRIENDS!
18:11 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Hey bro, we've been trying to sell the wrong puppet all along! This one is famous and not obscure! TAKE HIM AWAY! 22 JackBlack Jack Black: You know what, Wario? I happen to be a MASTER of Disguise as well!
18:15 10 Wario Wario: I'm starting to get really tired of seeing doctors all the time, I'm FINE! Go make your money!... Actually wait no, give it to me! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Ever thought about brushing your teeth? Goddamn, your garlic breath reeks!
18:19 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Tell ya what, give us all the gold you're carrying and we might let you walk away with your lives. 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Hey! Hee-how about you give us all your stuff instead? If you decline, I'll pound the hee-ho out of you!

24 Mothman Mothman: They are negotiating with us!

18:23 10 Wario Wario: Hey bro, didn't you open a taco stand? I think this thing would come in handy making it a huge success! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: C H I N G  C H I N G  C H I N G  C H I N G  C H I N G
18:27 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Rhythm, eh? Well, sucks for you! I'm a dancing genius! 26 DonChan Don-chan: Quit banging about how you're so good at dancing! You're so lanky your arms look like drum sticks, da-don!
18:31 10 Wario Wario: Watch out, I've got good practice launchin' remotes through television screens. 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: あ、ワリオ。またサボり?
18:36 10 Wario Wario: Did you just say something about a Crystal Coconut? You mind telling us what kind of crystal? Just curious, wahahaha! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Klump?! Krusha?! Is that you?
18:40 10 Wario Wario: Hmph, you look like one of those computer bugs I got on Crygor's laptop once. 29 Missingno MissingNo.: A wild W' appeared!
18:44 10 Wario Wario: You three better not be princesses as well, I've got more important things to worry about this time! 30 MilkBowl Tom: Yo, Wario! When we said stank, we weren't talking about your ass.
18:48 10 Waluigi Waluigi: Work for me, and I promise big bucks! For me anyways...My tacos really need that extra spice, so it costs extra! 31 Eminem Eminem: Hey man, it's cool if you let one go. Nobody's gonna know, who'd hear it? Give a little poot poot, it's okay.
18:52 10 Wario Wario: Uh oh...uhhh, everything is going WONDERFUL at our company! Over here at Wario Partners, LLP, we take things seriously! 32 Phoenix Phoenix: Hey! I need to talk to an old enemy of yours, who wears a big purple top hat. Do you know where I can find him? These quotes make sense when reading Phoenix's first.
18:56 11 Dedede Dedede: What are you, some kind of Meta Knight wannabe? Take that cape lookin' coat off and face my hammer, boy! 12 Snake Snake: The size of that hammer... have we met before?
19:01 11 Dedede Dedede: If you really want to get some beats goin', I could clobbah you to the beat of my new theme song! 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Listen penguin man, your body's full of blubber! I'm not vibing with your music, it falls flat just like rubber!"
19:05 11 Dedede Dedede: Your Polar Star ain't no match against the swing of my hammer! 14 Quote You encounter a mysterious masked figure. His hammer and strength are sure to impose.
19:09 11 Dedede Dedede: The only thing that'll be takin' a toll on you is this here hammer, pretty boy! 15 Adam Adam: Yeah okay, like I'm going to be scared by threats from Chilly Wint- I mean, Chilly Willy in a bathrobe.
19:13 11 Dedede Dedede: You ain't as downright spiffy as I remember you bein'. 16 Johnny Johnny: Hiding your face behind a mask isn't gonna get you any attention from the ladies, pal.
19:17 11 Dedede Dedede: I say, time for a good ol' fashioned crab boil! 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: I've been hearin' you got a habit of dinin' and dashing. Well, ye ain't getting yer hands on me Krabby Patties without payin'!
19:22 11 Dedede Dedede: I think my hammer needs another upgrade, mind coverin' it in plastic? 18 Mariya Mariya: I don't think plastic would help, your hammer looks heavy enough as is.
19:30 11 Dedede Dedede: You ain't gonna be so lucky around me! You'll be staying up all night remembering how hard I clobbered you! 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: (J'ai une soudaine envie d'escargots de Bourgogne...)
19:34 11 Dedede Dedede: One swing of my hammer oughta shatter you boy! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: JEEZ! AT LEAST KING ASGORE ISN'T AS MEAN OR BOSSY AS YOU ARE!
19:38 11 Dedede Dedede: Mind telling me where Sesame Street is? Because I'm gonna clobbah you two all the way back there where you belong! 22 Elmo Elmo: Big Bird! It's Elmo! It's so nice to see you here! Where did you get that hammer?
19:42 11 Dedede Dedede: Boy, I'm about to give you a daily dose of nothin' but pain! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: God damn you're fat, I diagnose you with diabetes, I don't even need a blood test to prove it.
19:46 11 Dedede Dedede: Hehehehe! Is this some kind of joke? Do you know how easy it is to knock down a Snowman? Imma swat that moth too! 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Hee's wearing a mask, ho! You don't think he's one of *them*... right?
19:51 11 Dedede Dedede: Oh hey! This here baking machine could be useful for my next Gourmet Race! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: P R O D U C I N G  G O U R M E T  D I S H
19:55 11 Dedede Dedede: Wow, this is the first time I've seen knuckleheads ASK for a beat! 26 DonChan Don-chan: That is one really big um...drum stick you have there! I-I think you're better suited for a bigger drum, don!
19:59 11 Dedede Dedede: You look as little and puny as that there Kirby! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: PUNCH! PUNCH! FALCON PUNCH! FAAALLLCOONNN PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH!
20:03 11 Dedede Dedede: Now, we get to see who the King of the Heavyweights really is! Let's get Smashin'! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Another greedy King to deal with, another giant-sized punching bag I'm gonna put to good use!
20:07 11 Dedede Dedede: I don't know what you are, but I could use a monster like you to clobba that pink punk! 29 Missingno MissingNo.: ERROR: Face Distortion
20:12 11 Dedede Dedede: Once I beat you, I may just adopt the three of you! You'll perform for me anytime I want! And if you stop, you'll get clobbered! 30 Shades Shades: Adopt us? You're delusional. You'll have to take some giant steps to get up our level, pal.
20:16 11 Dedede Dedede: Hi, kids! Do y'all like violence? Wanna see me batter this rapper's face 'til black circles surround his eyelids? 31 Eminem Eminem: Well, look at this, an actual fat bitch who's about to get put on his ass fast.
20:20 11 Dedede Dedede: Right now, boys, this is my courtroom, I'm the judge, and I'm ready to lower my gigantic gavel... on the top o' your skulls! 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Think you'll fly to the higher spots of this tournament? Think again, idiot, you're a penguin!
20:24 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, is this DJ connected to Fatman in any way? 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: You can't hide from my sexy voice and out-of-sight sounds, Sneakman!
20:28 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, do we have any intel on this military grade android? 14 Quote You have been encountered! The standoff begins.
20:32 12 Snake Snake: Baby, you think that you can hide? 15 Adam Adam: Isn't it hard to breathe under that box?
20:37 12 Snake Snake: What the!? Master that you?! 16 Johnny Johnny: Say, I wonder how this hot bod would look in spandex...
20:41 12 Snake Snake: CRAB BATTLE 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: So, another bottomfeeder trying to sneak off with me formuler?
20:45 12 Snake Snake: What are you, another member of the Beauty and the Beast Unit? 18 Mariya Mariya: あなたは部屋に一人・・・ 染みつくタバコの匂い・・・
20:49 12 Snake Snake: Hmm... I'm getting the same vibes from that hedgehog with this doctor here. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Ahhh, Solid Snake! Snooping as usual, I see?
20:53 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, is this "Daft Punk" involved with Les Enfants Terribles? These two helmeted guys seem strangely bonded... 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: (Les Enfants Terribles ? Mais de quoi il parle ?)
20:57 12 Snake Snake: You're from under... where? 21 Papyrus Papyrus: DON'T HIDE! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, JUST WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND!
21:02 12 Snake Snake: Another master of disguise, eh? Maybe you'll pose more of a challenge than Decoy Octopus. 22 JackBlack Jack Black: Woah, easy there, tough guy! You're not the only experienced fighter. I am a kung-fu mastah! Come get some!
21:06 12 Snake Snake: Colonel, this doctor is threatening to throw a grenade at me! It's even got a cool name! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Do you think your grenades stand a chance against my new move? Prepare for the Hellzone Grenade! These quotes make sense when reading Dr. Piccolo's first.
21:10 12 Snake Snake: Hrnghh....Super Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Method? 24 Mothman Mothman: You look nothing like the Snakes me know. They call themselves kings, me prove you not one.
21:14 12 Snake Snake: A stand mixer? This can't possibly be the weapon to surpass Metal Gear. 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: M E N A C I N G  S O U N D I N G  B E E P I N G
21:19 12 Snake Snake: Watch your back, I'm gonna kick your ass. 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Let's see if your rhythm is as solid as your spying skills!
21:23 12 Snake Snake: Otacon, why is this TV referring to me as "big brother"? 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: 兄貴! 兄貴! ♂ Ass we can! ♂ These quotes make sense when reading Nico Nico's first.
21:27 12 Snake Snake: Another monkey? I thought I captured all of them already. 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Bring all the toys you want, the only weapon I need is my Coconut Gun to best you!
21:31 12 Snake Snake: La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo... La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo... 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Failed to establish connection with server. Returning to title menu.
21:35 12 Snake Snake: Cats, huh? Maybe I should have brought in my sledding equipment for this match. 30 Shades Shades: Don't you think that's enough cloning? I really hope there will never be another you.
21:39 12 Snake Snake: Your name is... what? 31 Eminem Eminem: Looks like we're about to find out what good a fuckin' Nikita is when its ammo don't measure up!
21:43 12 Snake Snake: No need for all that yelling, spiky head. It does sound pretty cool though, huh? 32 Phoenix Phoenix: So... Mr. Hayter, am I correct? (Wait, I don't think I have the correct David...)
21:47 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Looks like the Noise Tanks are really steppin' up their game! 14 Quote You sense a funky rhythm coming at you.
21:52 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: I think it's time we kick it old school. 15 Adam Adam: Your songs sound like broken records, back and forth and here and gone. These quotes make sense when reading Adam's first.
21:56 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Hopin' your beats are as fresh as your looks, big guy! 16 Johnny Johnny: That't one funky hairdo, but maybe a little too funky for the ladies.
22:00 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: I think you've had enough of that same song. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: With yer taste in music, matey, I think I'll be passin' on requests.
22:04 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Everyone's sampling your music these days...I'll let my turntables take ya for a spin! 18 Mariya Mariya: Ah yes, that's the "future funk" people are turning my music into nowadays!
22:08 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: The kind of sampling you're doing is not of any kind I've ever heard of. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Your sample-flipping may be funky fresh, but nothing matches my sentence-mixing!
22:12 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Yo, you bots still have the DJ vibe after all those years? Let's see who's better at rollin' and scratchin'! 20 Thomas Thomas: No matter your talent, we still are the true DJ heroes around here! These quotes make sense when reading Thomas' first.
22:17 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: I can hear those bones rattlin', boy. Don't fall apart on me now! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: OH, YOU'RE A DJ!! I KNOW A GHOST WHO MIGHT LIKE YOU!! WHAT WAS HIS NAME. . . SPOOKY BLOO BLOO?
22:21 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Have a seat, boys. For today's funky lesson, I'LL be your teacher. 22 JackBlack Jack Black: Wait a minute! This guy's hair has 1, 2-Actually, I think I'll need your help, Elmo.
22:25 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: The only prescription I need is a daily dose of JET SET RADIOOO! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: That white hair makes me think you're either a saiyan or a senior. Either way, I'm about to put you in a retirement home.
22:29 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: I'd say I'm feelin' like a bulldozer trying to catch a butterfly! 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Even IF your b-hee-eats were fire, that wouldn't be enough to melt me, you fool, Ho!
22:33 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil, and the MSG! Beat it! Beat it up! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: S T A R T I N G  T H E  M A C H I N E
22:38 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: No one's better at keepin' the funky rhythms flowing than Professor K, baby! 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Our DJ School is looking for wannabe DJs! You seem to fit the criteria!
22:42 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Looks like the DJ zone got a little Red. 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: 3年F組...DJ先生!!
22:45 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Alright, then! Let's see if your Jungle Beats can keep up with my Funky Beats! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: I hope you're ready for me to lay down the Jungle Beats! These quotes make sense when reading Donkey Kong's first.
22:50 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Wha...? I don't understand what's goin' on here... 29 Missingno MissingNo.: ERROR: Sleep mode unsuccessful. Please turn down radio.
22:55 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Yo, yo, yo, y'all really are vibing with all that funk! 30 donk sphelonious donk: record scratches... cat scratches... ironic
22:59 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: I'm not here to pass out prescriptions, I'm here to school the undereducated, fool! 31 Eminem Eminem: What you tryna do? Flunk me like I was in junior high? These quotes make sense when reading Eminem's first.
23:02 13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K: Likewise, Mr. Wright. Bring your funkiest objections! 32 Phoenix Phoenix: Ah, an honest opponent! Here's to a good showdown, Professor. These quotes make sense when reading Phoenix's first.
23:06 14 Quote A nineties band's frontman tries to control you. You hesitate to look into his eyes. 15 Adam Adam: An amnesiac, huh? Drinks bring back all the memories.
23:11 14 Quote A sense of arrogance emanates from the dimwitted impersonator. 16 Johnny Johnny: I told you I didn't want a little robot brother, Mama!
23:15 14 Quote The aroma of sweat and grease swirls around you... but mostly sweat. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: I better not let SpongeBob catch me with ya, lad, I don't wanna be thrown into a fry basket again!
23:19 14 Quote A familiar video appears on the monitor. You begin to sense a strong feeling of nostalgia. 18 Mariya Mariya: この子、迷子かしら?どうして。目が光ってるのかしら・・・?
23:23 14 Quote You feel as if someone is snooping around. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: That peashooter of yours is no match for my robots!
23:28 14 Quote You've come too far to give up who you are. 20 Thomas Thomas: Guess it's time for some good ol' robot rock.
23:31 14 Quote Papyrus blocks the way! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: NYEH HEH HEH!!
23:35 14 Quote You are suddenly stopped by a stop sign blocking your path. 22 JackBlack Jack Black: A man's voice shows how powerful he is! Being that you don't have one, I think we both know where this is goin', buddy.
23:40 14 Quote The doctor is in. Thankfully, not in you. 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: So... what number android are you?
23:44 14 Quote The air around you suddenly feels cold and sinister. 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Hmm... Another weapon by the Kirijo Group? And this one isn't even prett-hee, ho!
23:48 14 Quote The scent of baking materials make you feel hungry, and... Australian? 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: S I L E N C E
23:52 14 Quote You feel an irresistable urge to tap your foot to the beat! Go for a Perfect! 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Hey, is this guy a disguised Cadet? Attentioooooooooon, march!
23:57 14 Quote This little television seems comfortable around you. Life refilled! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: ダンスロボットダンス!もーいいかい?
24:00 14 Quote You suddenly feel a craving for bananas. 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: A robot... is this another one of your schemes, K. Rool?!
24:05 14 Quote A sense of uneasiness and dread fills the air. This will not end well for either of you. 29 Missingno MissingNo.: <KEY<MSG<FAC0013Who are you...?<NODI've never seen you around before.<NOD<END Quote's quote is glitched.
24:09 14 Quote You feel a smooth, jazzy rhythm kick in... accompanied by the smell of tuna. 30 donk sphelonious donk: mimiga deez nuts
24:14 14 Quote A lyrical madman encounters you. You look at what he's planning, while you're panickin' staring at mannequins. 31 Eminem Eminem: The whole crowd is going so loud, but your words won't come out!
24:18 14 Quote You begin to feel as if you're on a trial for your own life. 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Geez, for a guy named Quote you sure are quiet. Well, it's better than dealing with an annoying talking robot! Puhuhuhu!
24:21 15 Adam Adam: A hot wife, money, talent... I'm everything you'll never have. 16 Johnny Johnny: I'm gonna be real with ya, friend. The tats aren't gonna get you any action.
24:26 15 Adam Adam: You're not even worth the change I spent on a payphone. 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: I'll never forgive ye for stealin' the spotlight from Squidward's band!
24:30 15 Adam Adam: May I give a Plastic Rose for my Plastic Love? 18 Mariya Mariya: 私が既婚者って事、たぶん知らないわよね・・・。それにしても、アダム•レヴィーンってどこかで聞いたことあるような・・・?
24:34 15 Adam Adam: For the last time, I didn't sing that song! When will people get the memo? 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Well well well, if this isn't the marooned-face troublemaker! These quotes make sense when reading Robotnik's first.
24:38 15 Adam Adam: Pharrell, it's been a while! Too bad I'm going to have to eliminate you. 20 Pharrell Pharrell: No need to rush things, Adam; I am The Voice, and I got a crew!
24:42 15 Adam Adam: Your bones are going to rest with me - in a pile! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: OF COURSE I CAN ADD SUGAR TO MY SPAGHETTI! WANT TO HAVE A BITE?
24:47 15 Adam Adam: Your sign is useless, because I Can't Stop! 22 JackBlack Jack Black: I've met Adam Devine before but...Adam Levine? It's like I'm having déjà-vu right now...
24:51 15 Adam Adam: I don't wanna know where you plan on sticking that pill. 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: You may want to lay off the sugar, it increases risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
24:55 15 Adam Adam: You fairy tales are all the same: full of shit. 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: Go ahead and bel-hee-ve what you want to believe, since your ass be acting like The Fool, ho!
24:59 15 Adam Adam: Don't leave me hanging. C'mon, give me some sugar! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: A D D I N G  S U G A R
25:04 15 Adam Adam: You better not make me do the Y.M.C.A. or I'll have to sue. 26 DonChan Don-chan: I would LOVE to see you move like Jagger! Cmon, let's have a dance-off, right here, dodon ga-don!
25:08 15 Adam Adam: I already fucked one Nico over, so taking you on should be a piece of cake! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: スタイリッシュいちまんじゃくwwww
25:12 15 Adam Adam: This guy has some pipes! I better turn my chair around a- ...what the fuck?!?! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Wow! You're one of those rock star dudes! Y'know...I know someone who'd love to be a star like you!
25:16 15 Adam Adam: What's going on? It feels harder to breathe all of a sudden... 29 Missingno MissingNo.: GPS signal not found.
25:20 15 Adam Adam: You know what else is repetitive? The Lick. 30 Shades Shades: Not planning on losing to someone who's entire catalogue is more repetitive than the A section to One Note Samba. These quotes make sense when reading Shades' first.
25:24 15 Adam Adam: Unlike you, everyone knows the name of MY band. 31 Eminem Eminem: And motherfuckers say I'm mainstream...
25:28 15 Adam Adam: You may be a lawyer, but I'm the only judge around here. 32 Monokuma Monokuma: You phony humans won't ever come CLOSE to being like animals! GRAAAAR!
25:32 16 Johnny Johnny: Hey, Eugene! You think Nick has room in its lineup for some Cartoon Cartoon Fridays? 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Get yer Cartoon Network propaganda outta here, Bravo! No free advertisin'!
25:37 16 Johnny Johnny: Howdy, pretty lady. How about you and me get together and make some future funk? 18 Mariya Mariya: I'm flattered, Mr. Presley, but I'm already taken by a funkier man.
25:41 16 Johnny Johnny: So you're some kind of "genius" huh? Happen to know anyone really annoying, named Carl? 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Why would any genius be annoying? I mean, just look at me!
25:45 16 Johnny Johnny: Hey Chrome-domes, tell your hat-wearing friend he can't match the size of my luxurious hair! 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: Un blond qui aime les femmes et s'appelle Johnny ?

20 Thomas Thomas: ...Oui, Guy-Man, j'ai remarqué. Sacrée coïncidence, quand même.

25:49 16 Johnny Johnny: If I were you, I'd work on that tan. You're as pale as bone! 21 Papyrus Papyrus: IF YOU WANT DATING ADVICE, I SNATCHED A OFFICIAL DATING RULEBOOK FROM THE LIBRARBY!
25:53 16 Johnny Johnny: Uh..., counting how many sides this thing has is harder than I thought... 22 JackBlack Jack Black: You think you're a lady killer? Oh, please! I do kung-fu, guitar, YouTube, and...what do you got? One crazy hairdo, bro.
25:57 16 Johnny Johnny: Somebody call the doctor, cuz I'm all cut up! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: A Super Saiyan?! That hair! This oughta be a interesting match!
26:02 16 Johnny Johnny: Listen buddy, I was saying "Hee Ho!" before you were in diapers... HE-HAH-HO! 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: If you're such hot shit, then crush this rock with your bare hands!
26:06 16 Johnny Johnny: Hey Pops, I think your chili maker is on the fritz again. 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: B A K I N G  P A N C A K E S
26:10 16 Johnny Johnny: I don't think Jacky-boy's lookin' to mingle after what happened to Ashi, but I'd be happy to dance with ya, lassy. 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Ah! You are the one acquainted with the Wandering Samurai, yes? These quotes make sense when reading Hakuko's first.
26:14 16 Johnny Johnny: Let's see who's the REAL boss of this gym! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: イケメーン?www
26:18 16 Johnny Johnny: Do the monkey with me! C'mon! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Your style reminds me of a certain Kong. You should meet him; he'd love you!
26:22 16 Johnny Johnny: I'm sickened, but curious... 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Great! Now I'll never make it to
26:27 16 Johnny Johnny: Hey, hey! Looks like the 3 Dog Band just met their competition! 30 MilkBowl Tom: All that time spent building a muscle, and you can't even carry a tune.
26:31 16 Johnny Johnny: So you say your Salsa makes pretty girls wanna take off their underpants?...Weird, but anything for pretty mamas! 31 Eminem Eminem: The crowd's all here, time to wash out THIS blonde.
26:35 16 Johnny Johnny: Say, by any chance, is your mastermind a hot babe? 32 Monokuma Monokuma: I don't have a mastermind, I'm a BEAR!!! *[sweats sensually]* But... you can talk to me anytime you like...!!!
26:38 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Are you one of them newfangled pop stars that me Pearl's always listenin' to? 18 Mariya Mariya: You might be thinking of Japanese pop from today's era.
26:43 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Yer gonna get MOAR than a simple bruisin', bucko! 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Get your ugly mug out of my money, you overscrupulous crustacean!

20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: Mais tu chantes quoi, là?"

26:51 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Crawl back into yer hole, bony boy. Go on, play dead. 21 Papyrus Papyrus: THE STRONG SMELL OF GREASE. . . REMINDS ME OF GRILLBY'S. YEUGH!
26:55 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: So I hear ye know a lot about music? I think you should let Squidward take some notes from ya, lad. 22 Elmo Elmo: Wow! You have so much money, Mr. Krabs! Elmo thinks you should let the Count count it all sometime!
27:00 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Oh, barnacles. I hate the pill... 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Do you realize how many people you are giving heart attacks a day from your damn Krabby Patties?
27:04 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Oh no, it be the monster that ate Wormy! 24 Mothman Mothman: Me hear you say something about Tartarus Sauce.... Me want to try. ME TAKE!
27:08 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Oh, a gift! Surely this thing-a-ma-bobber is worth somethin'. 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: A N A L Y Z I N G  F O R M U L A
27:12 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Do you two know the one that goes "don dondon don don dondon ka-don"? 26 DonChan Don-chan: No, Mr. Crab guy, you're thinking of "don, kat, don don kat, don dondonkat don kat don dondonkat!"
27:16 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: I can't believe that no-good Plankton is sendin' his wife to do his dirty work. Well, ya ain't getting me formuler! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: ハッキョーセット! SUPONGE BOB DAYO!!!
27:21 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Nice try, Patrick. But ya ain't scarin' me again with that stinkin' gorilla suit o' yers! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: You can keep your money! As long as you keep your claws offa my bananas, this'll be quick and painless!
27:25 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: What in the name of Davy Jones' locker is that thing!? 29 Missingno MissingNo.: 019947D3
27:29 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: Argh, and I take it you're part o' Squidward's interpretive dance routine? Curtain opens at 5, so don't be late! 30 donk sphelonious donk: greed will destroy you
27:33 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: You want an M&M? 31 Eminem Eminem: You think it's impressive to rub your fuckin' ass with a dollar bill? I rub mine with $6 mill.
27:37 17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs: AAAAAHHHH!!! A lawyer!!! 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Hey you, walk to the side just like crabs do, and let me through!
27:41 18 Mariya Mariya: I'm not so sure if I could consider this "ワイティーピー" of yours to be less wretched than my music. 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Who's playing that wretched music? Turn that insipid song off!
27:45 18 Mariya Mariya: Such a digital sound, almost like funk... but from the future! 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: (Dis, Thomas, c'est moi où elle ressemble beaucoup à Stella ?)
27:50 18 Mariya Mariya: 媒る戦骨? 気味悪い・・・ 未来ではあれが普通なのかしら? 21 Papyrus Papyrus: WOWIE! AFTER THIS FIGHT I SIMPLY MUST INTRODUCE YOU TO MY FRIEND ALPHYS!
27:54 18 Mariya Mariya: Such cool music, Mr. Jablinski! I think I'd prefer a lesson about rock instead of octagons! 22 JackBlack Jack Black: Maybe once I defeat you, baby, your little song can finally peace out of the recommendations of my videos!
27:58 18 Mariya Mariya: E- eh, no thank you, it's just a metaphor! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: Plastic isn't exactly good for the immune system, if your "love" really is plastic I may need to do an x-ray. These quotes make sense when reading Dr. Piccolo's first.
28:02 18 Mariya Mariya: Sorry, Winter Lovers, but my music is much more colorful than my looks! 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: A lady in black and white? How d-hee-pressing, ho!

24 Mothman Mothman: We not lose, with our colors flying high.

28:06 18 Mariya Mariya: えーっと・・・ 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: C O V E R I N G  F O O D  I N  P L A S T I C  W R A P
28:11 18 Mariya Mariya: 古典ね!日本を思い出すわ。 26 Hakuko Hakuko: I see you are a girl of love! We have a lab just for that! You should go there and shake up a good beat!
28:15 18 Mariya Mariya: ニコニコよリYouTubeの方がいいわ、ごめんね! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: おめーの席ねぇから !
28:19 18 Mariya Mariya: I'd love to collaborate with you, this Donkey Konga you mention sounds like fun! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Hey there, Miss! If Donkey Konga ever makes a comeback, do ya mind contributing songs to the soundtrack? These quotes make sense when reading Donkey Kong's first.
28:23 18 Mariya Mariya: 「けつばん」?どういう意味かしら? 任天堂に電話したほうがいいかしら・・・。 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.
28:27 18 Mariya Mariya: かわいい、しかも曲も素敵・・・。 30 MilkBowl Tom: You took more choruses at the end of Plastic Love than a freshman at Wally's.
28:31 18 Mariya Mariya: Your music is powerful, but your demeanor is... vulgar to say the least... 31 Eminem Eminem: You sing song, it go ring a chong a ching chong chong chong ching... Psych! I kid I kid! If I offend I'm sorry, please forgive!
28:35 18 Mariya Mariya: You two don't seem to be getting along very well. How about some music to lighten the mood? 32 Monokuma Monokuma: Pale, shy, and nice? You'd be perfect for a killing game!

32 Phoenix Phoenix: (I wonder if she'd get along with Lamiroir.)

28:39 19 Robotnik Robotnik: You claim to be genuine robots? Your fighting skills are as ridiculous as your pretend legend of the Pingas! 20 Thomas Thomas: Robots aren't made for fighting, but for singing!
28:48 19 Robotnik Robotnik: So, tell me more about that Wazgul person and how gay he is. 22 JackBlack Jack Black: I'm sorry, but... who?

22 Elmo Elmo: Elmo thinks that word means happy, Mr. Jack!

28:52 19 Robotnik Robotnik: No, he is right! And if you want proof, ask your crazy-hairdo friend's scouter! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: There's only room for one doctor in this tournament! (And that's him) SHUT UP NAIL! These quotes make sense when reading Dr. Piccolo's first.
28:57 19 Robotnik Robotnik: A blue mascot and his flying companion... I'm having horrible sensations of déjà-vu! 24 Mothman Mothman: A doctor... Oh! Me give you Life Stone x1 for the win. Make deal.
29:01 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Perhaps I can use this machine to mix up a mean bean salad... 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: S T I R R I N G  A S  U S U A L
29:05 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Those are the lamest ways to make bots I have heard! I'll show REAL machinery to your blasted microphone and your dumbbell drum! 26 Hakuko Hakuko: Ooo, a robot maker! How do you make them? Do you screw their heads or fill them with strawberry juice? These quotes make sense when reading Hakuko's first.
29:09 19 Robotnik Robotnik: CUT THE MONITORS! CUT THE MONITORS! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: ゆでたまご wwwwwwwwww
29:13 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Your banana brain will not help you win this fight, ape monster! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Believe me, you're not the first obese lowlife that I've ever had to make an example out of!
29:17 19 Robotnik Robotnik: For your sake, you better be a wrong number! 29 Missingno MissingNo.: Developed for use onry with NTSC Genesis system
29:21 19 Robotnik Robotnik: Time for me to prepare the kitty litter! 30 Shades Shades: Show me the bass skills of Charles Pingas.
29:25 19 Robotnik Robotnik: A provocative type, huh? Well, you're not fascinating. You only have one great thing! 31 Eminem Eminem: I'm only being real when I say nobody wants to see their grandfather fight.
29:29 19 Robotnik Robotnik: OBJECTION? WHAT FOR? 32 Phoenix Phoenix: Objection! "Pingas" is not the correct technical term for the... erm... never mind... These quotes make sense when reading Phoenix's first.
29:33 20 Thomas Thomas: Houlà, jamais je n'aurais imaginé que se clip serait revenu se venger... 21 Papyrus Papyrus: UNDYNE TAKES HER HELMET OFF OFTEN, WHY DON'T YOU GUYS DO THE SAME? DON'T BE SHY!
29:38 20 Thomas Thomas: Hey, this guy is a genuine rocker and he has fun doing it! C'mon, Black, Release The Beast! 22 JackBlack Jack Black: We both have the power Within, baby! Let's see who can come up on top! Probably, me, as usual.
29:42 20 Thomas Thomas: You can always ask the Crescendolls if you need people experienced in space travel! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: What are you, astronauts? I'm a doctor, not an astronomer for crying out loud!
29:47 20 Pharrell Pharrell: Alright, butterfly, let's see how pimped you are! 24 Mothman Mothman: Very strange Demonica suits.... Or... Are they secretly machines?
29:51 20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: À table ! 25 HOBaRT HOBaRT: B A K I N G  A T  A  H A R D E R ,  B E T T E R ,  F A S T E R ,  S T R O N G E R  R A T E
29:55 20 Pharrell Pharrell: Keeping the beat requires too much sweat, sweat, sweat! It's better to lose yourself to dance! 26 Hakuko Hakuko: These must be rejects from the screwbot factory, their heads look like they could come off!
29:59 20 Thomas Thomas: This television may rule a nation, but it won't rule over us! 27 NicoNico Nico Nico: BODY SENSOR. EMURATED. EMURATED. EMURATED.
30:03 20 Thomas Thomas: From the age of apes, to the age of men... to the age of robots! 28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong: Well well well, if it isn't the Metal Head and his little buddy!
30:07 20 Thomas Thomas: We may be robots, but we're not afraid of glitches! 29 Missingno MissingNo.: WARNING: DJ1 is already doing a moment. This is only okay if daft punk custom moment was just triggered or it's the intro
30:11 20 Thomas Thomas: You guys should put some digital waves in your tunes. 30 MilkBowl Tom: Your music is so fucking bland, a Post-Modern Jukebox cover is inevitable.
30:16 20 Pharrell Pharrell: Yo, Em! I still got that record, wanna finish the track? 31 Eminem Eminem: Sound of the summer? Clearly you haven't heard my new single, called "My Salsa"!
30:20 20 Pharrell Pharrell: Like the legend of the Penis...

20 Thomas Thomas: ...You mean Phoenix?

20 GuyMan Guy-Manuel: (N'oubliez pas Phoenix... ou Phoenix...)

32 Phoenix Phoenix: (I'm glad Apollo isn't the one in charge here... how can his Bracelet work when the witnesses have robotic masks?)
30:24 21 Papyrus Papyrus: HEY, AREN'T YOU THAT 'DRAGON WARRIOR'? I'M A BIT OF A WARRIOR MYSELF, YOU KNOW! 22 Elmo Elmo: Hahahaha! You remind Elmo of Mr. Noodle! You and Mr. Noodle are just so silly!
30:28 21 Papyrus Papyrus: GOLLY, I'D LOVE TO SET AN EXAMPLE FOR PEOPLE!! I AM THE AMBASSADOR, AFTER ALL! 23 DrPiccolo Dr. Piccolo: You know, you could be a good example of the skeletal system in my doctor's office!
30:32 21 Papyrus Papyrus: HEY! WOULD YOU HAPPEN TO BE FROM SNOWDIN? I HAVE SEEN MANY SNOWMEN THERE! 24 JackFrost Jack Frost: You call yourself "The Great Papyrus"? Oh please! Hee-ho! You are nothing against Jack Frost the Magnificent!