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"SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Direct 9.21.2019" is the high quality SiIva Direct for the King for Another Day Tournament.


Unlike other Directs on the channel, this direct focuses solely on the King for Another Day Tournament. In this Direct, the last contenders for the tournament are revealed, as well as changes to existing contenders and the final artwork for some contenders. There were 5 new contestants that were revealed:

Other important pieces of information revealed in the direct:

  • Bill Trinen is now Reggie's partner with the new name "Nintendo Power".
  • Mr. Bean wasn't a real competitor in the tournament (as it was revealed he stole Law & Disorder's invite).
  • The release of the album "SiIva Direct Presents".
  • Ringside interviews will be shown between votes, hosted by Meowth which will be released on the King for Another Day MOJO!!.
  • The SilvaGunner Twitter account being used for original content, and not rip announcements.
  • Throughout the tournament, duo remixes (called "mashups") will be uploaded, featuring sources from 2 contenders (even if they don't battle).
  • The final artwork for Daft Punk (ft. Pharrell) and Nintendo Power.
  • The tournament being delayed to "Fall 2019".
  • Unregistered HyperCam 2 being the host of tournament.


Donkey Kong trailer

Main article: Kong for a Day - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

[The video opens with a 10-second countdown to the Direct that fades white from the King for Another Day crown symbol.]

[A parody of an ESRB rating for the Direct appears. It is rated M for Mature 17+, and is produced by HWCRB. The warnings read: "No, Seriously This One's Got Dirty Jokes In It"]

[A Nintendo Direct-style YouTube logo clicks as the Direct begins]

[We then fade into the Donkey Kong Country show introduction, followed by "Kong for a Day", a trailer for Donkey Kong

[As the trailer ends, the King for Another Day Tournament logo transitions into the logo for the SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Direct 9.21.2019.]


[Dub VA: New Guy | BGM: "BE THE KING (Instrumental)" by wolfman1405]

[The Direct officially begins a presentation by Hinchy speaking in "buh"'s, dubbed over in English as though she were speaking Japanese. Her title is listed as "Co-Co-Executive Coconut Gun Runner, SiIvaGunner".]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Hello! I'm Hinchy, the promo director for the King for Another Day Tournament, and I'd like to welcome you all to this year's final presentation on the event, where we'll be revealing the final challengers, among other things, directly to you. Unfortunately, we had to sever our ties with Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls™ because we found out they eliminated trans fat from their pizza rolls in 2013, and we here at SiIvaGunner support the LGBT+ community. We're closer than ever to the finish line, and today we'll be revealing the final new challengers you'll be able to vote for -- or against. Led here through the strings of fate, life or death, beyond the..." [a dripping sound prompts Hinchy to falter as she looks to the side in confusion]

[Cut to a shot of a leaking faucet, dripping noisily. A screenshot of the leaked KFAD roster from 4chan fades into view, as does a Discord screenshot of Hinchy's "leak" of the roster. All of the unrevealed contenders' images and names have been censored.]

[Cut back to Hinchy, still looking in confusion. She turns to the camera.]

Hinchy [directly to the camera]: "...I have absolutely no idea what that was all about!" [slow blink]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Anyway, I'd like to tell you about the contestant we just revealed, but first, we would like to officially announce the start date for the King for Another Day tournament."

=== "Wait, it's already September 21st!?" ===
[Dub VA: slycoop01 | BGM: "September" by DM DOKURO]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Or not.
The road to starting the tournament has been filled with more roadblocks than we'd anticipated. As such, we will unfortunately be missing the previously announced late-July-to-mid-August Summer 2019 window."

[Cut to a shot of a calendar on the month of August, which later transitions to the month of September.]

Hinchy [in English]: "We would have thought that by late September that would have been fairly obvious, but alas, we must announce it anyways.
The new official starting date for the King for Another Day tournament is late-August-to-mid-Septe—"

[Cut back to Hinchy]

Hinchy [in English]: "wait... shit."

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Let's just call it Fall 2019 for now."

[FALL 2019 text crashes onto screen.]

Hinchy [in English]: "We understand that you've been waiting all year for this, so do please accept our apologies for the tardiness. We're in the endgame now, and you hopefully won't have too much longer to wait for a release date announcement."

[Cut back to Hinchy]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Speaking of endgame..."

[Cut to Thanos' new portrait, with credit to artist Alexander A. McDonald. The portrait has "THANOS PORTRAIT" put above and below it in Impact font.]

Hinchy [in English]: "Did you see the finished Thanos art on the MOJO? Look at how tight that ass looks! And speaking of donkeys..."

"Donkey Kong"

[Dub VA: Half Pixel | BGM: StickerBush by Anonite]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Straight from the beloved hit CGI television series, Donkey Kong swings into action."

[Cut to Donkey Kong (with art credit to SparkBag) and his source list]

Hinchy [in English]: "He'll be bringing music from his show along with Donkey Kong games, pre-Microsoft RareWare games, and other monkey-related music. Don't get it twisted, though -- he's not what I'd call monkeying around in this tournament."

"SiIva Direct Presents"

[Dub VA: Ethan64Music | BGM: "Know halation" by Chaze]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "As a precursor to the tournament, we will be releasing an album called..."

[Cut to the album art, which then slides a bit to the left as the track list scrolls by.]

Hinchy [in English]: SiIva Direct Presents, a compilation of the music featured in King for Another Day's promotion. Music from character reveal trailers and their attached rips, the directs, and the original tournament reveal trailer will all be included in the album, plus some fun surprises. The album will be posted on our Bandcamp later today. As per usual, please download the album for free! There will be mirror links included in the album description in case we have run out of free downloads or there is a glitch in the upload. We hope you look forw--

[Audio loops as the video appears to glitch. The screen begins to zoom in on "Pokémon Red Unused Song Fusion" before cutting to black.]


Main article: See Me For Who I Am - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

[The trailer for MissingNo., "See Me For Who I Am", plays.]

[Dub VA: wolfman1405 in Japanese | BGM: "Unhealed" by Harley201]

[Fade back to Hinchy, who now sports a MissingNo. pin on her shirt. The dub now speaks in Japanese, with yellow subtitles translating instead.]

Hinchy [dubbed in Japanese]: "The one and only infamous item-duplicating, save-corrupting glitch monster, MissingNo."

[The footage glitches on the last word, then fades to MissingNo.'s source list (with art credit to ackrostation)]

Hinchy [in English]: "This unconventional competitor features rips of glitches and games known for being notably glitchy, unused content, gaming-related creepypasta, and IDM and Glitch Hop music."

[Cut back to Hinchy, still dubbed in Japanese. She holds up a copy of Pokémon Red.]

Hinchy [dubbed in Japanese]: "As someone who was 7 years old when Pokemon Red came out and completely destroyed my original copy through glitch abuse, this is a fighter with a special, and slightly unnerving, place in my heart."


[Dub VA: deogenerate | BGM: "Double Trouble (Team Rocket's REALLY Rockin' Remix)" by SmokyThrill77]

Hinchy [in English]: "Unfortunately, Meowth will not be participating as an entrant in the King for Another Day Tournament."

[A pause as KFAD art of Meowth fades into black and white.]

Hinchy: "However, that doesn't mean he doesn't have an important role to play!"

[Meowth's art changes to add a reporter's hat and microphone.]

Hinchy: "Meowth will using his greatest power of all -- the gift of speech -- to conduct ringside interviews during the tournament."

[A label for the art appears: "Art by: Count Cannoli ft. Coach. • Art still in progress!"]

[A logo of the MOJO appears alongside Meowth's art, along with the URL for the MOJO.]

Hinchy: "Between bouts, you'll be able to visit the MOJO!! to get to know the entrants better and catch up on how they're doing, courtesy of everyone's favorite chatty Pocket Monster."

[Cut back to Hinchy]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "That said, if you're interested in feline contestants..."

The Jazz Cats

Main article: Jazz Cats: The Beginning - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

[The trailer for The Jazz Cats, "Jazz Cats: The Beginning", plays.]

[Dub VA: CaptainComedy | BGM: "jazz slam jam" by Cirno</nowiki>]

[Fade back to Hinchy, who is now holding a cat while she talks.]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Considering the popularity of these well-known, classic characters, I'm sure many of you out there saw this coming, but it's nice to confirm."

[Fade to the art (and sources) for The Jazz Cats, credited to HugelDude.]

Hinchy [in English]: "Shades DuPris, Tom "Milk Bowl" Malone, and sphelonious donk have formed a band, The Jazz Cats, to bring this tournament the jazz factor and the cat factor it needs. Their takeover would feature jazz arrangements as well as rips related to classic and modern jazz, and to cats."


[Dub VA: Half Pixel | BGM: "The Whims of Plastic Love" by CrystalForce]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "But not the kind of mashups you're probably thinking of! I mean character source mashups. Dual remixes will show up throughout the tournament representing two characters."

[Transition to a VS screen featuring Mariya Takeuchi and Jack Bros..]

Hinchy [in English]: "Even if they don't actually battle head-to-head during the event, there will be unique arrangements combining multiple contestants’ sources in interesting ways. In fact, you're listening to one right now!"

[The mashup plays for a bit while details about the mashup appear.]

Hinchy: "And here's just a couple more examples of what you might find."

[Two other mashups, an unnamed Marble Garden arrangement and "Cumbiote Bien Gaton", scroll by as "The Whims of Plastic Love" continues to play in the background.]

Hinchy: "Of course, for more, you'll just have to wait and see what the tournament brings."

["K.K. Groove-a-Numa ft. Isabelle" appears with its characters, Nintendo Power and DJ Professor K, and plays. Nintendo Power's art only shows Reggie.]

[Reggie's art leaves the mashup screen.]

Hinchy: "Also, by the way, we can now confirm that Reggie Fils-Aime's new fighting partner is none other than legend of localization Bill Trinen.

[Reggie's art combines with Bill Trinen's art to create the art for Nintendo Power, credited to Andre.]

Hinchy: "They're joining forces under the banner of "Nintendo Power" and will be bringing some kickass tunes directly to you."

[Nintendo Power's source list appears.]

Hinchy: "We've also added Nintendo's system and presentation music to their sources. Check the MOJO!! after the presentation for an extra-special posting of two full arrangements."

["K.K. Groove-a-Numa ft. Isabelle" continues playing as the next section starts]


[VA: ShonicTH | BGM: "K.K. Groove-a-Numa ft. Isabelle by Ahmaykmewsik]

[A SiIvaGunner poster appears on screen.]

ShonicTH: "A quick heads up, we still have some of the SiIvaGunner and King for a Day posters left in stock."

[The King for a Day poster replaces the SiIvaGunner poster.]

ShonicTH: "We’re not sure yet whether we will be making more after they sell out, so if you would like a poster, please act now."

[Both posters appear alongside the URL for the posters page.]

ShonicTH: "You can get them by heading over to"

[Fade to black. After a pause, the next section begins without a title card.]


Main article: The Lead Singer - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

[The trailer for Eminem, "The Lead Singer", plays.]

[Dub VA: Ethan64Music | BGM: "Lose Yourself" by JerryTerry]

[Fade back to Hinchy. She is now carrying a bottle of salsa similar to the one featured in the trailer.]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "This tournament would just have felt so empty without him!"

[Fade into Eminem's art, credited to Sean-Patrick and LarryInc64 ft. Coach and Eevee]

Hinchy [in English]: "Eminem joins the fight with a fiery passion only matched by the heat of his salsa. Eminem's rips will feature songs written, performed, or majorly sampled by Eminem as well as songs by his frequent collaborators such as Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, and also salsa, flamenco, and mariachi music."

"His Salsa"

[VA: omknee ft. GDAKA ft. FeebTube | BGM: "generic salsa stock music"]

[A looping and reversing clip of "My Band"'s music video appears, specifically one that depicts Eminem displaying his salsa]

omniputance: "After accepting our invite to join the King for Another Day tournament, Eminem, in his enormous excitement, sent us some material beforehand to, quote, hype the viewers, unquote. Today, SiIvaGunner’s culinary specialist, [unintelligible], will be sharing the recipe for the one and only authentic Dirty Dozen salsa with you."

[A recipe video begins playing.]

GDAKA: "You’re gonna wanna start with some chopped onion and minced garlic. Throw that in a pan and sautée it for about 4 minutes on medium heat. Then throw in some chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, and a bit of cilantro..."

Hinchy [in a higher pitch, imitating a "British voice"]: "also known as coriander in some parts of the world"

GDAKA: "...and reduce the heat to low for about 2 minutes. While the heat is on low, add salt and pepper to taste. Turn the heat off and stir in jalapeño peppers (or something stronger, if you would like it spicier) and a pinch of cumin. Let it cool for about 5 minutes, and finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Garnish with a pretty girl's underpants —-the prettier, the better— and serve."

[Pink "pretty girl's underpants" are added directly into the salsa. After the word "serve" is spoken, a bag of chips is poured into a bowl, leaving a brief but awkward silence.]

[Cut to another clip of "My Band"'s music video that features the salsa.]

FeebTube: "We gave some to SiIvaGunner fans to try, and they had some pretty positive feedback!"

[Transition to several clips of people enjoying salsa. Most are stilted and awkward.]

[The last clip is a clip of Chaze the Chat eating Totino's pizza rolls from "SiIva Direct • SiIva Lighthouse Live | E3 2019". The exact same dub is used except for two words that are dubbed over in monotone. The picture of pizza rolls is replaced with a bowl of nacho chips.]

"Chaze" [dubbed by Hinchy]: "Mmm, I must say, these salsa are very delicious! Thank you, D12.

"The SiIvaGunner Twitter"

[Dub VA: Agent | BGM: "Quickly Difficult" by Hinchy and BobTheTacocat ft. wolfman1405 (YTPMV made by omknee)]

["Quickly Difficult", a YTPMV of "Quickly Difficult" from Puyo Puyo Tsuu that features clips of Chaze and Hinchy from all three Directs, plays.]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "We gave fans sauce, and now we’d like to announce we’re giving you even more. As of right now, we will no longer post every rip update on Twitter, and in fact, we won’t post much of those at all anymore. We are completely changing our official Twitter to serve as an outlet for completely new content. It’ll be the same brand of SiIvaGunner high quality video game rips you know and love, but adapted for image and gif posting."

[Transition to a screenshot of SiIvaGunner's Twitter account. The YTPMV is replaced with the original arrangement.]

Hinchy [in English]: "Expect all kinds of new posts, brand new numbers you can laugh at—- like 6 —-" [Hinchy chuckles lightly]

Hinchy: "behind-the-scenes bonus content, and more. This wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful artists, constantly working hard on new SiIvaGunner videos, and then slacking off by making shitposts of that art."

[Cut to the disturbingly realistic sphelonious donk from "Jazz Cats: The Beginning", this time with a smile on his face...]

[The YTPMV continues. The Twitter handle appears on screen when mentioned.]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "There are more plans for our Twitter account that will be revealed there, so follow us @giivasunner and stay tuned!"

"The Roster, Revealed!"

[Dub VA: wolfman1405 in English | BGM: "Lo-Fi 8-Bit High Quality Chill Beats to Train and Relax To" by SoundSync5000]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Well, there you have it, folks. We've finally revealed all 32 entrants in the SiIvaGunner: King for Ano—"

[Hinchy is interrupted by a phone call. She reaches down to check her phone.]

Hinchy [in English]: "Hold on a second."

[She picks up the phone.]

Hinchy: "Y'ello. What's up. What? Oh my god. I'll be right there!"

[Hinchy leaves her chair as the screen fades to black.]

"Law and Disorder"

Main article: Turnabout Despair - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

[The trailer for Law & Disorder, "Turnabout Despair", plays without a title card.]

[Dub VA: deogenerate | BGM: "LOGIC&&TRICK" by MtH]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Sorry, but we're afraid that there was a mixup — luckily, we have Phoenix Wright and Monokuma on the case."

[The art of Law & Disorder appears, credited to Coach.]

Hinchy [in English]: "They represent rips related to mystery-based games, such as their own Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series, as well as rips related to court cases and mysteries in general. Surely, they're going to get a Guilty verdict for anyone that stands in their way --"

[Cut back to Hinchy.]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "though, hmm, I wonder about how well they're going to get along..."

"The Roster Revealed, Really"

[Dub VA: wolfman1405 in English | BGM: "Lo-Fi 8-Bit High Quality Chill Beats to Train and Relax To" by SoundSync5000]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "Well, there you have it, folks. We've finally revealed all 32 entrants in the SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament. Just for the fun of it, let's take a look at all the contestants by who picked them."

[Transition to a slideshow of all the contestants categorized by how they were selected for the tournament.]

Hinchy [in English]: "Note that some of the art still isn't done yet, but our art team continues to work hard to bring this project in for a landing."

[BGM continues to play as all of the characters are categorized.]

Hinchy [during the "Most interesting fan emails" slide]: "Extra special thanks to the lucky people who sent in these awesome character ideas."

[Slideshow continues.]

Hinchy: "So, what do you think? Every one of these entrants is going to bring their own totally unique flair to their arrangements and to their takeover of the channel… should they win, of course."

[Cut back to Hinchy]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "I wonder if you can even choose just one — I definitely can't! But, regardless, whoever you vote for, I think it's safe to say that this tournament is truly going to be a grand old time."

"Before we go..."

[Dub VA: CaptainComedy | BGM: "BE THE KING (Instrumental)" by wolfman1405]

Hinchy [dubbed]: "That's all of the information we're able to give you for the King for Another Day Tournament at this time. We're reaching the end of the long road to the event's start, and it won't be long before you'll be able to see this huge cast begin to truly duke it out. We've still got work to do before that can happen though, so, let me get back to it -- and, in the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter for more updates as usual, including all of the remaining character art and MOJO!! posts. Thank you so much for joining us, and we'll see you when the battle begins."

[Hinchy looks around. After a pause she speaks directly to the viewer, breaking the format.]

Hinchy [in English]: "But, actually… let me drop the act for a moment.

"This has been a long road, and a longer one than we'd have liked. I'm really sorry that we're missing the Summer 2019 release window for the tournament that we had announced. But please trust that we've been totally breaking our backs working on this event. I'm not gonna lie — it's been really hard, and really stressful, especially in the wake of the losses that have affected us over the summer. I've personally pushed myself well past my breaking point, and I know I'm not alone.

"But I just want to say that I am so, so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work on this project in the capacity I've gotten to work on it. I'm so proud of every single person who is making this possible — the musicians, the artists, the video editors, the UI and graphic designers, the writers, people who coordinate, mediate, communicate, anyone who's made related rips or even just pitched ideas for rips or reveal trailers or anything about the tournament, everyone out there who submitted character concepts, the fans in the Discord who provide a constant stream of wild and goofy speculation, and all the fans everywhere else... I consider myself extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to make this happen with each and every one of you.

["BE THE KING" continues for a bit, with the words "Thank you!!" appearing on a black screen.]

Hinchy: "From the bottom of my heart... thank you."

[Back to Hinchy.]

Hinchy: "...all that said, though... I do have one more announcement."


Main article: hi utub im back (Bonus Reveal) - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

[The host reveal, "hi utub im back (Bonus Reveal)" plays, segueing directly into the credits.]


Written and Directed by

Narration by (in order of appearance)

Original Background Music (in order of appearance)

KFAD2 Character Portrait Artists (in order of appearance)

"SiIva Direct Presents" album art by

  • LarryInc64

Segment: Donkey Kong reveal

  • Production: Krizis and Hinchy
  • Concept: Marlon

Segment: MissingNo. reveal

  • Director: T. Hubish
  • Production: T. Hubish and Hinchy
  • Script: Hinchy
  • Music: S. M. Bowers

Segment: The Jazz Cats reveal

  • Director: wolfman1405
  • Art Director: Keeby
  • Original BGM: MonoGiraffe, Blue Fairy and wolfman1405
  • Artists (in order of appearance):
    • Galacksy
    • Deercarcass
    • 813N
    • Keeby
    • Alexander A. McDonald
    • Count Cannoli
    • davidbecile
    • LarryInc64
  • Video Production: Omknee
  • Special Thanks: Hinchy, Simon Fransman
  • Cast:
    • Coach as Shades DuPris
    • MagnumDongle as Tom "Milk Bowl" Malone
    • Omknee as sphelonious donk
    • Willie Weasel as Doge Mayer
    • ThePopStarDude as Naxx Guyfieri
    • Seagull and Excalibur and Milk Bowl's friends
    • New Guy as Shades's mom
    • Count Cannoli an announcer
    • Additional Voices: Ethan64Music, Anonite, Eevee, LKeys, DM DOKURO, Half Pixel, Pyromide, Chase, wolfman1405, Hinchy (uncredited)[1], and the SiIvaGunner Official Fan Server

Segment: Eminem reveal

  • Production: Hinchy
  • Concept/Special Thanks: Sean-Patrick

Segment: "His Salsa"

  • Recipe Video: ??? (later confirmed to be Hinchy)[1]

Segment: "The SiIvaGunner Twitter"

  • YTPMV: Omknee

Segment: Law & Disorder reveal

  • Project Lead/Head Artist: Coach
  • Script: Coach, MtH, wolfman1405, Grord
  • Production Assistance: Hinchy, LarryInc64, Count Cannoli

Segment: Unregistered HyperCam 2 host reveal

  • Production: Hinchy
  • Original BGM: CrystalForce and Hinchy

SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Promo Director

  • Hinchy

credits by me (unregistered hypercam 2)


Download the new mini-album "SiIva Direct Presents":


NOTE: The "Production" credit for the first character reveal trailer should be to "Krizis and Hinchy". Apologies for the mistake.


Please read the channel description.


  • As with "SiIva Direct 4.1.2019" and "SiIva Direct • SiIva Lighthouse Live ∣ E3 2019", the footage of Hinchy speaking gibberish without the "translation", including the YTPMV in the "The SiIvaGunner Twitter" section, has been uploaded as the unlisted video "SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Direct 9.21.2019: Hinchy Edition".
  • Originally, this Direct was only going to have two reveals: Donkey Kong at the beginning, and HOBaRT at the end. The reveal schedule was changed in June after the aforementioned 4chan leak.[2]
  • A slightly different version of this Direct was uploaded under the name "Join us for the reveal of some fuckin stupid shit!" before being privated.[3] The privated version is nearly identical to this video, except the opening countdown begins at the 5-minute mark of the original livestream instead.

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