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"SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Direct 9.21.2019 (Beta Mix)" is a high quality video of the beta mix of the SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Direct 9.21.2019.

It was first shown to early viewers of the stream. The real Direct aired a half-hour later in the same stream, at the 2 PM PT • 5 PM ET time that was advertised.


The video is actually a spoof of the main King for Another Day Direct. It follows a very similar structure, consisting of announcements detailing new contenders, as well as adjustments to old ones. It even announces the King for Another Day Tournament MOJO!! website was going to be cancelled.

The video continuously degrades in quality as it continues, interrupting segments to show new character reveal trailers, with the characters getting less logical and the reveal trailers getting lazier.

At the end, the video reaches its logical conclusion by "announcing" over 100 characters in the span of 2 minutes. It then emulates a computer crash, at which point wolfman1405 begins talking, showing frustration at the accidental airing of the video and assuring viewers that the real Direct would play momentarily.


Below is a list of all announcements in the direct, split into three segments.


These announcements showed brand new characters, with accompanying trailers.

Naxx Guyfieri

Naxx Guyfieri Splash.jpg

His trailer opens the direct. It consists of Naxx monologuing about his own charm and how he wants to win the tournament in order to make himself more desirable to women. His source list includes:

  • John Mayer songs
  • Songs about getting girls

Pickle Woodman

His trailer begins at 1:29. It mirrors the style of a story from The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, in which Robbie Rotten is called over by a voice that sounds like Wood Man in order for him to reveal that he has turned himself into a pickle. His source list includes:

  • Music pertaining to pickles
  • Rick and Morty
  • High Spec Robo Go! from Sonic Mania
  • Silly Songs with Larry from Veggietales

Cool Meme Team

Their trailer begins at 4:40. It parodies the online show "Behind the Meme", an online series with the intent of explaining the internet's various memes. The trailer mirrors such an episode, talking about a possible contender for the tournament being split between Ugandan Knuckles, Crash Bandicoot, and Big Chungus. At the end of the trailer, they are revealed to all be included as a single contender. Their source list includes:

  • Woah Crash Bandicoot
  • Hitting the woah
  • Big Chungus
  • Ugandan Knuckles
  • VR Chat
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • And the entire Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise

While the narrator speaks, the trailer displays a montage of various images and videos.

At 4:44, an animated curtain opens to reveal "What's the Joke" on a rainbow-striped radial background. At 4:55, the magenta King for Another Day logo is shown.

At 5:00, a badly drawn fake screenshot of "Know Your Meme: Most Popular Memes!" is shown. The entries in the list are:

  • Spreingtrep [Springtrap, the FNAF character] in KFAD?!
  • Rumour: Nutshack Reboot coming soon according to ResetERA [an online gaming forum]

At 5:05, a self-promotional YouTube comment from "FxGuru Skeleton", reading "PUT THE FXGURU SKELETON IN KFAD", is shown. This appears to be a reference to a 3D dancing skeleton character model.

At 5:07, another YouTube comment from "FamilyGunner" (referencing Family Guy) is shown; it says "Nyehehehe put lois in kfad she'll love it nyehehehehehe fuck that bitch".

At 5:08, this GIF of a scene from Highlander (1986) is shown. The text on the GIF reads "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!", but the narrator reads "there can only be one" instead.

At 5:11, Crash Bandicoot's animated character model, the Big Chungus image and the Ugandan Knuckles image are shown in succession.

At 5:16, the "Who won? Who's next?" scene from Lazy Polar Bear's "Greg Heffley vs Anne Frank" faux-Epic Rap Battles of History rap battle video is shown.

At 5:18, poorly edited footage of Star Trek's Captain Picard is shown; a crown becomes placed over his head. The GIF's text reads "SO MUCH WIN!".

At 5:24, a GIF from this BuzzFeed article is shown and looped several times. The GIF's text reads "But first ...".

At 5:27, the fart from Nerf This! is heard. A picture of a bathroom toilet with the YouTube logo superimposed over the top is shown, and a list of "honorable mentions" scrolls onto the screen:

  • Grand Dad
  • Woah Technology!
  • Greg Heffley and Anne Frank
  • You.
  • Hobart 2
  • Steve Harvet
  • Let it Grow
  • I spurt on my chest
  • Buddy the Elf
  • Choco

At 5:28, a theater stage is shown, and the animated curtain opens to reveal the Cool Meme Team. Crash Bandicoot then flies off the stage and towards the camera.

Mr. Electric

His trailer begins at 6:45. It shows a scene from the movie "Sharkboy and Lavagirl", in which the main character Max attempts to receive their dream journal back from a bully named Linus. All mentions of the journal are replaced with mentions of an invitation to the tournament using text-to-speech. When Max throws the invitation at Linus, it is revealed to be for Mr. Electric. His source list is not shown.


Its trailer begins at 8:19. It begins with a clip of Vinesauce Joel selecting the Mario bootleg from which the Grand Dad meme originates, with all onscreen words removed. Afterward, the number 7 is zoomed into faster and faster, with each number having a color of Grand Dad's color scheme and ominous music playing in the background (a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey) before revealing the "Funny 7" as a fighter. Its source list includes:

Berome and Beader

Their trailer begins at 9:22. It shows Beader and Berome both having a conversation about what characters could appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate, narrated by Beader. Berome consistently mentions characters that have already been announced for the game, until Beader gives him one last chance to suggest a character, to which he answers "what if they put us in Smash?" While they share the same trailer, they are individual fighters.

Beader's source list includes:

Berome's source list includes:

  • Court themed games. (Such as Ace Attorney)
  • Detective themed games
  • Games featuring Clones
  • Feels so good - Chuck Mangione
  • Working 3 Jobs
  • Songs who's composers are named Jerome
  • Music about halloween
  • Music from Halloween Games
  • Music from all Horror Games

Old Cellphone

Their trailer begins at 12:37. It begins with a person drawing over a picture in the image editing software "" while listening to the "Unused Song 2 - The Flintstones (SNES)" rip. The picture shows the "Mario Pissing" meme, with the text modified to say "Penis Grand Dad" and the color scheme of Mario changed to resemble Grand Dad's. The person then receives a message on their cellphone, which is is an invitation to the tournament from SiIvaGunner. Their source list includes:

Doki Doki Duo

Their trailer begins at 13:51. It is a parody of the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming, a channel which creates videos about often obscure video game facts. The video consists of someone with a low-pitched voice claiming that Super Mario Bros. 2 is "a rom hack of Doki Doki Panic", making rigorous use of the word "gamer" or similar terminology. After talking more about this, the song "Your Reality" from Doki Doki Literature Club! begins playing, at which point the camera pans up to reveal a character from the game, Monika, on a computer screen. The fighting duo consists of Mario, reminiscent of his design from Super Mario Bros. 2, and Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club!, whose artwork is only an unfinished sketch. Their source list is not shown.


His trailer begins at 15:23. It is identical to the trailer for the Doki Doki Duo, but with the person's voice and the background music having a higher pitch. When the person places a copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 on the table, the video is cut off to reveal Mario as a contender. His art is identical to his portrait in the Doki Doki Duo. His source list is not shown.


His trailer begins at 16:00. It consists of a video created in or imitating (a website that sentence mixes Obama), in which he announces that he will step down as the US President in order to join the tournament. His source list is not shown.

Mt. Rushmore

Their trailer begins at 16:53. It consists of a picture of Mount Rushmore accompanied by the theme song

"America, Fuck Yeah" from the 2004 movie "Team America World Police" and onscreen text which reads out a letter from N.W. XXXIV, inviting the mountain to the tournament. After this, their eyes begin to glow red as the music becomes more energetic and their portrait is revealed. Their source list is not shown.

Grandpas Bed from Stardew Valley

Its trailer begins at 17:45. It shows a screenshot from Stardew Valley in which the player character's grandpa lays asleep in bed. The song "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven plays in the background as an invitation letter appears in the man's hand. After a few seconds, the man disappears and the bed is revealed as a contender. Its source list is not shown.


These announcements discussed changes made to existing contenders in the tournament.

Wario Partners, LLP

  • The team's name was changed to "xx_wario_xx and Luigi".
  • Their portraits were changed. Wario was shown alongside various memes synonymous with MLG compilations, such as text which uses the words "quick scope", "rekt", etc. and references to Mountain Dew and the titular Major Gaming League. Waluigi was changed to resemble Luigi, flipping Waluigi's regular emblem to instead be Luigi's "L", and changing his color scheme to dominantly feature green instead of purple.
  • Obnoxiously loud dubstep, MLG Montage Parodies, and Luigi's Mansion music were added to their source list. Mario spinoffs and all Wario music were removed, with the exception of music from Wario: Master of Disguise.

Rhythm Masters

  • Their portraits were updated to "give them guns".

Metal Ajit Pai

  • His portrait was updated. The design more closely resembles the design for the original King for a Day Tournament, with all resemblance to Gundam removed.
  • The Gundam franchises and all mecha sources were removed from his source list. Music from the Terminator franchise and games featuring the Terminator, such as Gears of War 5, were added.


These reveals occurred during the end of the direct and were only given a name, artwork, and source list.

Click "Expand" to read the full list.
  • Buff Shaggy
    • Funny Twitter Memes
    • Scooby-Doo Music
    • Buff Music
    • God Music
  • Thwamp
    • Urgh
    • Urgh
    • Urgh
    • Urgh
    • Urgh
  • Susie Deltarune
  • Drake Clapping
    • Clapping
  • Meme Morgana
    • Persona 5
    • Songs About Busses/Vans
    • Songs About the Inner Torture of Human
    • Desire
  • Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
    • The Music of the Beatles
    • 60's Drug Music
    • Club Band Music
  • King Of The Cosmos
    • Katamari Gamacy
    • Songs About Rolling
    • Songs About Being a Bad Drunk Dad
    • Songs About Having a Big Dick
  • Bane
  • Cool S
    • Gang Violence
  • Ukulele Pichu
  • Hellen Keller
    • Rips With No Audio or Visuals
  • Lightning McQueen
  • The 'You Stupid' Math Kid
  • Dry Bones in his Dry Bomber
    • Dry Music
  • Mount Everest
    • Mountian Level Stage Music
    • Songs About Mountians
  • Rock MF DOOM Team
  • Mario Coin
  • Self Indulgent Team 1
  • Slider
    • G...Girl

    • Girls
  • Bluster
  • Principal Skinner
    • Songs About Simpsons
    • Songs From The Vietnam War
    • Songs About School
  • Notre Dame
    • Fire
  • The Uno Reversal Card
  • Neil Cicierega
  • Planet Express
    • Futurama
    • Songs About Space
    • Songs About Mail
    • Songs From the Future
  • Tom Cruise
    • Toolposting
    • Scientology
  • Eevee
  • Hat Kid
  • Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Bruh Tetris Guy
    • Songs About Bruh Tetris
  • M&M&M&M
    • Songs About Dr Phil.
    • Songs From Bambi 2.
    • Songs About Wanting to Have Sexual
    • Relations With the Green M&M.
    • I'm Not Saying Which One.
  • Sheldon Generations
    • Bing Bang Ball Pit Time

    • Bazingo
  • Kraid
  • Carlito
  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
    • I Warnned You About the Stairs Brother
  • Gnome
    • Got You Ol Chap

    • Hahaahahhahahahahahahahahaa
  • Chromatic Abrasion Man
    • The Fuck
  • Isn't That Effect Called
    • "Chromatic Abberation" Not "Chromatic
    • Abrasion"
  • Racist Luigi
    • Chinese People and Cowboys
  • Ben Shapiro Annoying Orange
    • Rips That Own Libtards
    • Rips About Annoying Orange, E
    • Pic
  • F
    • Rips That Are Respectful
    • F
    • F
    • F
    • F
  • Poster Pair
  • Dangerous Russian Kid
    • Rips Featuring Russian YouTube Poop
    • Memes
  • John Madden
    • Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
    • Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
    • Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
    • Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
    • Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
  • Barry "Ya Like J*zz?" B. Benson
    • Singfeld Funny
    • Vuvuzela J*zz
    • Slap Bass Flubawuapadobazzzzz
    • No Soup For U Bitch
    • Vulfpeck
  • Boo!
    • I Scared U LOL :)
  • Lou Bega
  • Cousin Joey
  • S*x Bob-Omb
    • Sex Is A Bad Word How Dare You I'm Crying
    • Right Now King For A Day Would Never Do
    • This What Will My Chlderen Thingk
  • Johnny Test
    • Whiip It
    • The Devo Song
    • Becasue The Show has Wip Sounds
    • When The Hell Is That YouTube Season
    • Gonna Be Released I'm Hypeed For It
  • Chaze's Mixtape
  • Postman Pat
  • Snas
    • Songs About Skeletons With Strokes
  • Snookie From The Jousey Shore
    • Songs About Skeletons With Strokes
  • Problem?
    • Dead Memes and Rage Comics
    • Trolooololololl

    • Rick Roll
  • 63rd Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe
    • Songs About Not Having Sex
  • Anthony Fantano
    • Reviews Game Music Instead of Ripping It
  • The Porn Channel
    • The Porn Channel
    • The Porn Channel
    • The Porn Channel
    • The Porn Channel
    • The Porn Channel
  • Eskimo Bob
    • Does Anyone Even Remember This?

    • I Don't
  • Femur Breaker
    • Ouch My Femur Owwie
  • 1ᵋ Normal Ajit Pai
  • Sailor Moon
  • 1ᵋᵋ Tom Wheeler
    • Ajit Pai's Sources, Dumbass

    • (He's The Former FCC Chairman)
  • Hobart 2
    • Songs About Hobart 2
    • Songs About Funny 2
  • Kim Jong-Un
    • Starvation
  • The Nutshack
  • Beavis and Butthead
    • Songs About AC/DC
    • Songs About Metallica
    • Songs About Cornholes
  • Ask Jeeves
    • AOL Dial Up Sound
    • Songs About Questions
    • Songs About the Dot Com Crash
  • Feet
    • Sniffffffffffff Delectable Feet Yummy
  • OJ Simpson
  • Dab
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Charlie Sheen
    • Winning
  • Teeth-Agummer
    • Teethy
  • Dane Cook
    • Funny Yelling
    • Monopoly
    • BK Lounge
    • Songs About Standing Up
  • The King
    • Disqualified Because He Is Already A King
  • Kid Icarus
    • Songs About Pit
    • Songs About Holes In The Ground
  • Bread
    • Songs About Bread
  • Coffee Link
  • Despacito
  • Stingy
  • The Fighter/Truck Freak/Crazy Ass The
  • Kirby
  • Black & Blue Or White & Gold

    • Rips Where You Can't Tell If It's One
    • Source Or Another
  • Kirby (NTSC Version)
  • The Super Smash Brother
    • Songs About Smashed Male Siblings
  • Seth Macfarlane Farting Trio
  • The Zelda
    • Beautiful Zelda By The Bonzo Dog Band
  • Wheel of Fortune
    • I Lost On Jepordy by Weird Al
    • Wheel of Fortune Video Games
    • Songs About Round Things That Spin

    • Songs About Soap
  • Larry King Inc 64
    • Songs About Beatles and Jewishness

    • Songs About Old People Talking
  • One Of Thouse YouTubers Who Bitches About Cartooons
    • The New Power Puff Girsls Sucks
  • White Guilt
  • Adam Replaced
  • Garkgild Gentareions Garfield Generations
  • Semi
    • I'm Semi I Stay Automatic. Money Add Then
    • Multiply I Call It Mathm Mathematics
  • Absolutely Nothing
  • Help Me Please
    • This Is Not A Joke, I've Been Editing This
    • For Days Now And They Won't Let Me See
    • My Family. I Don't Even Know What A Grand
    • Dad Is But They Have A Cattle Prod Ands
    • When I Have To Rest They Shock Me, I Need
  • Bowflex
    • Songs About Working Out
    • Wii Fit
    • Songs In G Minor
  • Marty Robbins
    • Rtolfefpek[d[d[w[dow[od[w[dw[kd[wk[]dk[
    • d3wdldl--
    • -De[wd,wdlkpkw[kw[pdkw'[fdkw[k=0wk[]w
    • -=3w]w]dwfw]0=wf0w3
  • Tommy Gorilla
    • I Can't Find My Business Cards What The
    • Fuck What The Fuck What The Hell???
  • Undertale Jerome And Undertale Reader
    • Undertale Remix Of Feels So Good And
    • Let It Be By The Beatles
  • Megalovania Only.
  • Zubaz
    • Rejected Character Concept From
    • Street Fighter and Did Not Make It Into
    • K4AD 2

    • Sad
  • Jerry Temporary
    • Band On The Run
  • Crippling Depression
    • Sorry I'm Just Not Up To This Right Now,
    • Thank You For Understanding
  • Rgeagtegagag
    • 3rker[pkew;,ewrpwepkrwww=wrkwr[w][p
    • ppprtpplptreptletpeoter--
    • erle-rlerlergrgvegegfefaqkf0

    • wfwrwrwr
    • 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888
    • 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888
    • 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888
    • 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888
    • 888888888888888888888888888888888888888
  • wk[rqw[pq]qr]qwpk]wqpk]qkrewq[ekw[kr[qkr[kq[rkq[rw[kq[wkr[q
    • 90909009090990090909099(((((((((((((((((((
  • ^ %
    • Sourcessourcessourcessources-
    • sourcessourcessourcessourcessourc-
    • essourcessourcessourcessourcessour
    • cessourcessourcessourcessourcessou
    • rcessourcessourcessourcessourcesso
  • Underbeef Sans



(A blue screen error screen appears, with a buzzing noise briefly playing. After a bit, wolfman1405 begins speaking.)

Wha...? What happened? S'there mor-- oh, god... Damn it, it crashed. Fuck! How much was left...? What ti-- ahh, what time is it even? What the fuck...? Shit, wasn't even supposed to start yet? We're half an hour early?!

The fuck was this, anyway?... Nutshackwoodman34, and... J-Jerome?? Oh, these fuckers again. How the hell did they even get into the rotation?

(frustrated sigh)

Well, the real one will go live in a bit, I guess... really wanted that Cool Meme Team though...


Organization: Keeby and SparkBag

Character artwork: Keeby, SparkBag, Larryinc64, Alexander A. McDonald, Eevee, AtlasZoidac, Davidbecile, Coacg (he wanted to be credited as this), Count Cannoli, Kolyasisan, Deercarcass, Dr. Awesome

Fake MS Paint Direct assets: LarryInc64, LarryInc65, LarryInc66, LarryInc67

Main editing and sizzle reel: SparkBag and LarryInc64

Voiceover: Hinchy, SparkBag, Keeby, LarryInc64, wolfman1405

Naxx Trailer: Edited by wolfman1405, Artwork by Keeby, Voiceover by ThePopStarDude

Pickle Woodman Trailer: Editing by SparkBag

Cool Meme Team Trailer: Editing by Grambam36, Voiceover by Captain Comedy

Berome and Beader Trailer: Editing by SparkBag, Artwork by Keeby and Sparkbag, Voiceover by 123zc1

Mr Electric Trailer: LarryInc64

Old Cell Phone Trailer: Moder112

7 trailer: Ethan64Music

Doki Doki Duo and Mario Trailers: LarryInc64

shigeru miyamoto: wolfman1405

Obama (?) Trailer: Moder112

Mt. Rushmore Trailer: Ethan64Music

Unused Audio: Ethan64Music

Zoomguy: Zoomguy