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SiIvaGunner: Starter Kit & Essentials is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a compilation album of some of the SiIvaGunner channel's most high quality rips, intended for those new to the channel.

The tracks in this album contain metadata that tells what the rip is called on the channel and links to the SiIvaGunner2 reupload of the rip.

It was initially announced through the video "An Essential Announcement" on SiIvaGunner2 and later announced again on the main channel through the video "Welcome to SiIvaGunner!".

Album cover

This album is a parody of Windows Essentials, a now-discontinued package of essential apps for Windows, as well as other software products. Its cover has several references to SiIvaGunner:

Everything you need to know about the SiIvaGunner YouTube channel in one concise, easy-to-use package!

Perfect for newcomers!

  • The four icons below the title are styled like Microsoft Office products. Each represents a major meme of the SiIvaGunner channel:
    • The blue one references 7 GRAND DAD, with a "G" for "Grand Dad", his 王 symbol, and a 7.
    • The magenta one references "Snow halation", with an "S" for "Snow halation" and a snowflake.
    • The brown one references Loud Nigra, with an "LN" for his initials and a volume button.
    • The yellow-orange one references The Nutshack, with an "N" for "Nutshack" and a peanut as well as an almond (both of which are not actually true nuts).

Track list

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No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Grand Hero" Kirbio 3:36
2. "A Wild Fred Flintstone Appeared! (Remastered)" Chaze the Chat ft. Wilfred Wombat 2:12
3. "Athletic Doctor" Psycosis 1:46
4. "A Boneless Course" toonlink 2:41
5. "Katamari on the Memes" Xarlable 5:55
6. "Angry Jojoe's banned gallery" Craz Xexe 6:29
7. "donacdad" NBGMusic 3:55
8. "Live and Ooooooooooooooh" PinkieOats 4:30
9. "Soap Disco Fusion Collab" Chaze the Chat and friends 2:44
10. "Wood Man Fusion Collab" Wood Man and the Very Nice Robot Masters 16:29
11. "Shake It Flat (GiIvaSunner Mix) (Remastered)" Vari 3:34
12. "K.K. Absolute Club Banger" toonlink 2:23
13. "Ebb & Flow Inkanation" bomberzx (PACHI87) 4:27
14. "File Select Fusion Collab" toonlink & The Gang 4:46
15. "Gourmet Race Fusion Collab" The Kings of Dream Land 3:24
16. "Time Machine To The Stone Age" MtH 3:07
17. "God of ink fusion collab" The CREATORS 4:14
18. "Delfino Nigra" MF PICKLE-O 3:02
19. "Mother's・Caption (We Paused The Channel For HOW Long?! Mix)" Can of Nothing 3:52
20. "The Second Highest Quality Rip In The World" turdl3 2:26
21. "Everyday Goodbyes (SiIvaGunner Band Cover)" Chaze the Chat ft. DYLZAL, The8BitDrummer [Jerod Collins​]​, Nick Oleksiak, and Can of Nothing 4:08
22. "skrill." NBGMusic 0:56
23. "Epic Flintstones" GiIvaSunner 3:08
24. "we are number one but with outdated memes over it" NBGMusic 2:20
25. "Goodbye to the Underground" MtH 5:28
26. "Ripping Heaven - Megamix 10" Akfamilyhome 3:00
27. "Kirby Winter Medley" SilvaGunner 6:33
28. "Bane Eater" Triple-Q 2:54
29. "Memey Hell" reason 3:46
30. "Buta Mitai" Buta Big Band and yodooder 4:49
31. "Hi-IQ Scientist Go! (Theme of the Hard-Boiled Pickles)" Blue Fairy 1:20
32. "Grand Dad's Secret Slide" ZVAARI 2:39
33. "Patched Plains Fusion Collab" Kirby and the Robobot Pilots 2:07
34. "The Coconut Gun Rap" Hinchy 2:33
35. "Mario Paint exe 2" beat_shobon 2:01
36. "Nuclear Winter" Triple-Q 4:19
37. "We Are The Crystal Gems Fusion Collab" Vari and the Crystal Gems 8:28
38. "THE WANO REVOLVING" Mitchell 3:31
39. "Creepy Castle Boss" JJokerDude 1:32
40. "Stickerbrush State of Mind" wheel able 2:26
41. "Bramble Bricks ft. Diddy Wap" MtH 3:59
42. "FIGHTING KING" dante 1:43
43. "28 Saves Later" wheel able ft. wolfman1405 3:12
44. "Snow Bottom Segue" Triple-Q 5:43
45. "Lose Your Soul To Dance" toonlink 4:39
46. "GO MY WAY FUSION!!" The Voice Inside Your Head 3:29
47. "Song of the Minions (Despicabola)" Triple-Q 3:04
48. "e" wolfman1405 1:25
49. "International Wrestling Festival 2016 -MAKE SPANKING GREAT AGAIN​!​- (Instrumental ver​.​)" CottonDog, Mescylinder, FinnOtaku 10:57
50. "International Wrestling Festival 2017 - DREAM COME TRUE (Instrumental ver.)" 26K, FinnOtaku, Geeser, Shea 16:23
51. "Kass' Theme Fusion Collab" wolfman1405 & friends 6:45
52. "Weight Will Change" yodooder 2:14
53. "Wii Shop Bling V2" toonlink 3:46
54. "Halation in Moonlight" MtH 3:25
55. "Dedede Fusion Collab" toonlink and friends 3:19
56. "G-I-L-V-A-S-U-N-N-E-R" SmokyThrill77 2:38
57. "Man, It's a Hot One" Avolience 4:52
58. "Totally Mother" toonlink 4:28
59. "Wisp Halation" Triple-Q 2:53
60. "(Meet) The Flintstones" Ahmaykmewsik 9:55
61. "Knuckles from K​.​N​.​U​.​C​.​K​.​L​.​E​.​S. & Knuckles: Knuckles in Knuckles the Echidna feat. Knuckles from the Knuckles the Echidna Series [Knuckles of the Year Edition] & Knuckles (Full Version & Knuckles)" Triple-Q 4:31
62. "Panasonic After the Blu-Ray" MtH 3:16
63. "Trailer Theme - Grand Dad Mania" MtH, MMaker, sykhro, Nape Mango, Omknee, TitaniumRopeWars 1:50
64. "Nachocity Game" Chaze the Chat and Sonicheroesfan1 1:52
65. "The 2:28 Collab" Nape Mango, Sean-Patrick, toonlink & MtH 3:50
66. "Dancing Dam" Shnabubula 14:23
67. "【=3】e-MUNO Disco (vs. 音MAD AGENT)" MtH 2:37
68. "Snowman Fusion Collab" Nikki+ and the Snowmen 5:51
69. "Grand of Dadness" Mr Lange 1:00
70. "voiceless - simple ds series vol. 01 - the mahjong (¥1480)" trivial171, MtH 4:23
71. "I Made Michael Jackson Better Guys" How2BEpic 0:24
72. "Mashup Heaven - Soundclown 10" digboy 3:43
73. "Green Greens Fusion Collab" toonlink, 101mariofreak, FivdaAurion, Mr_WoB, Nape Mango, strgg, turdl3 & Xe 2:15
74. "Lunatic Peels ~ Invisible Full Net" turdl3 2:49
75. "KORIBALL" Metalik 5:11
76. "In My Sweet Home" toonlink 2:15
77. "MOON MANSION RELAY" MtH, Can of Nothing, beat_shobon, trivial171, wolfman1405, Sir Spacebar 4:22
78. "Ripping Video Game Music......At Night" Nape Mango 2:43
79. "Problem Drinker" Le Ruse Bird and Hirokazu Ando's Chicken 2:15
80. "Become as Gadget" Bleep, feat. wheel able 2:55
81. "The legend of Barkley,Ocarina of Slam" Willie Weasel 1:12
82. "Last Grand Goodbye" Barney Rubble 2:19
83. "Vs. Starry Dreama (Phase 1)" MtH 2:55
84. "Stone halation" The Yabba Dabba μ's 4:19
85. "Dad Rave (MAGFest 2019 Panel Interstitial Theme)" Cryptrik and Moder112 3:23
Hidden track
86. "The Crabs Rave Tonight" UUN4 2:39

Bonus media

One bonus image was included on the album as a PDF:


One rip was removed from the album.

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
20. "Special Everyday Bro" Tee Lopes, Jake Paul, and Twonko ft. Team 10, SmokyThrill77, Chaze the Chat, and CaptainComedy 3:33


  • This is the first album to credit Triple-Q since he left the channel.
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