SiIvaGunner (Blue Album) is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It was first announced at the end of the SiIva Direct 4.1.2019, and later on in the same day in the video "Mariya Takeuchi In King For Another Day, Blue Album Out Today, Grand Dad Rip In April ∣ News Wave".

While the latter video advertises it as an homage to Weezer, in keeping with the album's title and cover which spoof Weezer's Weezer (Blue Album), it is actually a joke album themed to blue balls rips.

Track list[edit | edit source]

1. "Delfino Nigra" MF PICKLE-O 03:02
2. "jontron cup size" weezerfan3571 05:07
3. "Finish the Rip" Twonko and NOT Samuel 02:49
4. "To Be Continued..." Chaze the Chat 08:36
5. "you know, they didn't say badass once during the whole borderlands 3 reveal and honestly that left me pretty disappointed ngl" Twonko 01:28
6. "fuck the new cave story ost" UUN4 02:30
7. "How Yall Mfs Look Listenin To The Same 12 Notes For A Minute Straight" SoundSync5000 02:16
8. "Bird That Carries You Over An Unusually Large Gap" MtH and turdl3 01:27
9. "Blue Orgasm" MF PICKLE-O 01:26
10. "Susie almost kills Lancer with blue balls" Krizis 00:45
11. "flash man ooga booga unga unga" UUN4 01:17
12. "eeEeeEeeee" NutellaFrenchToast 01:36
13. "my balls are made of concrete" UUN4 01:15
14. "Don't Need Onboro" deogenerate 04:01
15. "money money money money money money money money money money" money 01:37
16. "track 16 this one's called,,, chaos mode" SeasonalDJ 01:47
17. "the world ended in 2012 and we're only living in a loop of it" andres 00:33
18. "Special World (Unedited) - Super Mario World" The Duane 04:20
19. "Ballin' Song of Praise" Bruh de la Boi 01:07
20. "the loop on this one is so shitty oh my god" Twonko 03:43
21. "The Rocky Road Never Ends" SmokyThrill77 01:50
22. "When you start up Batman NES for the first time and it fucks up" The Duane 00:51
23. "Circus" 123zc 01:33
24. "Complicated and Dirty" Twonko 04:59
25. "Endless Entropy" deogenerate 03:52
26. "Bubble Man except you leave the game running and everyone comes in to check on you" SoundSync5000 01:46
27. "Friend Like me for six minutes (SNES Version)" SmokyThrill77 06:08
28. "Mickey's Corporate March Into Oblivion" Sarvéproductions 01:45
29. "Just Balls & Beats" Krizis 02:04
30. "Awakening Memories -Battle with Nigra-" deogenerate 02:11
31. "Descending MEGALOVANIA" MtH 01:36
32. "Hurry Along, Chobobo" Ethan64Music 01:36
33. "We Can Make It If We All Stick Together" Pizza Totino's Boy 03:19
34. "driftveil shitty" wheel able 00:08
35. "Everlasting Goodbye" MtH 00:48
36. "Drake's Sprite" Twonko 06:01
37. "marx is just a big blue ball" RHMan 02:15
38. "Shart of Justice" Dooki51 01:12
39. "i guess this was just never meant to play -___-" Twonko 04:32
40. "A little bit of Katamari Mambo" beardfear 05:35
41. "Just wait until you get to the blue ball puzzle" MtH 03:42
42. "dare to be funny" Ethan64Music 01:14
43. "Amusement World (Blue Stages)" Nikki+ 02:37
44. "Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fac" Netyasha Roozi 02:38
45. "Sl" MtH 01:20
46. "Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sports" Netyasha Roozi 01:06
47. "Alligator Room (Chip's Theme)" Retro Gaming 01:38
48. "Charming Grand Dad" JerryStuff (Ro) 01:00
49. "Cory in Hell" MtH 01:45
50. "launch base act 2 but its epic and very blue" cookiefonster 02:06
51. "Goomba Got Balls" RHMan 02:01
52. "Yasuhiro's Crystal Ball is Blue so​.​.​." Hintlord 02:15
53. "Pomfyanna" Sanic7HQR 01:11
54. "fight against the first few seconds of the song" UUN4 01:01
55. "Vertical Point" SmokyThrill77 03:45
56. "Pathetic." MtH 00:38
57. "My Blue Balls (Ticket Typer)" Twonko 03:32
58. "system pf a down tribute song" weezerfan3571 02:55
59. "The Goodbye That Never Happened" Chaze the Chat 03:17

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The cover art depicts, from left to right, Nape Mango, Chaze the Chat, Omknee, and Twonko.
  • Most of the tracks on this album were only released as rips on the channel after the release of this album. Two tracks still do not currently have rips associated with them:
    • Track 34, "driftveil shitty", is a single loop of the introduction of "Driftveil City" from Pokémon Black & White.
    • Track 59, "The Goodbye That Never Happened", uses "Everyday Goodbyes" by Kara's Flowers. At 3:09, we hear a Minion wanting to eat a banana.

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