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SiIvaGunner, previously GiIvaSunner, is a character in the SiIvaGunner lore who ran his self-named channel during Season 1.


The SiIvaGunner character is a reference to GilvaSunner's avatar, an image of the statue of Antinous which was datamoshed for visual effect. In rips where he is given a speaking role, he is voiced by the text-to-speech voice Wiseguy from VoiceForge.[1]

Following the GiIvaSunner Termination, an eyepatch and horn similar to Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were added to the avatar. Starting with GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 3 & Knigra's cover art, his crotch is usually censored by the Fred Flintstone star from the 7 GRAND DAD title screen.

Following the SiIvaGunner Termination, the character's appearance grew more damage, with his horns exaggerated and scar on his left eye, nose, and lip.

As host

Most of his character is defined by the kayfabe from the channel impersonating GilvaSunner.

On the GiIvaSunner channel and in the early days of the SiIvaGunner channel, he would reply to comments sometimes, usually repeating the phrase "I only upload high quality video game rips." to people who insinuated that a rip was low quality, or that it was a mashup, or anything else.

At the end of channel events, he'd comment "Regular uploads will resume in [amount of time]." This was sometimes parodied as well, with the amount of time being the usual 1 hour.

When he released an album, he'd usually complain in the description that the names of his high quality rips don't match the names of the tracks, which was eventually explained to be Wood Man.

The catchphrase on rips he uploaded is "Please read the channel description."

Lore involvement

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On October 1, 2017, the origins of the SiIvaGunner character were explained in the high quality rip named "The Creation of GiIvaSunner [FILE-01] - Haltmann's Archives". The rip reveals that GiIvaSunner was carved from a meteor that crash-landed outside of the Tokyo Marunouchi Station after the meteor was bought by an unknown man for 562315000¥. GiIvaSunner comes to life, kills his creator and hijacks his computer.

SilvaGunner: Rebooted

SiIvaGunner appears in SiIvaGunner: Rebooted, but mostly plays a passive role since he is unaware of his own rebooted status. His catchphrase was changed to "Read the channel description, please." and he would rarely comment with "I upload high quality video game rips only."

End of Season 1

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SiIvaGunner appears in the final rip of Season 1, "Title Theme & Ending - 7 GRAND DAD". At the end of this rip, SiIvaGunner declares it his magnum opus and then decides to take a well-deserved rest, so he leaves his computer and goes to bed.

This was a set-up for The SiIvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special, in which SiIvaGunner is still the "host" of the channel, but all of the rips were actually uploaded by Wood Man. During this event, the catchphrase is replaced by various random amounts of the letter Z to show that SiIvaGunner is asleep.

SiIvaGunner has not had any role in the lore since this event and is still asleep, although he is frequently a subject of discussion from other characters and in Haltmann's Archives.

The SiIva A.I.

The SiIva A.I. (also called the SilvaGunner A.I. in Haltmann's Archives) is an A.I. on SiIvaGunner's computer created by the Haltmann Works Company. It has been the main host of the channel since Season 3 and acts just like the real SiIvaGunner (with a few exceptions during certain channel events).

The existence of this A.I. was first hinted through the various glitches on the channel during the start of Season 3 up until the release of "Project AIRTH [FILE-09] - Haltmann's Archives", which ended the glitches but further hinted that it was a fake SiIva. It was later explicitly revealed and named as The SiIva A.I. in "The Life and Times of Wade L.D. - A SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Side Story".

The album SiIvaGunner's Highest Quality Rips: Volume AI is named after it.


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