The SiIvaGunner team hosted a Q&A stream for MAGFest 2020. This is the second Q&A stream after MAGFest 2019 SiIvaGunner Panel last year.

Participants Edit

The people in the stream (in order of introduction) are Omknee, CrystalForce, "CrystalForce" (New Guy), Nape Mango, Willie Weasel, toonlink, Craz Xexe, "Big Chungus" (offscreen), Twonko, Deogenerate, two unnamed female friends in the back, HugelDude, PinkieOats, 123zc, Trofflesby, ShonicTH, Dirty Spaceman, RHMan, Hisa, "the real Mario" (SSB_Seal), Sean-Patrick, and Hinchy (who operates the camera).

Answers Edit

The questions and answers have been summarized below.

What happened to Chaze? Edit

  • He's just busy and focusing on IRL stuff, and the stress of the King for Another Day Tournament was too much for him which no one on the team blames him for. (In the comments Vince94 explains that Chaze has been quiet for a while and that the people who know him IRL have only said that he's busy.)

Have any of you guys on the team actually played 7 GRAND DAD? Edit

  • Most of the team has not or is unsure.
  • PinkieOats has.
  • Hinchy mentions owning the mislabeled bootleg Famicom cartridge of the game that was featured in the rip "Title Screen - Wario Land 7".

[from Cryptrik] What was your favorite part of the MAGFest Rave? Edit

Does anyone on the team know who Joe is? Edit

  • You are Joe.
  • Twonko: There's a guy in the fanserver called PoopyJoe, that's who Joe is.

Is Hinchy ironically or unironically female? It always confused me, because at the end of the Fall 2019 announcement video, it came accross to me kind of joke-y. Edit

  • Hinchy: I'm a transgender woman who came out about a year ago, right before MAGFest 2019. It's totally unironic, and if it comes off as a joke then it's because I'm a "big, goddamn unmitigated goofball first and foremost".

What was the hardest part about KfAD2 production? Edit

  • Hinchy: Yes!
  • CrystalForce: The scheduling was the hardest part, as they had to base it around the bracket results, so most of the videos were scheduled only a few hours ahead of time, if that.
  • Hinchy: Even though there were a lot of little schedule slips, this is about as smooth as it could have possibly been for a volunteer project.

Who is your favorite presidential candidate and why is it Jeb Bush? Edit

  • Hinchy: Jeb, obviously, is going to win all future elections and become dictator of Earth.

How do you make rips of games that don't have their soundfonts leaked? Edit

  • Omknee: In most cases, "soundfonts" is not be the technical term for it; the term "soundfont" refers to a simple, very simple instrument format that works well with material such as sequenced PS2, Nintendo 62, DS, and GBA music.
  • Hinchy: I don't think we've ever gotten a leaked audio source...
  • Omnkee: The audio sources are usually extracted from the game data. If you're talking about stuff like Sonic Mania, there's a process that we like to call "voodoo magic", where someone can listen to the song a lot until they recognize the exact instruments being used.
  • Hinchy: It's hard to explain. I thought I couldn't do it, but after "apprenticing" under Sonicheroesfan1 for a while, I was able to do it.

Are you still taking suggestions for a potential King for a Day 3? Edit

  • No!
  • Hinchy (as John Notwoodman): Hello! Potential King for a Day 3 fan... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Offscreen: I'm gonna YTPMV this!
  • [Omknee tries to stop the team from saying it's never happening but fails.]
  • toonlink: We're skipping King for a Day 3, and we're doing King 4 a Day!
  • [The team freaks out at this announcement.]

Is Inspector Gadget going to take over the channel again? Edit

  • Probably.
  • Hinchy: I hope so!

Someone kiss Harvey for me. Edit

  • That's not a question.

Who the heck is the guy filming? He has a very awkward voice. Edit

  • Hinchy: "I'm Hinchy and I have a nice voice, fuck you, also I'm not a guy."
  • Omknee: That's mean!

[from Spicy236] WHERE IS BAD MOON RISING 2? Edit

  • Hinchy: Hi, Spicy236, we're not answering that question.

Since the Dancing Alien Team has been reunited, does that mean that Will Smith and Pitbull will join their team to create a big mashup team, or will they just be individual contestants again? Edit

  • Hinchy: The answer is neither because King for a Day 3 is not happening.
  • [Hinchy and Omknee briefly fight over whether it's not happening "currently" or not happening "ever".]

Are you coming to Brazil? Edit

  • Omknee: Hopefully, I'd love to come to Brazil.
  • Hinchy: I feel like, as a trans woman, I'd be scared going to Brazil.

Who's your favorite King for a Day character? Edit

[after the next question was answered]

  • Hinchy: I also want to point out the most underrated characters were HOBaRT (obviously), Jack & Elmo, and Men in Black.
  • LarryInc64: Self-Indulgent Team 1 [his own OCs], also Jack & Elmo
  • CrystalForce: I didn't know we could say more than 1, so honorable mention to Daft Punk and

Is the new merch exclusive to MAGFest? Edit

So far, the King for Another Day posters, busts, and charms are exclusive to MAGFest 2020.

What's your favorite video game soundtrack? Edit

  • CrystalForce: Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future.
  • Nape Mango: It's a tie between Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario.
  • Deogenerate: Eschatos.
  • Willie Weasel: Patapon 1, 2, and 3.
  • Agent: Xenoblade Chronicles 1.
  • Unnamed friend 1: Sonic Adventure.
  • Toonlink: Ocarina of Time, and currently Klonoa.
  • Trofflesby: We Love Katamari and Tekken 5.
  • Unnamed friend 2: Mario Kart 8.
  • 123zc: 1500 DS Spirits vol. 01 - Mahjong.
  • Shonic: The World Ends With You.
  • Dirty Spaceman: Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Hisa: Terraria: Calamity Mod.
  • New Guy: Undertale.

Will the new merch be on Bandcamp? Edit

  • There might be something that happens, but no promises at all.

Are you excited for DJ Professor K Takeover? Edit

  • Everyone: Yes!

Who is Bob? Edit

  • Joe Mama.

Can we get Padamon Team for KFAD3? Edit

  • Hinchy: No! No KFAD3!

Is the CCC still in Dev Hell? Edit

  • Hinchy: As we said in the panel, we are going to finish the CCC eventually.

[from VvvvvaVvvvvvr] You owe me 20 bucks. Edit

  • Hinchy: No.
  • Willie Weasel: It was 10!
  • ???: We'll give you 7.

Can we get more Big Chungus rips, please? Edit

  • [Several people say "no" but are overtaken by a chant of "yes".]
  • Willie Weasel: Shoutouts to Simpleflips.

Hello Nape, have you updated your Social Security number since last year? Edit

  • Nape: Next question, I'll get back to you on that.

[After the next question is answered, this is asked again.]

  • [Nape holds up his phone with the text "THE" while Toonlink holds his phone next to it with the text "PENIS".]

Favorite KFAD rip? Edit

[from Geshtro] What did the team personally think of "Lifelight"? Edit

  • Hinchy: It's such a good tribute, you did an amazing job on it Geshtro, we all loved it so much.

Hey guys! Been watching for a while, I love your rips, I was hoping to eventually learn how to rip for the channel. What software would you recommend for beginners such as myself? Edit

  • Hinchy: Check out Matsu Muhō's official ripping guide.
  • [A couple people ironically answer "RaveDJ" which causes a commotion.]

What are all of your thoughts on crediting rip creators on the normal rips like TTGD? Edit

Sorry. That's just part of our thing. It's too late to change that. There are some people on the team who want to, but the majority of the team doesn't want to. And stuff like KFAD are treated completely different since they're completely original arrangements, but for the normal rips we want to keep the practical jokes alive as much as possible.

Is Chip tha Ripper still the worst SiIva meme? Edit

  • Hinchy: Bad take! Bad take!
  • [Everyone in the room freaks out in disapproval.]

Any chance of Neil Cicierega rips since he couldn't get in KFAD? Edit

  • Yes.
  • Hinchy: I've been listening to the Mouth trilogy lately, so I might take you up on that offer.
  • Sean-Patrick: Even if your favorite character didn't win or get into KFAD, there are still people who are passionate about them. I have WIPs for Eminem and Mariya Takeuchi, and I don't plan on canceling them regardless of the results.

How hard is it to get into the art team? Edit

  • Hinchy: You have to be good.
  • LarryInc64: Right now we're kind of doing a bit of restructuring to see how we get people onto the team. A lot of the recent claims are already solidified, so we aren't adding too many people. I haven't been able to check it too much during MAGFest, but a lot of the other managers are setting up the server.
  • Hinchy: You just submit your application and your work, and if it's good, stuff can happen.
  • Willie Weasel: As someone who has worked in letting people into that team, something that goes underappreciated isn't just that your art is good, it's also that your art would be a good fit for the established styles that we already have.
  • Hinchy: Flexibility is important.
  • LarryInc64: Some important skills are doing backgrounds, more dynamic stuff, and portraits. At the same time, your art doesn't have to be perfect, because we have a team of directors.
  • Hinchy: This is an important thing. Part of being any part of SiIva, whether art or music, is that you have to be able to take and apply criticism. We have quality control processes, and people are going to tell you, "Maybe this part of your thing kind of sucks and you're gonna have to change it", and you just have to go along with and trust the people.
  • Omnkee: But nobody will actually tell you "This kinda sucks".
  • Hinchy: No, yeah, we're never gonna be a jerk about it. The worst-case scenario is we might say that we don't like the idea, we don't think it's a good fit.
  • LarryInc64: If you see the art team reel, there's a time-lapse of how we did Law & Disorder. You can see we got pretty close and restarted. No one just goes "this sucks". I was the lead person, but all the artists would come in and draw over, maybe be like "Maybe the proportions could be a bit more like this..."
  • Hinchy: It's a collaborative thing, you have to be in the spirit of collaboration.
  • LarryInc64: I really just want to see everybody improve with their art. I am a bit of a hard-ass a lot of the time, but it's mostly just because I want to see people improve, but also there's a balance of just like, we still want to have fun doing it.
  • Agent: You don't necessarily have to be the best, too, because a lot of the charm that comes from art is just from doing something special. Like the way Wood Man looks, that was something that was just on a whim.
  • LarryInc64: We're planning on doing more of the Nutshackwoodman34 ones. Chaze the Chat did a drawing for Judge Jerome. If you look in the reel, the last one is a drawing of Gaijin Goombah, Chaze drew that. Especially with projects like that, we can just focus on having fun and not have to worry about quality.
  • Hinchy: If you're watching this, we miss you, Chaze!

Sing King for a Day. Edit

[Someone plays "BE THE KINGstrumental", and the team members sing "BE THE KING".]

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