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The SiIvaGunner Termination was a two-month hiatus in January and February 2019 following the termination of the SiIvaGunner channel.


On January 4, 2019, the channel was terminated due to multiple reports of copyright infringement. The team addressed the concerns during the MAGFest panel, as well as an online Q&A, reassuring viewers that the channel would continue even if the original channel was lost. The channel was thankfully restored on February 28, 2019, immediately beginning the Season 3 Finale.


December 19, 2018

The SiIvaGunner channel's termination came about because of an attempt to dispute copyright claims on these rips that were blocked in Japan due to using music owned by Sony Music Entertainment of Japan:

These rips were not freed from copyright claims. Instead, the channel simultaneously got three copyright strikes, and the rips listed above were blocked worldwide. Those rips had counter-claims submitted to YouTube and then were fully deleted from the channel. The strikes initially prevented any videos from being uploaded to the channel for two weeks, much like the Hot One Break, Short Pause, and King for a Day Tournament Break, which were also caused by copyright strikes. However, unlike the prior pauses, the consequences soon became more severe.

To prevent further problems with copyright strikes, these rips with copyright claims were also deleted:

Additionally, a handful of rips (such as "Sugar Lane - Sonic Lost World", "Bonus Area (World 5) - New Super Mario Bros.", and "Route 18 - Pokémon X & Y") were removed from the schedule so that the appropriately-named "The Grand Finale - Super Smash Bros. UItimate" would become the last rip before uploads paused, though these would eventually be made public after the Season 3 Finale.

The copyright strikes caused the Grinch Takeover to be cut short, with a Twitter comic posted on Christmas becoming the takeover's official ending.

January 4, 2019

Around 11:50 AM EST (GMT-5), YouTube rejected the counter-claims against the rips affected by Sony Music of Japan, causing the SiIvaGunner channel to be terminated. Most active backroom members at the time were attending MAGFest 2019, making it especially difficult to resolve the situation. A tweet was quickly put out directing people to SiIvaGunner2 (at the time "SiIvaGunner (backup)").

January 5

The MAGFest 2019 SiIvaGunner Panel was held. Since the panel came so shortly after the channel's termination, information about the termination ended up being worked into the panel.

The following videos were uploaded to SiIvaGunner2:

January 7

"Dark World - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" was made public very briefly as a test.

January 9

A selection of the channel's most popular or historically significant rips, plus its major fusion collabs and a few miscellaneous videos, were re-uploaded to celebrate the third anniversary of GiIvaSunner.[1] Chaze explained that this was done to celebrate the channel's third anniversary, and to show why he loves SiIvaGunner.[2] All those rips were released on the album SiIvaGunner: Starter Kit & Essentials, the only album to be released during the channel's termination.

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January 10

The upload schedule from the previous day continued past midnight with two brand new videos:

These two videos are the Flintstones edit of Crab Rave played at the MAGFest 2019 panel and the announcement video for SiIvaGunner: Starter Kit & Essentials, respectively.

A little bit later in the day, a few more videos were (re)uploaded:

The first three of these videos are rips that the team forgot to reupload the previous day, despite their inclusion on SiIvaGunner: Starter Kit & Essentials. The last video is the rip "Main Theme - Superman 64" with more appropriate, non-rip metadata.

February 13

After numerous attempts from backroom members to get the SiIvaGunner channel back, backroom member ShonicTH posted a thread to Twitter, and Team YouTube's account responded, saying that the message was passed to YouTube's copyright team for review.[3]

February 14

The counter-claims were accepted, allowing the channel to eventually be reinstated if Sony Music Entertainment did not respond within 2 weeks.[4]

February 28

With no response from Sony, the SiIvaGunner channel was reinstated and all videos were restored except the ones that had been removed on December 19, 2018. When the channel returned, Season 3's finale event began, starting with "Emote: Dance Moves (Epic Mix) - Fortnite" immediately after the channel was restored and ending with "The Life and Times of Wade L.D. - A SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Side Story" on March 24.

On SiIvaGunner2, the video "we're back" was uploaded and all the videos from January 9 and 10 were set to unlisted (except for "An Essential Announcement", though it was unlisted later). However, they are still linked to in the SiIvaGunner: Starter Kit & Essentials track notes, and can also be found via the SiIvaGunner2 channel's playlists which have remained public.

March 6

"K.K. House ~ Club Version" was relisted on the SiIvaGunner2 channel while "Circus (Terminated Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's" was re-uploaded to the main channel.


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