SiIvaGunner Wiki

This page contains the SiIvaGunner Wiki's content policy. It describes criteria and rules for all or specific types of content.

Content criteria

  • All content should relate to the YouTube channel SiIvaGunner.
  • All content needs to be accurate. The SiIvaGunner Wiki aims to provide reliable information. In particular, adding speculation and own inventions (fan fiction, fan art, etc.) to articles is not allowed.
  • All content needs to be verifiable. Other editors need to be able to check and verify it.
  • All content needs to be informative. Information which is only of interest to the writer or to other editors (as opposed to readers) should not be included in articles.
  • All content needs to be objective and written from a neutral point of view. Opinions, and "my favorite"-style passages should not be added to articles.
  • All content needs to relate to official SiIvaGunner content; unofficial and fan content is not covered on this wiki.

Criteria for specific content

Contributor pages

Pages about SiIvaGunner contributors and other real-life individuals should only contain information related to SiIvaGunner, such as contributions and ripping history. Personal information (such as date of birth and appearance) may be removed without notice, and contributors may request to have their information removed from the wiki by a staff member.

Deletion policy

Editors must start a discussion on any articles they feel should be deleted. This can be done on the forums and in the Discord server. Staff members may remove articles if they feel they are inappropriate.

Candidates for deletion tag

Editors should only use this tag on articles that were created out of vandalism, or when a discussion on an article being deleted is ongoing. It is not supposed to be placed on articles that the editor wishes to be deleted.