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This is a glossary of terms and phrases related to the SiIvaGunner channel and its community.



  • advertised track – the "ripped track" or "original track"; the track that is listed as the rip's source material; the track that a rip poses as.
  • Angry Joe – a YouTuber and video game reviewer commonly associated with the "Four Hours!" meme.
  • AQAP / As Quality As Possible – sometimes stylized as #AQAP; a parody of the acronym "As Balla As Possible" coined by Chad Warden.
  • arrangement – a rip joke involving remaking a song in a different style or instrumentation. Contrast with melody changes, which do not alter other musical aspects such as the chords and accompaniment.


  • backroom – the team behind SiIvaGunner responsible for managing the channel and its content.
  • bait-and-switch – the action of advertising a product as something other than it is. SiIvaGunner, a channel that pretends to upload unedited video game music, is often described as a "bait-and-switch" channel.
  • blue balls – a rip joke involving a section of a song (usually its introduction) being repeated indefinitely ("looping") instead of moving on to the rest of the song.


  • Chad Warden – a character based on the internet troll Chad Warden that was the protagonist of SiIvaGunner: Rebooted.
  • collaboration – also "collab"; a team effort by two or more individuals.
  • comment – a message left underneath YouTube videos as part of its Comments feature.




  • fake-out – a rip joke wherein a rip appears to have a certain joke or song, and then becomes something else.
  • funny flintstones/funny seven – An ironic way to refer to The Flintstones or 7 GRAND DAD.
  • funny mixer – An ironic way to refer to HOBaRT.


  • Getting beaned – the act of being assaulted by the audio of Green de la Bean.
  • Grand Dad – the titular character from 7 GRAND DAD and meme from the channel.


  • high quality rips – alternatively "rips"; the SiIvaGunner channel's modified uploads of video game music that pose as unedited "rips".


  • The "I don't get the joke" club – A fictional place commenters refer to when they don't understand the joke.
  • "Is this lore?" – see lore.



  • kayfabe – the act or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic. On SiIvaGunner, the "kayfabe" of the channel involves presenting itself as a legitimate channel for actual rips.
  • key – the group of pitches, or scale that form the basis of a music composition. Rips must be on-key (i.e. every song in it played in the same scale).


  • leitmotif – a distinct musical theme, such as a melody, that is associated with a person or situation.
  • lore – the overarching story of the channel. The phrase "Is this lore?" is often ironically used in reference to the absurdity of actual lore.
  • low quality – a twist on "high quality rips" that indicates that a rip is genuinely poor in musical quality.


  • mashup – a musical arrangement of two or more songs mixing the instrumental or vocal tracks. Traditional mashups involve one song serving as the instrumental and another's acapella serving as the vocal. A variant is the unsynced mashup.
  • medley – a rip with at least 5 modifications from the original track.
  • meme – a humorous idea spread by users of the internet; a running joke.
  • melody swap – a rip joke incorporating the instruments of the original track playing the melody of another track.
  • MIDI – a widely used standard for interconnecting electronic musical instruments and computers. MIDIs only contain instructions for playing music, and must use soundfonts to play a song.
  • MIDI slap – also MIDI swap. Using the advertised track's soundfont with another game's MIDI. Generally frowned-upon as low-effort. Often confused with SoundFont change.



  • original composition – an original work that is not derived from another source.
  • original soundtrack – also OST; the original soundtrack composed for a game or other medium. Contrast with licensed tracks.


  • President Haltmann – a character from Kirby Planet Robobot used as an antagonist during the Christmas Comeback Crisis.



  • Reboot – see SiIvaGunner: Rebooted.
  • remix – a piece of media which has been altered by adding, removing, or changing pieces of the piece.
  • rip – a bootleg or unofficial copy of a song. In terms of video games, ripping involves using an external program to extract a track from a game's files. See high quality rips for the other usage of "rip".
  • ripper – 1. a person who creates high quality rips. 2. a person who takes sound files from a video game.


  • sample – a portion of a song, instrument, or other sound and re-purposing it for a different piece.
  • sequenced music – video game music that is sequenced is played "live" with a sequence of notes that the game plays in real time, usually through MIDI with a SoundFont. Contrast with streamed music.
  • "Shoutouts to SimpleFlips" - a Super Mario 64 meme referencing speedrunner SimpleFlips inspired by Vinesauce Joel
  • SiIvaGunner (or simply SiIva; capital i) - a collaborative channel and parody of SilvaGunner (lowercase L) that produces high quality video game rips. The channel this wiki is about.
  • GilvaSunner (originally SilvaGunner with a lowercase L) - a channel dedicated to ripping video game music.
  • SiIvaGunner: Rebooted – a channel event used to diversify the SiIvaGunner channel's memes.
  • soundfont – a file format using sound samples to play MIDIs.
  • soundfont change – a rip joke in which the advertised track's MIDI is played with another SoundFont. Often confused with midi swap.
  • streamed music – video game music that is stored in a music file in the game's files. Streamed music is much harder to edit than sequenced music.
  • switcheroo – a bait-and-switch rip in which there is almost no trace of the advertised track.


  • track – a song or other audio file released on an album or soundtrack.


  • unsynced mashup – a mashup that is purposely off-key, in-harmonious, or otherwise unsynced between the song(s) involved in it.


  • Vinesauce Joel – a streamer responsible for the 7 GRAND DAD and "Meet the Flintstones" memes.
  • The Voice Inside Your Head – the primary antagonist of SiIvaGunner: Rebooted and the Christmas Comeback Crisis.




  • YTP – YouTube Poop. A video / audio mashup of a given source (usually something on mainstream television) that has been heavily edited to alter the original context and transform the source.
    • YTPMV – YouTube Poop Music Video. A recreation of a song using clips of a source. A common practice in YTPMVs is to show the clip associated with an audio clip whenever it appears, often flipped / repeated multiple times to show every time the sample is used. The result is a true musical mashup of both audio and video.