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The Manual of Style is a styling guide that articles and pages of the SiIvaGunner Wiki should follow to ensure consistency over the articles. It assumes that the reader has read Help:Editing.

The formatting may not be applicable to every circumstance, and editors should use their own judgement to balance following the guide and making a page well presented and clear.

Wikipedia's manual of style contains good guidelines to follow as well.



Be appropriately precise when describing things. Use technical terms appropriately; e.g. "soundfont" should be used to refer only to .sf2 soundfont files, and more appropriate words like "instruments" and "samples" can be used to refer to the actual sounds. Assuming or guessing things should be avoided; e.g. "an 8-bit arrangement" should be preferred over "a Famitracker arrangement" unless there is a source that can be used to confirm the ripper's use of Famitracker.

Trivia sections should be used sparingly. Section headers like "History" can often be more appropriate.


When writing an article, certain words should be formatted with italics, bolding, or with "quotation marks":

  • Games and SiIvaGunner albums should be in italics using two apostrophes (''italicized text'')
  • The first mention of the rip's name should be in the intro-paragraph and bolded ('''bolded text''')
  • Songs, tracks and rips should be surrounded by "quotes"
  • Artists and composers are left as normal text


See Help:Infobox for some background on how infoboxes work.


See the section Rips and the Rip page guide for an in-depth tutorial on using the Rip infobox. The template's documentation is at Template:Rip/doc.


See Template:Album/doc for how to use the Album infobox.


See Template:Meme for how to use the Meme infobox.


Main article: SiIvaGunner Wiki:Manual of Style/Rips


If the meme is a song with lyrics (a mashup source like Soulja Boy or The Nutshack for example), you can get the lyrics on a website and copy paste them on the wikia article in a Lyrics section.

The lyrics may vary depending on the website, so you should create a Reference after the Lyrics section and a References section at the end of the article where you add a References list.

See Help:Cite for help with the references and references list.

In order to show the lyrics properly, you have to use the Wikitext tags "<poem> </poem>" with the SOURCE EDITOR ONLY, else it will skip a line at every line break.

See Help:Wikitext and Help:Wikitext/tag examples for help with the links and the tags.

If you have made a Playlist of all rips featuring this meme, you can make an external link to it in a Playlist section.

The article should feature a link to the original source (many articles don't have it), preferably in the External links section.

The order of the article should be like this:

  • Description of the meme and of its use in SiIvaGunner Rips
  • Lyrics (section)
  • Playlist (section)
  • References (section)
  • External links (section)

For the description of the meme, a section called "Rips", "History" or "SiIvaGunner" is recommended. It should describe in which occasions and how the source is generally used (melody changes, mashups, medley rips...). The formatting and content is similar to Contributors articles in that it can describe chronologically the most well-known rips using the source.

It is important to add a link to the corresponding "Rips featuring..." category by adding this adding this code under the "Rips" section header: {{See also|Category:{{PAGENAME}}}}.


Contributors are real people. To this end:

  • Do not add personal information without the person's consent. Real names, home addresses, and private social media are all counted as "personal information".
  • Be respectful. Adding insulting content to a person's page, even as a joke, will result in an editing block.
  • Be objective. Keep the content of the page to the facts. If you affirm something about someone, you have to source it with a reference. Keep the interpretation in these articles to a minimum.
See Template:Contributor/doc for help with the Contributor infobox.

Example of a simple article:

  • Contributor Infobox (name, profile picture, links to SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Sections:
    • History with references.
    • Contributions (to the SiIvaGunner channel)
    • Playlist of contributions
  • Categories:

In the "Contributions" section, add a link to the contributor's category or list of contributions. You can do this by adding this code under the section header: {{See also|Category:{{PAGENAME}}}}.

For an example of a good contributor article, see "Triple-Q".


Playlist categories

Playlist categories should link to their respective playlists from the SiIvaGunner channel. For categories of video games, the infobox Template:Game should be used, and sections with these titles should be on the page:

  • "Summary" - a short introduction to the game and its premise
  • "Rips" - a bulleted list with just the track name.
    • For different versions of a track, add indented bullet points underneath the rip that doesn't have parentheses for the version.
  • "References in other rips" - for listing rips that reference tracks from the game the playlist represents.


Playlist categories should receive the same name of the playlist in the SiIvaGunner channel. If a name is not possible to reproduce in the wiki, the character should be ignored. A technical list of invalid names can be seen on the MediaWiki website.

If there are useful alternative names to a playlist, they should be redirects to the original name.


Images of playlists should receive the same name of their respective playlist from the SiIvaGunner channel. These images need to be the same from the channel's playlist, or an alternative that looks close enough.

Check the guide on how to extract the thumbnail of a video.


Main article: SiIvaGunner Wiki:Manual of Style/Albums

SiIvaGunner albums have their own format. They should:

  • Have {{DISPLAYTITLE:''{{PAGENAME}}''}} at the top of the page, so that the title is italicized.
  • Use the Album infobox next to the DISPLAYTITLE.
  • Have an introductory paragraph below the infobox.
  • Have a track list section with a table using {{Track}} for each track.
  • Have a link to a category in Category:Rips by album in a "See also" section
  • Have the album navigation box at the bottom (simply put {{AlbumNav}} on the bottom of the page)
  • Be categorized in Category:Albums.

Track list section

The track list section is a table of all the rips released in the album. The section uses Template:Track.

To make the table, put this code into the album page:


Adding tracks

In the above table, between the {{Track}} and the |}, add {{Track|<Number>|<Track name>|<Ripper>|<Length>}}

Hidden tracks

For hidden tracks (tracks that are not included on the Bandcamp page), at a new line after the end of the last track on the Bandcamp page, and before the beginning of the first hidden track, add the following code:

|colspan="4"|<center>HIDDEN TRACKS</center>
Note: If there is a jokes column as well, change colspan"4" to colspan"5".

Example page

This page provides an example album page: SiIvaGunner Wiki:Manual of Style/Albums/Example.