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This guide is meant to illustrate how to create an album page and what the procedure is when a new album is released. You must use Source edit mode to create album pages. The default editing environment (VisualEditor) will break album pages.

For other types of articles, see SiIvaGunner Wiki:Manual of Style.
For an example page, see SiIvaGunner Wiki:Manual of Style/Albums/Example.

When a new album appears

Main Page

Whenever a new SiIvaGunner album is uploaded, the Main Page must be updated to reflect the new album's release. If another editor has not already done so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the latest album's Bandcamp page
  2. Note the album page's web address, or URL. This address is referred to as "ALBUM_URL" in this guide.
  3. Download the album cover from the Bandcamp page. If you wish, you may download the album and download the cover from there.
  4. Name the cover the same name of the album, if possible. The name of the album is referred to as "ALBUM_NAME", while the cover's file name is referred to as "ALBUM_COVER.EXT".
  5. Upload the cover to the wiki, and categorize it in Category:Album covers.
  6. Go to SiIvaGunner Wiki/Latest album and follow this format:
<p style="font-size:30px; text-align:center">Latest album</p>
<!-- Update below. The format for this page can be found at -->

<p style="text-align:center">''[[ALBUM_NAME]]''</p>

<p style="text-align:right"> [ALBUM_URL Download it now!]</p>

You may also want to note the URL and title of the video used to announce the album for the introductory paragraph.

Album Navigation Box

The Album Navigation Box, or "AlbumNav", is a template with links to every album released by SiIvaGunner. It is inserted onto every album page to help readers navigate between album pages. When a new album is released, the template must be updated to reflect the new change.

For more information on the album navigation box, see its documentation page.

Components of a SiIvaGunner album

SiIvaGunner releases its albums on Bandcamp, a site that allows music artists to post albums with:

  • A title
  • A cover
  • A track list
    • Every track in a track list is formatted:
X. [Ripper] - [Track name] YY:YY

For example:
1. Sir Spacebar - The channel ytp4life lost 06:11
  • Bonus content not listed on the Bandcamp page
  • And possibly an album description.

In addition, SiIvaGunner also posts an announcement video on YouTube that has:

  • A title
  • A web address or URL

Components of an album article

An album article includes:

  • The album's title in italics (''italicized text'')
    • The DISPLAYTITLE magic word to make the title of the article appear italicized (since the title is the name of the album)
  • An album infobox (that includes the cover) next to the DISPLAYTITLE
  • An introductory paragraph that mentions the announcement video
  • A track list under the paragraph
    • Every track in the track list is formatted:
{{Track|X|Track name|Ripper|YY:YY}}

For example:
{{Track|1|The channel ytp4life lost|Sir Spacebar|06:11}}
  • A "Bonus media" section, if the album contains images or other files not listed in the paragraph.
  • A link to the album's category
  • The Album Navigation Box template (simply put {{AlbumNav}} at the end)

Making an album page

Album pages currently do not have a form like rips do. However, album pages are relatively easy to create, and can be started immediately by creating a new page.


The DISPLAYTITLE magic word is put on the very top of the page with the syntax:

{{DISPLAYTITLE:[Title to display]}}

On the album pages, most uses of DISPLAYTITLE are used like this (assuming the name of the page is an album name):


The above example uses another magic word called "PAGENAME", which displays the name of the page the word is used on.


The album infobox is put next to the DISPLAYTITLE magic word.

The album infobox's syntax is:

|title    =
|image    = 
|upload   = 
|link     = 
|number   = 
|length   = 
|previous = 
|next     = 
  • title is optional and displays the article name in italics by default.
  • image is the cover of the album.
  • upload is the date the album was uploaded to Bandcamp.
  • link is a link to the album on SiIvaGunner's Bandcamp page.
  • number is the number of tracks in the album. If any hidden tracks exist, a note such as "(+X hidden tracks)" should be appended to the number.
  • length is the total length of the album.
  • previous is the previous album released in chronological order. It should be a link to the album page in italics.
  • next is the next album released in chronological order, if it exists. It should be a link to the album page in italics.

For more information on using the album infobox, see Template:Album/doc.

Intro paragraphs

The introduction paragraph (the paragraph before the first section and below the infobox code) should have the following format:

'''''ALBUM_NAME''''' is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. [JOKE]

It was released with the announcement video "[[ANNOUNCEMENT_VIDEO]]" ({{Icon|YouTube|2=VIDEO URL}})
  • "ALBUM_NAME" is the album's name.
  • "ANNOUNCEMENT_VIDEO" is the announcement video's title.
  • "VIDEO_URL" is the announcement video's YouTube video URL.
  • [JOKE] is the reason why the album exists and what the album compiles (e.g. "It compiles all Touhou rips." for a Touhou Project-related album).

Track list

The track list must be a table with the following code:


{{Track}} provides the header for the album's columns. For those who have never used a Wikia-style table before, the top line starts the table, and the |} ends the table.

Adding tracks

Tracks must be added in a Track list table between the {{Track}} and the |}. Every track must be added on a new line, otherwise the table will break.

Every track in a track list is formatted like so:

{{Track|X|[[Rip name|Track name]]|[[Ripper]]|YY:YY}}

For example, "The channel ytp4life lost" on Volume 1:
{{Track|1|[[The key we've lost - Xenoblade Chronicles X|The channel ytp4life lost]]|[[Sir Spacebar]]|06:11}}

For a table with jokes, this code should be added to all tracks:


...and this code should be added to the {{Track}} column header:


Hidden tracks

For hidden tracks (tracks that are not included on the Bandcamp page), at a new line after the end of the last track on the Bandcamp page, and before the beginning of the first hidden track, add the following code:

|colspan="4"|<center>HIDDEN TRACKS</center>
Note: If there is a jokes column as well, change colspan"4" to colspan"5".

Other sections

  • A Trivia section should be added with a breakdown of the album in terms of the most frequent contributor, most frequent joke, and other albums that certain tracks have been released in.
  • A See also section must be added with a link to a category in Category:Rips by album. This category should have the same name as the album page.

Several sections may also be added to the article depending on the album:

  • A Description section is necessary if the album has a description. Simply copy and paste the album description into the section.
  • A Bonus media section is necessary if the album contains other files not included in the album. A gallery should be added for SFW images.

Example page

An example page can be viewed at Project:Manual of Style/Albums/Example.

See also