Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in working on this project! While this is a big undertaking, any contribution helps! We think it's important to have content like this accessible to as many people as possible. Not being able to speak a certain language shouldn't prevent someone from accessing content that they would be interested in.

Our plan is to make a new wiki, add stubs for important pages (with untranslated versions for placeholders), and do everything in this order, from most to least important:

To get started, we have the Help section to take you to parts of the wiki that need to be translated, and the wiki list, which has link to all the wikis that are being worked on at the moment.

To contact people involved with this project, we will have either a “Translating” section on the forum or possibly a Discord server dedicated to it. For the time being, we have the Translating forum post on the News and Announcements board.


As of right now, the people who have expressed interest in this project are:

Name Languages[note 1] Notes
En Pt-br Fr Es Zh
Arthur101234 3/4/5 N
Prolyfic 4/5 N([note 2]) 1
PedroZXD 4/5 N
Valentin2003 3/4 N([note 3])
Mariosjaque 4 1 N ([note 4])
Sonicheroesfan1 4/5 N ([note 4])
Ironwestie N 2 Coding / template helper
Stroovething N 1 Organizer
NpcianT77 4/5 N
SCOUNDREL 5 N Content translation

Once again, thank you for your support in this!


Wiki list

Language (code) Administrators Link Linked?
English (en) Ironwestie, Merrygoroundoflife siivagunner Yes
Español - Spanish (es) None yet. es.siivagunner No
Français - French (fr) Prolyfic8 fr.siivagunner Yes
Português brasileiro - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) PedroZXD1 pt-br.siivagunner Yes
中文 - Chinese (zh) NpcianT77 zh.siivagunner No


New wikis

Contributing to existing wikis

If you'd like to contribute to existing wikis, you can:

  • Add interlanguage links to the bottom of pages.
  • Continue importing and translating pages that are not on the wiki
  • Correct grammatical errors on the wiki



  1. Languages are separated using the Babel system. A "1" or "2" indicates Basic knowledge, and a "3", "4" or "5" indicates increasing degrees of fluency. An "N" indicates a native speaker.
    Feel free to change your own level as you see fit. These levels are only used to indicate your own proficiency in a language and how well you can contribute in it.
  2. In French spoken in France.
  3. In Spanish spoken in Spain.
  4. 4.0 4.1 In Spanish spoken in Latin America.
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