"SiIvaGunner YouTube Trailer" is a high quality trailer for the SiIvaGunner YouTube channel.

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The video is actually a YTP-like parody of "Channel Awesome YouTube Trailer" by Channel Awesome. Several sound clips are inserted to make it sound like Nostalgia Critic, who stars in the video, is a lover of pornography and a pervert. Some cuts are looped so that the clips can play out in full.

Some rips are shown in the background.

This video was uploaded after Nostalgia Critic took over the channel in April 2018.

Sources Edit

Sound clips:

Time Sound Clip Source
0:04, 0:53, 0:56 I'm gay "I'm Gay" by Holland Boys
0:05 What the hell? "CrackHead Thief #2 HD 😂COMEDY😂 ( David Spates )" by David Spates
0:09 Boner "Cock Pushups" by Tenacious D
0:11 whack off! "At a Medium Pace" by Adam Sandler
0:15, 0:36, 0:46, 1:37 porn "The Internet Is for Porn" by Avenue Q Ensemble
0:18 Suck a cock~ "Kickapoo" by Tenacious D
0:21 spurt "Hard Fucking" by Tenacious D
on my chest "Rock Your Socks" by Tenacious D
0:23 Cleveland Steam "Rock Your Socks" by Tenacious D
0:24 my butthole "The Original Grandmas Kisses" by Greenday12688 (now removed)
0:27 PINGAS "Boogey-Mania" from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
0:29 Big Ass "Explosivo" by Tenacious D
0:31 hard-fucking "Hard Fucking" by Tenacious D
0:33 You "The Search for Inspirado" of Tenacious D (TV series)
0:34 fucking dick "Inward Singing" by Tenacious D
0:40 dick and balls "At a Medium Pace" by Adam Sandler
0:43 cum "Big Balls" by ACDC
0:47 My Ass "The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere" from Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
0:48 all fucking night "Inward Singing" by Tenacious D
0:52 cock "Kyle Quit (Demo)" by Tenacious D
0:59 fuck my ass "Drive Thru" by Tenacious D
1:02 dildo "At a Medium Pace" by Adam Sandler
1:06 What the fuck? "The Search for Inspirado" of Tenacious D (TV series)


Transcript Edit

Why, hello. I didn't see you there.
I'm gay. [funky music]
What the hell?
Welcome to Channel Awesome's boner channel.
Where you can watch me whack off!
Reviewing anything and everything relating to porn.
But it's so much more than watching me suck a cock~.
You can watch me spurt on my chest,
Cleveland Steam up my butthole,
And my most challenging character, PINGAS! in various sketches, Vlogs, and big ass.
If you don't like hard-fucking my face though, I pity you.
You... fucking dick! a vast variety of other porn that we have.
Including ones that sometimes have my ♪dick and balls♪ in it.
So you won't have to cum too much.
Or if you want to check out even more porn, you can check out my ass! all fucking
Home to some great cock and gay talent that are not me.
But for not being gay, they're pretty good.
So search around and fuck my ass.
All are welcomed here,
especially the dildos! that are flying around my face.
What the fuck?
[A parody of Universal Studios's logo with "Fuck this gay earth (and everyone in it)"]
Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to.
I love porn.

Video description Edit

Welcome to SiivaGunner. Watch the Nostalgia Critic upload high quality video game rips relating to your nostalgia with things like Grand Dad, Blueballs, and more!

The ONLY Official Youtube channel for the Nostalgia Critic and SiivaGunner.

Thanks for watching! If you're still reading this we'd like to wish you Happy Holidays!

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