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"SiIva Direct • SiIva Lighthouse Live | E3 2019" is a high quality stream held during E3 2019. It was unlisted and replaced with a normal video upload after concluding. It is the second official SiIva Direct stream after "SiIva Direct 4.1.2019", and the penultimate stream in the trio of official Directs.


Like the previous Direct, the first half of this Direct reveals various plans and pieces of information regarding the channel in a format spoofing the Nintendo Direct, a Nintendo presentation that reveals information relating to the company's games. The main focus is on information regarding the King for Another Day Tournament. The Direct also announces National Go Fishing Day and the rip "Narrow Road (Beta Mix) - Falsion".

The second half of the Direct is a spoof stream of an in-progress Totino's-themed Sonic Mania Plus mod, Totino's Mania Plus, hosted by SiIvaGunner contributors performing in-character.


To view the transcript of the SiIva Direct, click "Expand".

[The direct opens with an onscreen note, which is read out by Hinchy.]

HinchyBefore beginning today's SiIva Direct, we would like to notify you of a change that we have made to the King for Another Day Tournament roster. Due to recent events regarding Etika's mental health, we have decided to excuse his character from the competition. Ultimately, we made this change because we do not wish to bring unnecessary or negative attention onto Etika through this event while he is in the situation he is in. Our plans for what we will do with his fighting partner, Reggie, will be announced on the MOJO!! at a later date, but the music sources will remain untouched. Thank you for your understanding, and please enjoy the SiIva Direct.

[We cut to an actual commercial for Totino's pizza rolls, with the hashtag "#TotinosMania" displayed in the lower left.]

[A spoof ESRB rating is displayed onscreen: a Funny Seven given by the HWCRB, with the points "Grand Dad", "Fleentstones", "What the Fuck", and "What the Shit". This is followed by the SiIva Direct intro, except at the end, we see a "Sponsored By Totino's" mark in the top left and hear a crunch sound as the screen goes black..]

[Papyrus' reveal trailer, "Knock Knock Knock!", then plays, though this version does not have his character artwork.]

[Cut to a title card reading "Introduction", then to Chaze the Chat, who, as in the previous direct, is speaking gibberish and is dubbed over by a "translator".]

Chaze the ChatHello! I'm Chaze the Chat, head of ripping and high quality at SiIvaGunner. [A title appears: "Chaze the Chat: Co-Executive Pizza Roll Baker, SiIvaGunner".] Welcome to the E3 2019 SiIva Direct, sponsored by Totino's Pizza Rolls. This is a follow-up to our previous presentation back in April, and like then, today we'll be sharing new details with you on the King for Another Day Tournament, as well as other new SiIvaGunner headlines. Let's get right into it!

[Cut to a title card reading "Art Style".]

So far, the art we've been showing for the King for Another Day tournament has looked like this. [The previously-used sketchy line art illustration of Masked Dedede appears onscreen.] It's pretty cool, but the style seems like a bit of a step back from the first tournament, doesn't it? [We see a comparison to the first tournament's more fully-rendered King Dedede illustration.] Let's see what we can do about that.

[We cut to the currently-used, fully-rendered illustration of Masked Dedede.]

Oh yeah, now that's more like it! Our hardworking and talented art team wouldn't have dreamed of not outdoing themselves this time around, but this more complicated and polished style means that each piece takes a lot more time to make, so forgive us for waiting this long to reveal it. Though, actually, if you've been to the MOJO!!, you might have already seen this illustration of Battlefield in a similar style, but we can now confirm that all characters will be getting this treatment. [The Battlefield illustration appears onscreen by Dedede.] By the way, you may have also seen this on the MOJO!! yesterday, [A title appears reading "and, if you didn't, check out"] but King Dedede's source list has been expanded to include all Kirby music, not just boss themes.

[The following bullet point appears onscreen:]

  • Rips featuring Kirby series music

As another example of the new art, take a look at the finished art for Mariya Takeuchi. [Mariya's art appears onscreen.] And oh look, it's Papyrus, our newest challenger! [Papyrus' art appears onscreen.] Here's the sources he'll be bringing to the tournament. Please note that not just any Undertale related music applies. Papyrus is the star, and he's making the show about himself!

[The following bullet points appear onscreen:]

  • Rips featuring Papyrus himself
  • Rips featuring music from puzzle games
  • Rips featuring music related to skeletons
  • Rips related to pasta

[Cut to a title card reading "Special Guests", then cut back to Chaze.]

One of the coolest things about the King for Another Day tournament is the amount of music that's coming to us from special guests. On the MOJO!! we've already revealed the participation of DM Dokuro, known for his work on the Terraria Calamity mod and Grapple Force Rena. Today, we'd like to confirm a few more of our featured special guests: android52, anime groove machine, [An annotation appears reading "The background music you're hearing is by android52!"] Taitoki, best known for her fan works for the RPG Lisa, duuzu, pop mashup master, and RoBKTA of GameChops fame. [Images of releases from these artists appear onscreen.] There's many more where that came from, so look forward to more big and exciting names announced at a later date. Also, some of our special guests from the first King for a Day tournament will be returning too, such as ThePopStarDude and gameonion. [STRINGS OF FATE's album cover appears onscreen.]

One last special guest we'd like to announce is... you? That's right! If you want to submit your own arrangement to the King for Another Day soundtrack, now's your chance! Please email with the format you can see here onscreen. Be careful to include the "KFAD2 Music" in the subject line. Please also include both an MP3 and a lossless version of your song, such as a WAV or FLAC. Your work will be fully credited to you on both the album and YouTube channel, so no anonymity agreement is required.

[The following template appears onscreen:]

KFAD2 Music

Song Name - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

Music: (Song Name)
Original Composer: (The composer of the original track, if applicable.)
Original Arrangement: (Use this if elements of a specific arrangement of a track are used.)
Arrangement: (How you would like to be credited.)
Performed by: (Use this if other people sang or performed instruments on the track for you.)

Source: (Put the game, show, album... whatever the original song is from, here.)
Character Representing: (the tournament entrant this song is for)

Lossless: (link to FLAC/WAV here)

MP3: (link to MP3 here)

[The template transforms into an example]

KFAD2 Music

Wario Land 3 Medley - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

Music: Wario Land 3 Medley
Original Composer: Kozue Ishikawa
Arrangement: Hinchy

Source: Wario Land 3
Character Representing: Wario Partners, LLP



[Cut back to Chaze.]

Now, it's once again time for the latest SiIvaGunner headlines. Take a look!

[Transition to a "SiIva Direct Headlines" section. The first headline: "Fish On!"]

Cast a line out for National Fishing Day!

[Cut to a lake, as an announcer with an exaggerated Southern drawl speaks.]

Announcer (wolfman1405)The gentle breeze of the open water... just you, the sky, the water, and the life within. SiIvaGunner invites you to celebrate this special day by sittin' back with your good pals and crackin' open a cold one [sound of a can being opened] and enjoyin' the high-quality fishing rips.

[A photo of a fisherman appears onscreen with the text "National Go Fishing Day".]

Chaze the Chat"National Go Fishing Day" is June 18th, 2019.

[Next headline: "A Totino™ Taste™ Test™!"]

It's the taste sensation sweeping the world!

[Cut to Chaze, holding a pizza roll in one hand and a paper plate with an unconvincingly pasted pile of pizza rolls on the other.]

Our gracious sponsor, Totino's pizza rolls, has sent us these Totino's pizza rolls, and today, we're going to try them live! [Chaze eats the one real pizza roll with a cartoon bite sound.] Mmm, I must say, these pizza rolls are very delicious! Next time I'm at the grocery store, I'll buy some! Thank you, Totino's!

Totino's pizza rolls are available in stores now.

[Next headline: "A Secret Street Stars Radio Exclusive!"]

Now baby, we're the rippers!

[Cut to footage of Chip tha Ripper performing as "S.L.A.B. Freestyle"'s drums play in the background.]

Everyone's favorite high-quality rip format, the Chip mashup, is ready to return in style with this mystery rip! What will it be? You'll just have to wait and see. Look forward to when this secret Chip the Ripper rip is released on June 25th, 2019.

[Final headline: "What's This!?"]

Hmm, now what is this doing here?

[Jack & Elmo's reveal trailer, "Fighting Octagon Team", plays, though this version does not have their character artwork.]

[Cut to a title card reading "More Art, More Sources", then cut back to Chaze.]

Chaze the ChatLet's check out a few more characters while we're here. First up, another new challenger: Jack and Elmo! [This pair's art appears onscreen.] Their sources include all sorts of things related to Jack Black, including his use in YTPMV, Sesame Street and The Muppets, and edutainment games, too. There may not be as many as eight different awesome angles to approach his rips, but he'll certainly be bringing a fantastic side to this tournament!

[The following bullet points appear onscreen:]

  • YTPMVs of Jack Black, especially clips of his appearances on Sesame Street
  • Rips featuring music from Sesame Street and The Muppets
  • Rips featuring music by Tenacious D or otherwise related to Jack Black
  • Rips related to edutainment games

[A disclaimer also appears: "Just to avoid confusion, this song is not for Jack & Elmo-- it's for Mariya Takeuchi!"]

[Mr. Krabs' art appears onscreen.]

Here's Mr. Krabs! Bikini Bottom's burger baron himself brings an eclectic mix of content, including rips related to the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise, as well as rips related to pirates, crabs or money.

[The following bullet points appear onscreen:]

  • Rips related to the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise
  • Pirate-themed rips
  • Rips related to crabs
  • Rips related to money

[Off the Hook's art appears onscreen.]

Now, let's have a look at Off the Hook! First, a small update. The artist formerly known as Glenna has decided to drop the stage name in favor of her real name, Paruko. As the second-place finishers of the second tournament, we decided that they didn't need a huge buff, but we are now allowing the use of the song "God of ink", from... well, let's just say it's from Splatoon 2.

[The following bullet points appear onscreen:]

  • Rips featuring music from the Splatoon franchise
  • Rips featuring "God of ink"

[A disclaimer also appears: "Character name is now "Off the Hook (ft. Paruko)"".]

[Dr. Robotnik's art appears onscreen.]

And finally, let's talk about Dr. Robotnik, who we revealed in the last direct. He'll be featuring classic-style YTPs and video edits featuring Dr. Robotnik, as well as rips from any Sonic game on a SEGA console (plus Sonic Mania), rips from the Puyo Puyo series and any Sonic cartoon made prior to Sonic X.

[The following bullet points appear onscreen:]

  • Classic-style YTP/edits featuring Dr. Robotnik
  • Rips featuring music from any Sonic game on a SEGA console (and Sonic Mania)
  • Rips featuring music from the Puyo Puyo series
  • Rips featuring music from any Sonic cartoon before Sonic X

[Cut to a title card reading "Posters", then cut to the posters in question.]

I'd also like to briefly point out that our SiIvaGunner and King for a Day Tournament posters are still available. These feature amazing original illustrations from the same art team responsible for the beautiful King for Another Day art we've been showing today. We still have a fair amount left in stock, but once they run out, they're gone forever! So why not pick one up today?

[Cut to a title card reading "Before we go...", then cut back to Chaze.]

Thank you for tuning into this E3 SiIva Direct. Before we go, we'd like to make a brief announcement. Summer is upon us, and that means that the King for Another Day Tournament could theoretically be right around the corner. However, we'd like to confirm at this time that the earliest the tournament can start is mid-July, and August is more likely. [A title appears: "The King for Another Day Tournament won't be until mid-July or August"] We've been working very hard to iron out the details, but we want as much time as we can to get everything just right before the tournament starts. We also still have ten more newcomers left to reveal and there will be more and more updates to the MOJO!!, so you won't be wanting for content in the meantime. And hey, speaking of newcomers...

[Dr. Piccolo's reveal trailer, "Prescribe the World", plays, though this version does not have his character artwork.]

[Dr. Piccolo's in-progress art appears onscreen.]

Chaze the ChatThe doctor is in! His art is still a work in progress, but we wanted to clear up his source list. Dr. Piccolo brings us rips related to medical practices, Kritikal's iconic rap parody "Green & Purple", and anything from Shonen Jump, including famous franchises such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia, and yes, it's true, even JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

[The following bullet points appear onscreen:]

  • Rips related to medical practices
  • Rips featuring Green & Purple by Kritikal
  • Rips featuring music from anything related to Shonen Jump

[Cut back to Chaze.]

That's all for the SiIva Direct today! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for news and updates, including new posts to the MOJO!!. Now, I'm going to give it over to the SiIva Lighthouse, who will be showing you some new footage of various titles. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope the rest of your E3 is high quality!

[Fade to black, then to a screen with the Direct's copyright information, accompanied by the Official SiIvaGunner Seal of High Quality Rips.]

[After a transition featuring the crown from the Tournament logo, we see a screen reading: "Please join us for a final SiIvaGunner King for Another Day Tournament Direct later this summer."]

To view the transcript of the SiIva Lighthouse, click "Expand".

[This Lighthouse is a playthrough of Totino's Mania Plus, a Totino's-themed Sonic Mania Plus mod scored to a procession of Totino's-related Sonic Mania rips.]
Harold GanondorfHello everybody, and welcome to the SiIva Lighthouse Live for E3 2019. I'm your host, Harold Ganondorf from SiIvaGunner, and today I'm joined by Tarou Yamada, producer of Totino's Mania Plus.

[Tarou Yamada speaks in Japanese. A translator speaks for him.]
Tarou YamadaHello, it's so good to be here!

Harold GanondorfAnd we're also joined by a special guest, Stephen Totino, editor-in-chief at Rolltaku.

Stephen TotinoHey everyone, how are you doing? It's good to be here.

Harold GanondorfIt's good to have you, Stephen. So without further ado, let's have Yamada-san jump into the all-new Encore Mode and tell us a bit about it.

Tarou YamadaWe wanted a way for players who've played Totino's Mania many times to be able to replay Totino's Mania again in a fresh and different way, just like the fresh pizza rolls that come out of your oven.

Harold GanondorfThat's very exciting stuff, Yamada-san, I'm very excited to get a first look at this all-new game.

Tarou YamadaThe first thing you'll notice is that it actually picks up after the ending of the original game, with Sonic being dropped back through the portal onto Pizza Island. One immediately apparent difference from Mania Mode is that you can now play a small section of Pizza Island, which is something that fans really really wanted to see but we weren't able to fit into the original Totino's Mania.

Stephen TotinoThat's good to hear. It sounds like you've been up to a lot of work.

Harold GanondorfAbsolutely, yeah.

[Tarou Yamada (not his translator) can be heard whispering "Fuck!" when he gets hit, accompanied by a censor bleep that doesn't cover up the word at all.]

Harold GanondorfOh, looks like you ran into a little obstacle there.

Tarou Yamada's translatorNo problem.

Stephen TotinoUh, who's these?

Tarou YamadaThese are new characters, Mighty and Ray, Totino's maniacs themselves! And right here, you actually get to choose between them, so quick, tell me what character you want me to pick!

Harold GanondorfUh, definitely Ray.

Stephen TotinoI'm more of a Mighty person.

Tarou YamadaWell, the truth is that this demonstration was pre-planned and we're going to be going with Mighty, I'm very sorry.

[Stephen faintly exclaims "Yes!" while Harold makes a disappointed noise.]

Tarou YamadaWe will hopefully see Ray a little later in this demonstration.

Harold GanondorfYou know, the thing I love most about the new Totino's Mania Plus game is that they've got so much of this and a whole lot of that to do. When I look back at my time with these dudes I feel like a real kid in '97, but it's great that my boys are back around.

Stephen TotinoSo, Yamada-san, can you tell us more about what abilities Mighty brings to this new experience?

Tarou YamadaSure, but first I need to talk about the gameplay structure of Encore Mode itself. In Encore Mode, you do not have lives, you simply have five characters - up to five characters, anyway. Um, and they act as your lives. You have two at a time and can switch between them and if you have any in reserve when a character falls, you switch to playing the next one, and if you lose them all, it's game over. So as you can see here, Mighty can pull off the Totino's Slam to break downwards rocks. Hold on, let me get the timing here... got it! We've just added Ray to our reserve characters, so if Sonic or Mighty perish, Ray will join and become playable.

Harold GanondorfI really love the new look of this level, it reminds of the color of my pizza rolls just as I'm taking them out of the oven.

Stephen TotinoSo, do we know what platforms this game is going to be available on? Will it be the same as before?

Harold GanondorfYes! Yeah, so it'll be available on all the same platforms as before, and in fact, we'll be bringing a physical release to both ovens and microwave ovens for the first time, in addition to the game being available as DLC for all previous Totino's Mania owners.

Stephen TotinoI think fans are gonna be really happy about that one.

Tarou YamadaSo here, I am actually going to kill Sonic in cold blood...

Harold GanondorfOh no!

Tarou we can play as Ray!

Harold GanondorfSonic, look out! There's spikes down there!

Tarou YamadaUnfortunately, Sonic must leave us for today, but it's okay, because now Ray the Flying Squirrel is available for us to use - and I gotta be very careful because I just lost all my rolls... there we go! So one other thing is that special stage locations are not in the same places anymore. There used to be a ring here. We picked up Tails, a good character to have in reserve... let's use Ray's glide ability, as you can see, to go find one of the new hidden special stage locations. They're harder to find, and the special stages themselves are much harder, too. I'll show you this one, but finding the rest is up to the players.

Harold GanondorfSo how many new special stages are actually in Totino's Mania Plus, Yamada-san?

Tarou YamadaWell, Mania Mode has its original seven special stages, and Encore Mode replaces them with seven brand new harder special stages, so for a total of fourteen, there's two sets of seven.

Harold GanondorfWow, what a funny number.

Stephen TotinoI agree.

Tarou YamadaI also agree.

Stephen TotinoSo how much will Totino's Mania Plus cost when it's available?

Harold GanondorfWell, you can buy it as downloadable content for the original Totino's Mania, or you can get it physically where it will be available in your local supermarket freezer across the country in August.

Stephen TotinoAlright, that's good to hear. I'm sure fans will be happy about that one.

Tarou YamadaThe developers and development staff of this game are all very happy about it too. We created something that we just, we really wanted to capture the spirit of Totino's pizza rolls in every facet of this game and with Totino's Mania Plus we think we've finally, truly delivered on our vision. We're very proud of our work.

Harold GanondorfYes, this really does feel like a complete Totino's product.

Stephen TotinoI remember having so many Totino's from my oven as a kid, so this really just brings me back.

Tarou YamadaThe staff ate nothing but Totino's for the entire development cycle, actually.

Harold GanondorfOh, it's time for the Nintendo Direct!

Stephen TotinoWait, what?

Tarou YamadaOh shit!

[Footsteps, clattering, and yelling can be heard as the members all rush out of the room. Ray ends up in Green Hill Zone Act 1, but with no players, he ends up just stuck at the beginning. After several minutes of nothing, the Direct's credits roll at 27:15. After some more nothingness, Ray suddenly dies. This leads to a choice of Mighty and Tails as player characters, but they also suddenly die, resulting in a game over.]

[Cut back to Chaze.]
Chaze the Chat[Waving] Aloha.
[He and the cameraman burst into laughter.]


Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, and Narrated by

Co-Producer / Executive Nitpicker



Filming Special Thanks

  • The Blue Bandito

Original Background Music (in order of appearance)

Artists (in order of appearance)


Papyrus reveal:

National Go Fishing Day

  • Narration and Music
    • wolfman1405

Jack & Elmo reveal

  • Audio
    • Moi (beat_shobon)

Dr. Piccolo reveal

  • Script
    • Sean-Patrick
  • Video
    • Omknee
  • Co-Production
    • Hinchy, MtH
  • High Quality Rip Special Thanks


  • Video
    • MtH
  • Music
    • wolfman1405

SiIva Lighthouse Live

  • Voice Cast
    • New Guy as "Harold Ganondorf from SiIvaGunner"
    • Craz Xexe as "Stephen Totino, editor-in-chief of Rolltaku"
    • wolfman1405 as "Tarou Yamada, producer of Totino's Mania Plus"
    • and Hinchy as Yamada-san's translator
  • "Totino's Mania Plus" mod (work-in-progress) by
    • CrossCoder (with a bit of help from Hinchy)
  • High Quality Video Game Background Music
    • SiIvaGunner

Thank you for watching!


  • The links in the example submission email link to a file named "Vs. Screen (1)", which is presumed to be the VS. screen music.
  • The part where they leave to watch the Nintendo Direct happened 8 minutes early when this was livestreamed.
  • The credits for the Direct begin when the timer for the Totino's Mania level reaches exactly 7 minutes.
    • The stream ends about 2-3 seconds before the credits roll in the video, cutting out that section entirely.
  • As with the previous direct, the footage of Chaze speaking gibberish without the "translation" has been uploaded as the unlisted video "SiIva Direct E3 2019: Chaze Edition".
  • At 21:17, the Japanese voiceover speaks a translation of a portion of "Minecraft with Gadget".

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