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"SiIva Direct E3 2019: Chaze Edition" is an unlisted high quality video by SiIvaGunner.


The video consists of Chaze the Chat's segments from SiIva Direct • SiIva Lighthouse Live | E3 2019, but without the "translator", meaning it just consists of mostly gibberish and variatons of the word "buh", with two jokes thrown in:


Chaze: Aloha! bulubuhbuhbuh, Chaze the Chat, bululubuhbu SiIvaGunner bululululubuluh buh bululululuh balah bah la lah bah! Bah bah bah, bochudabalala, zazazabah. Bah bah bah, bah bah, bah balalalala, bahbahbahbah, bah bah, balala, bah bah bah ba-

Gazlubizahbah bah. Zabahbahbahdudrah, bah la lah dru-druhda du dah. Bah sa sa la dru yah, boh su sa la du le dah. Bah lah du dedude ya, bah lah dudeleda. Sa sa la ludelele dude de da, ba sa sa lude dududud-

Ba se la da, coole ledu dedudu du du du. Deludeteda ta da. Bah.

Bah bah bah bah, bah la, da, Totino's Pizza Rolls! Bah la la dah dah, bah la da da, bah, sa la dah dah, bah. Bah bah bah, bah bababah bah. [Takes a bite out of the fake pizza roll, with accompanying sound effect] ...bah...

Bah la da ba dah de, bah ba bah ba bah. BALABABAHBA-

I really hope Banjo-Kazooie gets revealed at Nintendo's direct today. I'm really excited for that direct, and I really hope Banjo is in it. It would be so cool. I've never played a- the N64 Banjo-Kazooie games, but I've heard they're really fun. I've- Actually I've- Take that back. I've played the first one for about 20 minutes once, I really enjoyed what I played, I just never got a chance to go back to it. I just really, really hope that cross-company um... representation in Smash Brothers is alive and well. That's not something that's ever happened before and it just... it's really interesting to me.

Bah salalalalah. Bah la lah, ja na na nah, sa nanah jujedah, bah sa sa la da dah. Bah la la de de de, bah le de dededeh, bah la de dededeh, beh, shelenuneh, de neh neneneh, falalalalalala, lalajujahdebah, basesasesudah, bah lala dudah, E3. [Chaze waves goodbye as the camera fades to black]

[Copyright appears in the corner parodying the Smash Bros. Ultimate style of copyright reading:]

© 2019 BaHbaBah
Ba bah babbabuh: © BaHbaBah
Buh buh bah bubbasabba bada da dasasabadoo.

Bassabba: © Buh / Bah / Buh / Bah Bah / Sabbada / Basa /
Bubbalubbalabasa / Sabababa

Lababba buh babah sabba Tontino's™ Pizza Rolls™. Buh.




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