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Matt "skellygore" (previously known as scream skelly gore) is a minor contributor to the SiIvaGunner channel. He is known for uploading popular video edits of The Nutshack to his YouTube channel.


On the end of August, 2016, skellygore started uploading Nutshack-related videos. As the meme gained notoriety from end August to October 2016, some of his video edits became popular, such as "The Nutshack multiplied by 4 after every 2 verses", which was viewed more than 650k times.

skellygore also uploaded other video edits, as well as many mashups and a few YTPMVs to his channel. These generally use various sources, including some from SiIvaGunner and old YouTube fads.


On SiIvaGunner, he contributed to a total of 10 high quality rips, including "Billie Jean (Alternate Mix) - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker" and "Flowering Night (Alternate Mix) - Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View".

His videos "goomba got back but the vocals are loud" and "goombeaned" are featured in the Undertale playlist.

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