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"I'm not sure why people keep mentioning "Snow halation" on my videos. This is a rip of "Stickerbush Symphony"."
―GiIvaSunner on "Stickerbush Symphony - Donkey Kong Country 2", March 26, 2016.[1]

Snow Halation's melody

"Snow halation" is a song from the Love Live! franchise. It is one of the defining memes of the SiIvaGunner channel, appearing more frequently than any other song except "Meet the Flintstones".


"Snow halation" was released as the second single by the Love Live! idol group μ's on December 22, 2010.[Trivia 1] It later appeared in the Love Live! School Idol Project anime, in the episode "Melody of the Heart", on June 1, 2014.

It started becoming a Soundclown meme in mid-2015, with Triple-Q's "Style Haleyyytion" being the first mashup, or one of the first. Some other mashup artists also used the song such as MtH and Chaze the Chat.

Triple-Q made his love for "Snow halation" known in the various mashups he would make with it, and he would later join the GiIvaSunner team, although he wasn't the first person to use "Snow halation" in a rip.


See also: Category:Snow halation and Category:Rips featuring Snow halation

The first rip to feature the song was "Hopes and Dreams - Undertale" by dante, uploaded to the GiIvaSunner channel in January 2016. The song then became frequently used on the channel, rivaling "Meet the Flintstones", and like that meme it quickly became associated with the channel as one of its biggest memes.

The vocals and the instrumental of "Snow halation" are frequently used as a mashup source, like in "Nuclear (Unused Game Version) - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" (instrumental) or "Undertale (Unused Version) - Undertale" (vocals). Additionally, the melody is frequently used as a joke in melody changes.

Character-dedicated rips

Various rips using the format.
Clockwise from top-left: Nico, Honoka, Kotori, Umi, Eli, Rin, Maki, Hanayo. Center: Nozomi.

See also: Category:Character-dedicated Snow halation rips

During Season 1, the Nozomi Tojo's Birthday event started a trend of celebrating the birthday of each member of µ's.[Trivia 2] Each time, there would be a mashup using their solo version of "Snow halation" and another song's vocals. These rips also had a similar visual format: The stage where μ's performs "Snow halation" pans down, and the relevant character appears on the right side.

In Season 2, the rips "Cossack Sandvich - Team Fortress 2" and "Smooth - Guitar Hero II" expanded the trend beyond members of µ's. These rips introduced some extra visual elements to the format, as well. Since then, many channel events (especially those celebrating birthdays or anniversaries) have had a dedicated "Snow halation" mashup using the same visual format. Typically, this "Snow halation" mashup is the last or second-to-last rip of the event. Nearly every appearance of "Snow halation"'s instrumental since 2018 has been a direct use or variant of this visual format.


In the early days of the channel, SiIvaGunner's frequent use of this song led some people to "dislike-bomb" every video featuring it, which became a plot point for the channel's first storyline, SilvaGunner: Rebooted. Since the end of this series, the song's reception has become positive.

Smol Nozomi acts as the figment personification of this meme in The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.


Fushigi da ne ima no kimochi
Sora kara futte kita mitai
Tokubetsu na kisetsu no iro ga tokimeki o miseru yo

Hajimete deatta toki kara
Yokan ni sawagu kokoro no Melody
Tomerarenai tomaranai na-ze

Setsunasa ni wa namae o tsukeyou ka "Snow halation"
Omoi ga kasanaru made matezu ni kuyashii kedo sukitte junjou
Binetsu no naka tameratte mo dame da ne
Tobikomu yuuki ni sansei mamonaku Start!!

Oto mo naku kehai mo naku
Shizuka ni unmei wa kawaru
Korekara no mirai ni mune no kodou ga hayaku naru

Tatoeba komatta toki ni wa
Sugu kaketsukete dakishimetakute
Doko ni ite mo doko demo Fly high

Itsu no ma nika ookiku narisugita "True emotion"
Yume dake miteru you ja tsurai yo
Koibito wa kimitte iitai
Yasashii me ga tomadotteru iya da yo
Kono mama ikki ni aijou azukete Please!!

Setsunasa ni wa namae o tsukeyou ka "Snow halation"
Omoi ga kasanaru made matezu ni kuyashii kedo sukitte junjou
Binetsu no naka tameratte mo dame da ne
Tobikomu yuuki ni sansei mamonaku Start!!

不思議だね いまの気持ち
特別な季節の色が ときめきを見せるよ

予感に騒ぐ心の Melody
とめられないとまらない な・ぜ

切なさには名前をつけようか "Snow halation"
想いが重なるまで待てずに 悔しいけど好きって純情
微熱の中 ためらってもダメだね
飛び込む勇気に賛成 まもなく Start!!

音もなく 気配もなく
これからの未来に胸の 鼓動が早くなる

どこにいてもどこでも Fly high

いつの間にか大きくなりすぎた "True emotion"
優しい目が とまどってるイヤだよ
このまま一気に愛情 あずけて Please!!

切なさには名前をつけようか "Snow halation"
想いが重なるまで待てずに 悔しいけど好きって純情
微熱の中 ためらってもダメだね
飛び込む勇気に賛成 まもなくStart!!

This feeling, it's strange, isn't it?
It's almost as though it came fluttering down from the sky
The special color of this season fills me with excitement

From the moment we met,
The melody of my heart has been ringing with premonitions
It can’t be stopped, it won’t be stopped -- why?

Ring out
Shall I name this heart-rending pain "Snow halation"?
I can’t wait for our feelings to resonate; it’s frustrating, but it’s a pure-hearted devotion called love
Even in this mild fever, I can’t hesitate
I'll accept the courage to dive in; it's about to start!

Without a sound, nor a sign
Our fate changes silently
At the thought of the coming future, my heartbeat quickens

When you feel troubled
I’ll come running right away, wanting to hug you tightly,
Wherever you are, no matter where, I'll Fly high!

Hurry up
Before I knew it, my true emotions grew too large to contain
It's painful to never do more than dream of it
I want you to be mine!
I don't want to be bewildered by your gentle eyes
Accept all my love for you as it is, Please!

Ring out
Shall I name this heart-rending pain "Snow halation"?
I can’t wait for our feelings to resonate; It’s frustrating, but it’s a pure-hearted devotion called love
Even in this mild fever, I can’t hesitate
I'll accept the courage to dive in; it's about to start!

Don’t you think it’s strange?
These feelings that I’ve gained
fall to my heart as if like snowflakes from the sky.

Showing what could be
A season simple and clear
With new memories we can hold through time.

From when we met I think my heart had been set.
Not sure what could come to be.
Singing my heart’s melody
I can’t stop it yet, not if I try.
So, why?

I’ll reach for you and all the pain that’s new.
I’ll give a name. Something pure and true.
Like “Snow Halation”
Until the day we come to feel the same
I’ll keep it close, all this love
I hold my new sensation.
I can’t keep holding back
Use the strength that I’m hoping to have
Take a leap of faith within my heart.
And this is my start!

Keeping voices low
Not knowing where to go
Fate has a way of making changes with no clues
Thinking what could be and what tomorrow will bring
makes my heart race thinking it’s with you

When on your own, and feeling down and alone,
I will run and hold you tight
Leave my worries far behind
Don’t stay where you are when there’s the sky.
Fly high!

So, hurry on! These feelings won’t take long.
They’ll soon be free and I’ll overflow
With true emotions!
A simple dream won’t satisfy this need to call you mine.
I want you to find
The words unspoken.
You can’t keep holding back
In your eyes, there’s a warmth I could have.
So, just take a leap of faith and see
I’m begging you, please.

I’ll reach for you and all the pain that’s new.
I’ll give a name.
Something pure and true.
Like “Snow Halation”
Until the day we come to feel the same
I’ll keep it close, all this love I hold
My new sensation.
I can’t keep holding back
Use the strength that I’m hoping to have
Take a leap of faith within my heart.
And this is my start!

The lyrical English translation was written by AmyAnn and TYERecords; it was used in the rip "Snow halation - Love Live! School idol paradise"[2]


  • The original song's length is 4:20; consequently, most Snow halation rips are also 4:20 long. Many people mistakenly think this is a reference to cannabis culture by the rippers.


  1. In-universe, the song is performed by the nine-member idol group μ's, the main protagonists of Love Live!; the actual song was recorded and later performed live by the voice actors of the nine members. Aside from the version released as a single, an instrumental version and nine solo versions for each of the members were also released (as was standard for songs from the Love Live! anime).
  2. Excluding Rin's and Eli's birthdays, which didn't have 2016 channel events, as their birthdays in 2016 fell after the Channel Ending. Hanayo's and Umi's birthdays (which fall before Nozomi's) were celebrated in 2017 as they would normally fall. However Maki's, Rin's, and Eli's birthdays didn't recieve channel events in 2017; their "Snow halation" solo rips were uploaded on the 2017 occurrences of Nozomi's, Nico's, and Kotori's birthdays respectively, explainable in-universe by the theory that President Haltmann, the host at the time, didn't care about which girl's birthday it actually was, believing that celebrating idol birthdays is not profitable. However, there were events for Maki's birthday in 2018, 2020, and 2021.


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