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The Space Jam Charity SLAM! was a 2021 charity event that ran from July 17 to July 18 as the second SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival 2021: Legends of the Western Sunset event. It was originally planned for 2020's SiIvaSummer All-Star Festival, but was postponed due to practical concerns.

A total of $16096.69 was raised for the Equal Justice Initiative.[1] Afterwards, all "Space Jam" mashups created for the event were released to the channel weekly on Saturdays (dubbed SLAM!turdays), which ended on August 28, and in January 2022 (dubbed JAM!uary) during SiIvaGunner's Inevitable Holiday Celebration.

A second Charity SLAM! (or an event like it) is not planned.[2]

Stream overview

The two streams comprised of premiering 285 new "Space Jam" mashups, alternating between pre-made mashups and mashups made at the request of donators. Each mashup (with some exceptions) was accompanied by an edit of a relevant image, involving crude text edits and usually Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, LeBron James (due to the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy the previous day), Looney Tunes characters and/or basketballs being edited in, evoking the feeling of cliché "Space Jam" mashup videos.

Throughout the streams, viewers were able to donate money via Tiltify to request songs in order to get mashed up and played on the streams and to eventually be released in a future album. Donators were additionally given the option to vote in a poll to determine whether or not a "Space Jam" mashup with "Yankin", and later in a second poll "Astronaut in the Ocean", was to be played (both of these polls were in the favor of the mashups, thus resulting in them being played on stream). The streams also included other donation incentives, such as a live footage from team members, "cameos" from Michael Jordan, Big Chungus and Bugs Bunny, and other miscellaneous gags.

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All "Space Jam" mashups created for the stream, including ones that didn't get to premiere during the stream, were released weekly on Saturdays, or SLAM!turdays, at a rate of about 30 mashups per SLAM!turday. These went from July 24 to August 28.

On the last SLAM!turday, 17 Sonic 3D Blast rips were uploaded, one every five minutes. Regular "Space Jam" mashups resumed afterwards. Additionally, rips on that day were posted later than usual, most likely due to the Beatles Event ending that day with the "Temporary Secretary Fusion Collab".

July 24

July 31

August 7

August 14

August 21

August 28

August 29


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On January 11, 2022, SiIvaGunner announced a finale for the event during SiIvaGunner's Inevitable Holiday Celebration, dubbed JAM!uary.[3] It began on January 15 with a premiere for requested "Space Jam" mashups, followed by another premiere the next day. On January 18, requested mashups from both the initial stream and the premieres were released to the channel. JAM!uary concluded on January 22, with the premiere of the Space Jam Fusion Collab and the release of the album The Space Jam Charity SLAM!: B-Ball Side.

January 18

January 19


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  • The visuals for the channel banners, livestream, and much of the related media are based on the style of the Space Jam official website (and by extension, the Space Jam: A New Legacy website, which is stylized like the original website).
    • The lighthouse is replaced in both channel banners with the Warner Bros. Water Tower, directly taken from a photograph by Chris Yarzab. The SLAM!turday banner also features LeBron James (main lead of Space Jam: A New Legacy), Big Chungus (as he cameos in A New Legacy as a visual gag), and Rick and Morty (who also cameo in A New Legacy).
  • The event made it to the list of the top 10 best performing Tiltify campaigns in July, coming in at the 8th spot.[4]

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