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"Space Jam Fusion Collab" is a high quality fusion collab of "Space Jam" by the Quad City DJ's.


Time Style Source
0:04 Kazoo N/A
0:18 "Fireflies" Owl City
0:33 "Virbank City Gym" Pokémon Black & White 2
0:47 "Main Theme" Elvira and the Party Monsters
1:01 "DK Rap" Donkey Kong 64
1:16 "The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha" Bear in the Big Blue House
1:31 "Pico" Friday Night Funkin'
1:45 "That's What I Like" (with elements from "Jump in the CAAC") Bruno Mars, rf9weu8hjf789234hf9
2:00 Orchestral N/A
2:15 "Koopa's Road" (with Mario sound effects) Super Mario 64
2:28 Original arrangement featuring jam jar samples and Microsoft Sam vocals N/A
2:43 "Let Mom Sleep" (with an original DJ Professor K verse) Jet Set Radio, Chase Beck
2:58 "BGM #08" Simple DS Series Vol. 1 - The Mahjong
3:13 "Waluigi Pinball" Mario Kart DS
3:25 Fanboy and Chum Chum theme Brad Breeck
3:42 "Gangnam Style" PSY
3:57 Original Beatnik RMF-styled cover MSN TV
4:11 "You're My Hero (Credits)" Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
4:25 "NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A" Deltarune
4:40 "What U Need" (with various Sonic Rush vocal samples) Sonic Rush
4:54 "Reading The Letter" (with Mario voicelines and additional instruments from "Credits") Hotel Mario
5:08 "Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken's RAP" PaRappa the Rapper
5:23 "Spicy Calamari Inkantation" Splatoon 2
5:38 "Flowers of Antimony (The Explodatorium)" Shovel Knight
5:53 "mm2wood" Mega Man 2, Mingo Games
6:07 "Body Rock" WarioWare D.I.Y.
6:22 "World Map" (with Link voicelines) Link: The Faces of Evil
6:36 Original Smooth McGroove-style a cappella cover N/A
6:51 "Tanukichi no Bouken" (with Usada Pekora voicelines) MAKOOTO
7:05 "Funky stars (hybrid song)" Quazar
7:20 "Boss" Plok
7:35 K.K. Slider cover Animal Crossing
7:49 Remix 8 (with sound effects from Endless Remix) Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever
8:04 "Mask" Dream
8:19 "Space Boyfriend's Tape - I Want Nothing More" OMORI
8:33 "Stadium Rave (A)" (with SpongeBob voicelines) SpongeBob SquarePants
8:47 "dat boi!!!!" Soulja Boy, ZimoNitrome
9:02 "Strong One" MOTHER 3


  • The video opens with the beginning of the "KORIBALL" video. When the music starts, the footage ends with a Windows Movie Maker bars transition and the caption "wait wrong video fuck".
  • During the kazoo part, the video displays a Windows Movie Maker slideshow of various edits of the Charles Barkley picture, most of which are crudely drawn over with MSPaint to depict Barkley as various characters, in order of appearance:
    • Unedited
    • As Grand Dad
    • As Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin, with the text "HEY PICO"
    • Based on Vinesauce Joel's edit of a Fred Durst image during the Windows 2000 destruction livestream
    • With the Awesome Face drawn over his face
    • The entire image horizontally flipped, except for his face
    • With content aware fill applied to his body, leaving only a distorted and disembodied head
    • With Barkley's body pasted over his head and neck, giving the impression of a headless Barkley
    • Ran several times through the FaceApp smile filter
    • Edited to make him look fatter
    • With Steve Harvey's face lazily superimposed over his
    • With another photo of Barkley's face that has a more serious expression
    • Ran through the Snapchat anime filter
    • As Bane
    • With his forehead stretched to make it look taller
    • With his face erased and the text "i; mslenderman"
    • The previous edit with the Weegee face superimposed over his face and the text crudely removed
    • The serious variation, again
    • As Psy, with the text "i ahet gangnam style/said charles varkley"
    • Ran throught the FaceApp smile filter
    • As Inspector Gadget holding a brown brick, with an image of Mike Matei and an image of James Rolfe (sleeping) in the background, and the text "thats a brown/brick ->"
    • As Phil from The Nutshack, with his shirt reading "GOT SLAM" instead of "GOT NUTZ"
    • As Mega Man, with Wood Man, Data and Servbot drawn in the background and the text "I schüt/-mega men"
    • As Nozomi, with the text "in case you cant this is nozomi from s/iivagunner/by Jeffrey Daniel Snuts, age 7.9"
    • As Cirno from Touhou Project, with the text "cool!"
    • As Whitty from the Friday Night Funkin' mod V.S. Whitty Full Week
    • As Neco-Arc from the Tsukihime series, with the text "hi"
    • As Bill Wilson from The Dark Knight Rises, and the text "dr pavel i am S L A M"
    • As Chuck Tamzarian from The Simpsons in front of Sneed's Feed and Seed, with the text "im the next/sivaag uner/meme of the/new century" and a screenshot of the The Phifth Quarter article "I Hear They Call You Chuck" in the background
    • With his face crudely stretched over the entirety of his head
    • Ran through Content Aware Scale
    • A drawing of Barkley playing a kazoo, with the following in the background:
      • A spoof Warner Brothers "SILVAGUNNER" logo
      • "SPACE JAM FUSION COLLAB", with "Space Jam" based on the original Space Jam logo
      • The Audacity logo with the text "HOW DO I SPACE JAM"
      • A camcorder recording with Barkley's head on a purple star next to a Squirtle
      • A red Among Us crewmate
      • Pickle Rick
      • Kazuma Kiryu with the text "dame dame" [sic]
      • A basketball bomb
      • Whitty
      • Chip tha Ripper
      • Hampton the Hampster
      • A toilet with a Potty Piano mat
      • Big Chungus

This slideshow is accompanied by the captions "SILVA GUNNER PRESENTS", "IN TEHATERS NOW WITH WARNER BROTHERS AND TUNE SQUAD", "the msot epicest thing youll see", and "space jam fission collaboration".

  • The "Fireflies" segment displays an edit of "Fireflies"' single cover, with the text replaced with "SPACE JAM"/"FUSION COLLAB", and with Barkley's head superimposed over the sky. Windows Movie Maker effects are applied to the image, along with the following captions:

pretend thanos twerrking is there my mom wont let me put it on the screen
:( anywayz heres the next part

who likes space jam? please thumbs up this video if you do

  • The Pokémon Black & White 2 segment displays a Space Jam logoswap of the game's logo, with the 2 replaced with a flaming basketball. The logo is displayed over gameplay footage of the Virbank City Gym battle, which is itself displayed over a field of Barkley heads.
  • The Elvira and the Party Monsters segment displays a Space Jam logoswap of the game's logo reading "BARKLEY and the Party Monstars" over footage of the game being played.
  • The Donkey Kong 64 segment starts out with footage of the game's "DK Rap" cutscene, but with singalong lyrics for "Space Jam" instead of "DK Rap". After the first four lines, it switches to displaying a Space Jam logoswap of the game's logo over footage of the cutscene.
  • The Bear in the Big Blue House segment displays an edit of the show's logo with the text reading "BARKLEY in the BIG BLUE COURT", and with Bear's face replaced with Barkley's. The logo is displayed over a Windows Movie Maker edit of the "The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha" sequence from the show.
  • The Friday Night Funkin' segment displays a modded version of the "Pico" level with Boyfriend using the sprites from "Spookeez (In-Game Version)" and "Ballistic (Beta Mix)", Pico edited into Mr. Swackhammer, and the score messages being the same as in "Spookeez (In-Game Version)" and "Ballistic (Beta Mix)".
  • The "That's What I Like" segment displays a logoswap of the title card from the official "That's What I Like" music video reading "QUAD CITY DJ'S"/"SPACE JAM". The logoswap is displayed over the "You know I had to do it to em"/"That's What I Like" video by Twitter user @califortia.
  • The orchestral segment displays a "Space Jam Orchestra" logo over footage of the 2022 papal audience performance of "Megalovania".
  • The Super Mario 64 segment displays mock speedrun stream footage of the game. To the left is an image of a Super Saiyan Barkley, and stream footage where two people in referee uniforms take turns dribbling a basketball. The footage has an Unregistered HyperSlam! 2 watermark and a box displaying "Jordan's WR", as well as links to the YouTuber Dream (a speedrunner)'s channel and the official Space Jam website. For two frames at 2:22, a picture of a Mario-painted koala statue at Timezone Surfers Paradise appears. At 2:25, it briefly shows footage from Super Mario 64 DS.
  • The jam song segment features video footage of the jam jar samples used, in which the jar has a picture of Barkley's head taped to it. The segment also has captions transcribing the lyrics, accompanied by a deliberately crude matching slideshow of found photos that ends with a picture of bread being scribbled on in red to depict jam:

thank you ma'am
i am going to apply some jam
tastes so good
right to the bone
and the jam has
put be in the zone
del monte:tm: jam will
start the morning
and breakfast jam
is never boring
this is jam
this is bread
i am going to apply it violently lolololol

  • The Jet Set Radio segment has visuals with the same interface as the DJ Professor K Takeover stream, with the song credited as "Space Jam Fusion Collab (feat DJ Prof K)" and the artist credited as "DJ Professor K vs. Quad City DJ's".
  • The Simple DS Series Vol. 1 - The Mahjong segment features an edit of the game's thumbnail with the mahjong tiles replaced with a Space Jam: A New Legacy LeBron James doll and basketball, respectively. The game's title is edited into "SPACE 狭窄: SLAMPLE DS シリース Vol. 1". The visual then becomes a Windows Movie Maker slideshow featuring the thumbnail edit, a gif of Yui Hirasawa from K-ON! dancing, a gif of a flipping image of Wario, and the Windows XP "Sunset" default picture, as the following text scrolls onscreen:

this is the instrumental break

so gram yourself some snax
during the inter missio nm

i thouth it woul b god to dos o
because too much space jam
just t

too much
hereare some funny

funy images i found on the
web to entertain yrourself

don't worry rthere will be more space j
am on the way! just wait and be patienmt

if you cant slam with the rest then jam with the r
- cahrles barkle

As the end of this text crawl, an image of Barkley is displayed, followed by the main image for the next segment appearing for two frames before switching to a video of one of the rippers throwing a Chuck E. Cheese toy basketball at a laptop displaying the image of Barkley.

  • The Mario Kart DS segment features an image of the Waluigi Pinball course from the game with Waluigi's face replaced with a vertically mirrored Barkley, and with Waluigi's name replaced with Barkley's. The Windows Movie Maker caption "weclome to BARKLEY PINBALLS" appears. A white rectangle then appears with the text "the goal is to get to the goal barkley"/"yo umsut get to the goal" and a crude edit of a frowning, mustachioed Barkley head on Waluigi's body being manually dragged over to a basketball hoop with an arrow and "GOAL" scrawled next to it. The caption "this sucks my pingas balls -barkels" briefly appears onscreen. Once Barkley reaches the hoop, the Heavy Lourde from Homestar Runner is dropped on him as the screen zooms in. A gif of Barkley's head flipping horizontally appears for two frames, and the caption "brbeaking news barklrey just die" appears. Sped-up footage of the "Pengas & Pingas" Newseum video appears, accompanied by the captions "yay no more space jam", "Subtitle", "goodbye harles barkley", "SPACE JAM IS SUCKS"/"TITLE TEXT HERE", and "space jam is sucks"/"Description".
  • During the Gangnam Style segment, the visuals display a parody of early 2010's rage comics, featuring a guy addicted to Space Jam, over visuals of Gangnam Style's music video.
  • During the Sonic 3D Blast segment, the visuals display various screenshots of the game, including the cover art, edited to include Charles Barkley and other Space Jam references. These pictures were originally bonus media in The Space Jam Charity SLAM!: First Quarter.
  • During the Deltarune segment, the visuals start with a parody of a scene from the opening of the game, with the main trio replaced with Big Chungus, Charles Barkley, and Spamton. It then becomes a fake tutorial on how to unlock "SLAM!ton" in Chapter 2, which is needlessly convoluted and goes extremely fast.
  • In the transition between the Splatoon 2 and Shovel Knight segments, an edit of Squid Game's promotional image appears for a split second, with a grimacing Charles Barkley face edited over every character except Gi-hun, who instead has the smiling Barkley face, and the Frontman, who instead has LeBron James's head. The logo is edited to read "SPACE GAM".
  • During the mm2wood segment, the visuals display a sloppy parody of the Space Jam logo, edited to say "Nice Jam", over the mm2wood video, edited to play the audio. The audio file also says "sj1slam.mid".
  • During the WarioWare D.I.Y segment, the visuals display an edit of the logo, edited to say "If you want a Space Jam mashup to happen, D.I.Y", with Charles Barkley above the text, over footage of the game. The visuals inbetween microgames has been replaced with a twerking Among Us crewmate.
  • In the transition between the "Tanukichi no Bouken" and "funky stars (hybrid song)" segments, the "Council in Court 2" image from the "【AMETAVERSE】Keynote Presentation" stream by Amelia Watson, appears for a split second.
  • During the Plok segment, the visuals display a parody of the title screen, with Plok replaced with a Basketball, and the title changed to read "Slam!".
  • During the Rhythm Heaven segment, the visuals display a parody of the logo, edited to say "Space Jammin", over footage of Remix 8.
  • During the OMORI segment, the visuals display a parody of the logo, edited to say "Rebound", over a screenshot of Minecraft with Gadget, with Charles Barkley and the Trollface edited over Mike Matei and Inspector Gadget. To the sides are an unknown gif of Omori throwing a basketball, with text saying "Ice in My Veins" appearing afterwards.


The fusion collab shortly before premiere.

  • The first premiere link was privated due to issues with the upload.[1]
    • The new premiere link was scheduled 30 minutes after the first premiere link.
  • The premiere used a sports-themed countdown video.
  • The full version of the visual of one of the rippers throwing a toy basketball at a laptop during the Simple DS Series Vol. 1 - The Mahjong section was uploaded to the channel "SneedvaChucker" (which seems to be made by Nozobot) as "just one take".


  1. Post on the YouTube community page; January 22, 2022
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