Spherics are highly advanced mechas engineered by the Haltmann Works Company for The Voice Inside Your Head. They appear in the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

When Smol Nozomi is piloting one of them, it becomes the Smolitzer.

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The Spherics are partially inspired by the Invader Armors from Kirby: Planet Robobot (like many elements from the SCCC).[1]

Spherics, like their name indicates, are dark gray round-shaped mechas with two powerful arms that can change into ray-guns. They have a glowing red lens (probably serving the same function as the Patrol-Bots) and their arms shows a line of green energy flowing through them (later revealed to be Christmas Spirit, their main fuel).

Their prime directive is to repress any kind of rebellious activities in Grandiose City, including the capture of any loose Figments. Despite their apparent power and their bulletproof armor, they can be defeated when outnumbered or short-circuited. They are later replaced by the Voice by the newer and more efficient Stringbots (although some can be seen attacking Santa Claus' helpers alongside the Stringbots).

In the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Edit

A Spheric appeared at the end of the first episode, "Seasonal Return", after a Patrol-Bot spotted Smol Nozomi. After cornering her in an alleyway, Nozomi bested it and short-circuited it. A second Spheric appears in "No Place To Hide" summoned by a Voice's partisan to stop the Rapper's Union. It was however defeated by the first Spheric turned into the Smolitzer by Nozomi.

In "Old Times", some are deployed to stop the riots in the streets of Grandiose City but they're not enough to stop "the power of the people".

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Smolitzer Edit

The Smolitzer is a repurposed Spheric controlled by Smol Nozomi (just like an Invader Armor can be turned into a Robobot Armor in Planet Robobot).[3] When the first Spheric was defeated, a hatch opened atop of it and Nozomi was instinctively able to control it. It lost its red lens and two green LED eyes appeared in its black cavity, as its armor changed color to sport Nozomi's palette.

The Smolitzer seems much stronger than a regular Spheric, showing unique abilities such as Rocket Punches and flight. Its feats include the defeat of Nathaniel Welchert's humongous Spider-Bot in "Advent of Hell", Mecha-Dick MK-II in "Loves the Ladies" and Angry Joe's Bowflexo-suit in "An Acrimonious Assault". However, it was finally destroyed by Ju'Reshoggoth in "I Love Her".

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