"Splatoon Retro Medley - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament" is a high quality rip of "Splatoon Retro Medley" from SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament.


This rip is dedicated to the characters of Off the Hook and Glenna Nalira, who in the King for a Day Tournament represent rips of music from the Splatoon games. The rip is a medley of several songs from the Splatoon games, it's arranged in the 8-bit Mega Man style in reference to the Mega Man Retro Medleys in Super Smash Bros. games.

Time Song
0:00 Splattack!
0:22 Calamari Inktation
0:44 Ebb & Flow
1:18 Fly Octo Fly
1:54 Splattack!
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