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Stagg Street Arrangements is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a tribute to Kara Flowers' (later Maroon 5) unofficially released album Stagg Street Recordings.[2]

This album consists of original arrangements of all nine songs and the hidden track from Stagg Street Recordings, except for "The Kid with the Velvet Eyes", which is replaced with an earlier song by Kara's Flowers called "Yesterday When I Was Handsome". According to Chaze the Chat, who organized this album, this change was made because he dislikes "The Kid with the Velvet Eyes".[3]

The album was announced through the video "Kara's Flowers - Everyday Goodbyes [HQ + LYRICS]".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length Original track Arrangement style
1. "If You Only Knew (R/S Arrangement)" MtH 3:26 If You Only Knew Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire
2. "The Fog 64" Nape Mango 4:51 The Fog Super Mario 64
3. "A Simple Kind of Racing" beat_shobon 2:45 Simple Kind of Lovely Daytona USA
4. "Kara Kart: Flower Cup" Marrow 4:09 The Great Getaway Mario Kart DS
5. "Good at Being Namco" Minus Θ Zero 2:17 Good at Being Gone Namco arcade games
6. "Not Crashing Apart" SmokyThrill77 1:52 Not Falling Apart Crash Bandicoot
7. "Yesterday When I Was Handsome (Black and White Arrangement)" Sir Spacebar 2:56 Yesterday When I Was Handsome Pokémon Black & White
8. "Collision Clouds" MtH 3:08 As Things Collide Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
9. "Everyday Goodbyes (SiIvaGunner Band Cover)" Chaze the Chat ft. DYLZAL, The8BitDrummer [Jerod Collins], Nick Oleksiak, and Can of Nothing 5:43 Everyday Goodbyes + A Day in the Life Group cover
Hidden tracks
10. "If You Only Knew (R/S Arrangement) (Instrumental)" MtH 3:26
11. "The Fog 64 (Instrumental)" Nape Mango 4:51
12. "A Simple Kind of Racing (Instrumental)" beat_shobon 2:45
13. "Kara Kart: Flower Cup (Instrumental)" Marrow 4:09
14. "Good at Being Namco (Instrumental)" Minus Θ Zero 2:17
15. "Collision Clouds (Instrumental)" MtH 3:08
16. "Everyday Goodbyes (SiIvaGunner Band Cover) (Instrumental) " Chaze the Chat ft. DYLZAL, The8BitDrummer [Jerod Collins], Nick Oleksiak, and Can of Nothing 4:08
17. "A Day In The Life (Instrumental)" Cavenyan 1:03
18. "Everybob Goodbyes" PinkieOats 3:12 Everyday Goodbyes Bob Dylan cover

Bonus media

Included in the album are several images parodying the cover art for Stagg Street Recordings.

File Joke

Kara loss.png

The "Loss" Ctrl+Alt+Del comic.

Kara maymay.png

In comic sans.

Kara plane.png


Maroon loss.png

The "Loss" Ctrl+Alt+Del comic

Pary rock anthem.png

The "What's so funny?" meme

Souljas flowers.png

Soulja Boy and his song "I Just Broke My Wrist"

Strgg street.png

The "buy mgs2" incident

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