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"Steps - Minecraft: Twilight Forest Mod" is a high quality rip of "Steps" from Minecraft: Twilight Forest Mod.


This is an arrangement of "Subwoofer Lullaby" from Minecraft in the style of the advertised track. At 3:05, the piano plays the first six notes of "Meet the Flintstones".


  • Tama, one of the developers of Minecraft: Twilight Forest Mod, left a comment on this rip saying: "I can't believe we've been recognized. It's an honor."[2] This comment was hearted by SiIvaGunner.
    • Tama also shared the rip on Twitter, saying: "BRO WHAT, SILVAGUNNER??"[3]
  • The composer of the advertised track, Rotch Gwylt (formerly Mr. Owltkins), also left a comment on this rip.[4]


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