"Story Clear! - Love Live! School idol festival" is a high quality rip of "Story Clear!" from Love Live! School idol festival.

Jokes Edit

The rip is a video parodying the story sequences of Love Live! School idol festival. The parody level featured in the rip has iDOLM@STER and Love Live! characters, as well as a few SiIvaGunner memes, taking part.

Summary Edit

The rip begins with a Live Show of "Nico Puri" about to end, though only Nozomi Tojo performs instead of all the μ's. After the "Show clear!" sequences (one of which contains the phrase "Is this lore?"), the player is greeted by Honoka Kosaka screaming "MUDA MUDA MUDA~!". The player navigates to the newly-unlocked level "Yukiho's Birthday", having presumably beaten the other levels: "WUT THE GRAND", "Shut up Suneel", "lol ok twonko", and "ELLEN THE GENEROUS BE LIKE", and begins.

In the level, Nozomi and Makoto (presumably Makoto Kikuchi from THE iDOLM@STER) worry about their birthday presents for Yukiho (presumably Yukiho Hagiwara from THE iDOLM@STER). Wood Man and Robbie Rotten appear and also worry about their presents for Yukiho, and Makoto suggests making a video with a "build up to a good cliffhanger and then throw a JoJo arrow on top."

Finally, all of the characters (including Grand Dad) are ready, and Makoto approaches the group. Wood Man presents his gift, startling Yukiho, and begins to comment on Yukiho's shovel. Just as that happens, "Roundabout" by Yes begins with a JoJo arrow...

Just got jojoked

"Tag your DIO-SAMAS to totally MUDA! them!"

...and "Roundabout" becomes mashed-up with Green de la Bean, with the text "Uh oh! You friccin ORA You just got JoJOKED!!! Tag your DIO-SAMAS to totally MUDA! them!". A transparent "To be continued arrow" can be seen with the text "To BEAN continued". The last second of the rip is simply the word "muda" in white with a black background.

Transcript Edit

To open the dropdown, click "Expand".

[The player finishes the level, prompting the "rewarding" level-end sound, "Nicah~!"]

[With "Live Show Cleared" comes a female voice line.]

[The player receives a "C" rating, but an "A" combo with 425 "Perfect", 42 "Great" and 1 "Good".]

[After gaining experience, the player gains shovels, with "Is this Lore?" appearing above the counters. The next reward is Yukiho Hagiwara.]

[Since only Nozomi Tojo contributed, only the multiple copies of her gain the bond bonus.]

[As a reward for reaching level 82, the level "Yukiho's Birthday!" is unlocked. The player navigates to the main menu.]

Kosaka Honoka [in the voice of DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] : MUDA MUDA MUDA~!

[The player selects the story menu. The story levels are: "ELLEN THE GENEROUS BE LIKE" (BOTTOM TEXT), "lol ok twonko" (:PizzaSquid: :rightgun:), "Shut up Sunnel", "WUT THE GRAND" (Should i say it, or not? Well... here goes...), and finally, "Yukiho's Birthday!" (Everything's ready. The school idols are here!)]

MakotoEveryone, hurry up!

MakotoYukiho's birthday is coming up, and we need to get READY!!

NozomiOh no!

MakotoWhat's wrong, Nozomi?

NozomiI ordered my gift for Yukiho online, and it still hasn't arrived!

MakotoIt's ok, Nozomi. I'm sure Yukiho will understand.

NozomiAlright, thanks Makoto!

NozomiHowever, I should still get a backup present.

MakotoOh yeah, good idea!

[Robbie Rotten and Wood Man appear.]
Wood Manfuck i don't have a gift for her lmao

RobbieThat's alright, Wood Man, we could perform a song!

Wood Mantogether?

RobbieBut of course!

Wood Mannah lmao sounds gay


[Robbie leaves.]
Wood Manif I'm celebrating some fucking anime girl's birthday

Wood ManI gotta get something super nice.

MakotoHow about something creative, like a video?

Wood Manwould I even have enough time to pull off something like that

MakotoMaybe. If not, you could always build up to a good cliffhanger and throw a JoJo arrow on top.

Wood Manlmfao ok

MakotoAnd now for my gift...

[A white flash appears.]
MakotoPerfect! Everything is ready for it!

MakotoWith all the decorations and presents all set up and ready to go, all that's left is for Yukiho to show up.

[Wood Man appears]
Wood Mannice

MakotoOkay, is everyone ready?

[Nozomi and Robbie appear.]
Nozomi, RobbieYes, Makoto!

[When the next dialogue appears, Grand Dad is behind Wood Man.]
Wood Mannice


MakotoDon't worry, Grand Dad, I'm nervous as well.

MakotoBut Yukiho deserves this!

Wood Manare you fuckin gay for her or somethin lol


Wood Mano

RobbieMakoto, she's coming!

MakotoHere we go! Everyone, get ready!

[A white flash appears, transitioning to Yukiho holding a microphone.]
YukihoHello? Is this thing on? Am I alone? Is anyone there?


YukihoOh wow, is this all for me?!

MakotoYeah it is! Happy birthday, Yukiho!

YukihoWow, thank you all so much!

Wood Manhey Yukiho since I'm the nicest one here can you open my gift first

YukihoEEK! A BOY!


["Roundabout" by Yes begins playing]
Wood Manwait what the fuck is she doing with a shovel lmfa

[A JoJo-style "To Be Continued" arrow appears with a blur filter]

["Roundabout" gets mashed with Green de la bean]

[At a drop in "U Guessed It", a Green de la bean parody with DIO appears. A "To BEAN continued" arrow can be seen.]

[The last frame is the word "MUDA" in white on a black screen.]

Trivia Edit

  • At 0:48, an Imgur link ( is flashed briefly on screen. The image says "THERE IS NO ARG YOU IDIOT" and the description reads:

there is no arg
shut the fork up about there being an arg
because there isn't one

jk lol here's the next part of the arg:

    • The other Imgur link is titled "dude get fucked" with a stretched out Green de la Bean "You just got BEANED!" image and Honoka pointing to it. The description reads, "told you there wasn't an arg lol".
  • The mention of shovels is a reference to an in-joke from THE iDOLM@STER relating to Yukiho Hagiwara's frequent saying that she is going to dig a hole and bury herself[2].
  • The "Nico Puri" samples are from Avolience's "cover" of the song from the rip "Nico puri♥Joshi dou - Love Live! School idol festival"
  • The line "Hello? Is this thing on? Am I alone? Is anyone there?" is a reference to the lyrics of the song "Black tar" from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

References Edit

  1. The rip is in 101mariofreak's SiIva Submissions playlist.

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