The Harlequin Force Stringbots (sometimes spelled "String-Bots") are highly advanced mechas engineered by the Haltmann Works Company for the Voice Inside Your Head. They appear in the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

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The Stringbots' design and abilities are inspired by Green de la Bean. (The Bean itself appears as a cameo in "Old Times".) The "Harlequin" part of their name also refers to the infamous "Puzzle Room incident".

They are tall filiform green mechas with red LED eyes and a painted grin making them look menacing. They are equipped with speakers on the front that they use as a sonic weapon to disperse rioters (which by the way is a real thing[1]).

They are also equipped with multi-purpose jet engines: those can be folded in the back and used as jet-pack for flight or be deployed as feet (which can still be used as jet-propulsed skates). They sport a blue paintjob with a yellow and black checkerboard pattern at the end. The Stringbots also have retractable arms with giant scissor hands. Finally, they are programmed to turn into a missile and performed a last resort attack if they failed their prime directive.

In the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Edit

They are first mentioned in "No Place To Hide" when President Haltmann presents their blueprint to the Voice, mentioning that they are made with "all-natural renewable materials" allowing for a cost-effective mass production. They appear built "Old Times" in which they crowd control rioters with their sonic speakers (Haltmann later affirms in the episode "Haltmann" that they dispersed 80% of the riots).

Some of them were also deployed at Santa Claus' Worshop and stood in the way of his evasion when Nozomi and Meta Knight rescued him.

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