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"Strong One (Masked Man)" is a frequently ripped track from MOTHER 3.


In MOTHER 3, the player can perform combos by timing button presses with the rhythm of the in-game music. "Strong One" is the battle theme for, as the title implies, stronger opponents. The song has a time signature of 15/8, which makes combos somewhat tricky.

There is a variant of this track only used during the first battle against the Masked Man. It is basically the same, but at every approximate 8th beat the last end is cut off. So, the approximate time signature is 29/16. It does this by repeatedly changing tempos. Using the tempo cycle is the accurate method.

The tempo cycle for the Masked Man variant is:

  1. 126 BPM for 3 quarter notes
  2. 180 BPM for 2 quarter notes
  3. 236 BPM for 1 quarter note
  4. 126 BPM for 1 quarter note
  5. 102 BPM for 1 quarter note
  6. (repeat)


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Due to "Strong One (Masked Man)" having such a wacky time signature, it has become a popular choice for high quality rips.

These rips are pretty difficult to do, so they are seen as impressive feats regardless of the source used. For example, the first rip of this song on the SiIvaGunner channel, "Strong One (Masked Man) - MOTHER 3", uses "Space Jam", a 4/4 rap that is usually too simple to be a solo rip joke, on top of being a disliked mashup cliché.

There are currently 9 rips of "Strong One (Masked Man)" on the channel. It was also used as a joke in the two largest medley rips on the channel, "Pause Screen - Wario World" and "Stage Select - Mega Man 3".


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